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5 ways to find peace and tranquillity in your Garden Annexe.

5 ways to find peace and tranquillity in your Garden Annexe.

Annexe living is surging in demand as a desirable alternative to care homes or downsizing, with big advantages in the expense of such a move and, of course, the extra reassurance of having loved ones close by. The numbers of people searching for annexes as a care home alternative have risen more than 34% in the last year and are set to rise even further in the future.


But what is it about annexe living that is so attractive to so many people? We have interviewed a number of our customers who are comfortably settled in their new annexe homes to gain a picture of what motivated them to make the move, and how they have found settling into their new homes.



Warm and cosy

Something that is mentioned over and over again is just how warm and cosy annexe living is. Built with super-insulated SIP panel technology (structurally insulated panels) our annexes achieve one of the highest U-Values in the business.  This combined with fantastic quality double glazing means that our annexes are super warm in the winter, with very little costs required for heating. Often we find our customers are downsizing from a larger, older property, where heating was often costly and draught-proofing not up to modern standards. Anyone moving into an annexe is always struck by just how thermally efficient they are, great for when you just want to put your feet up and relax on a cold Autumn day!




Close to family

Of course one of the main motivators for making the move is to be close to family. As mentioned in the interview above this might be to provide mutual support, either helping with grandchildren, or giving support to a grandparent as they reach old age and providing a support hub for the whole family. Sometimes it can get a bit too much if families need to provide support but live miles away from each other. This stress can be reduced in many cases by building an annexe, giving those concerned a more tranquil way of life, reducing the need to travel so often and bringing together the family when they need each other the most.




Less stress, more settled

Feeling settled is the key to a low-stress way of life. Once you know that you have a home that is going to provide for your long term needs, then you know that you can truly relax. Our annexes allow you to design and build a home that is perfectly suited to your needs, whether that might mean improved access for mobility issues, having a large open plan living space, or feeling connected to your family, getting your home just right is what we specialise in.




Own kitchen

They say the heart of the home is in the kitchen. That is certainly true of all the annexes we build, with the kitchen taking a central role. All of our annexes are built with a detailed eye for design and incorporate an open plan kitchen living space that is synonymous with modern living. Having your own kitchen is essential for creating a relaxed home and is at the top of most of our customers wish list. What is great about moving into your new annexe is that you will get to choose and specify your brand new kitchen. All our annexe come complete with appliances from AEG and high-quality cabinets and worktops from Howdens, a renowned name in kitchen design. Choosing your kitchen is an exciting part of the annexe process, helping to create a home you can truly relax in.


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Garden location

Almost all of the annexes we build are set in a peaceful and tranquil garden location. If you are moving from a busy street or town location, one of the first things people notice is how relaxing it is to live surrounded by nature in a garden setting. It can be a real joy to be able to swing open the French doors in summer and enjoy the garden, all from the comfort of your annexe home. Even in winter, it is possible to enjoy the garden environment, with large bi-fold or French doors giving excellent views and bringing in plenty of light.





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