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Granny Annexe

5 small space decorating tips. Make the most of your Annexe or Garden Studio

Building a granny annexe in your garden opens up many possibilities. An annexe is a self-contained home that works as a perfectly contained living space. These spaces vary in size and range from a simple one bedroom studio, to an expansive open plan annexe with multiple bedrooms.

Often an annexe is a compact area and clever management of space will help you to make the most of it.

Below are 5 great ideas for allowing you to maximise your small space and allow to get more from your home.

1.Storage solutions for your annexe

Storage can be the bugbear of many homes, where to put all those unwanted gifts from Christmas? How to keep handy all the clothes that you haven’t worn for years? Where can your collection of gardening magazines go that you will never read again?


By customising your storage you will be able to find spaces where you never thought existed. How about a hidden storage that doubles as a coffee table? Or drawers in your bed? Even very narrow spaces can be utilised with a bit of imagination. This cleverly designed pull out shelving unit fits snugly next to the fridge. Where before it was probably the resting place of many a dropped carrot or teaspoon, now it is functioning as a very useful larder for all your herbs and spices and tinned food. Great for a granny annexe!


2.Open Cabinets

Cabinets are great in the Kitchen for hiding away unsightly pots and pans, but they can block out light and in smaller space give a claustrophobic feel. Open cabinets are a good way to still provide plenty of storage options but to allow more light and space for a tighter space. Choose kitchenware you want to display and these shelves can add an extra dimension to any annexe space.

granny annexe kitchen


3.Think big!

Spaces often seem small because they are cluttered with lots of small items of furniture. A large bold piece of furniture can act as a statement piece that will create a great visual impact and inspire the layout and design of the rest of the room. A large sofa or cabinet can be perfect for this.


4.Windows and mirrors

It might seem obvious but windows and mirrors can have a great impact on any room. Bringing light in will always help to give the feeling of space and help generate a feeling of well being. Large windows although sometimes expensive can make a huge impact. Mirrors can be a slightly cheaper alternative but also very effective way to generate extra light. A smaller room like a bathroom with a large mirror, as well as being very functional, can also increase the feeling of space if positioned correctly.

Large bi-folding doors are another fantastic way to bring huge amounts of space and light into the home, in summer throw open the doors and hey presto your garden and living room becomes one!


5.Multi-functioning furniture

Not just the preserve of a James Bond villain lair, furniture can be engineered to function in multiple ways. Desks can become coffee tables, beds can become useful shelving and reveal a sofa. The possibilities are endless. Clever use of furniture can free up space that would normally be hidden and wasted for most of the day. Modern multi-functioning furniture is becoming more and more sophisticated and can certainly add space and an extra dimension to your annexe space.

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Every annex we build is a unique space that has been designed to our customer’s requirements. Whether big or small, we can help you to plan your annex layout and create a living space that will function perfectly for your needs.

While it is still fresh in your mind, book a no obligation site survey.

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