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5 ways to make a garden annexe cosy in winter

5 ways to make a garden annexe cosy in winter

With winter now in full swing, we thought it would be a great idea to share some of the ways that an annexe can be transformed in winter to make a cosy and welcoming Christmas hideaway.

Sometimes people ask how warm an annexe can truly be in the middle of winter. The answer is as warm as any highly insulated home. All the annexes we build are made from structurally insulated panels, which means they have very good thermal insulation, and can be heated relatively cheaply compared to a larger home, or an annexe built from just insulated timber frames.

But feeling nice and warm is not the only way to feel cosy, so below are a number of ways that it is possible to cheer up any annexe home and help create that Christmas feel.



1. Install a log effect electric fire

Log burners are very popular editions to homes and have seen a huge surge in recent years. Real log burners can even be installed in a granny annexe and we offer the installation of them as an optional extra. But if you want to create a similar look without the mess and expense then an electric log effect can be a great alternative. Electric log fires can be bought for anything between £50 – £500 and come in a variety of shapes and sizes, adding an instant hit of festive cheer to any living room.

Granny Annexe Bedfordshire

2. Decorate your annexe with warm festive colours

Choice of colour can have a dramatic effect on the feeling of warmth in your annexe, with festive colours such as reds and greens helping to provide a friendly and comfy feeling, even in the dead of winter. If you don’t have red furniture but want that festive cheer, then a brightly coloured throw can be bought to add a transformative splash of colour. Spending Christmas in any new home is always a special occasion, and we delighted when one of our customers sent us the picture above showing her beautifully decorated annexe complete with Christmas tree, holly and tinsel.

Granny Annexe Bedfordshire

3. Cushions, rugs and accessories

Another way to inject some colour is to invest in some colourful cushions. Chosen to complement the colour of Christmas, a variety of bright cushions can add a dash of merriment, lots of retailers specialise now in a great range of cushions, or for that extra festive feel why not go for Christmas themed cushions.


4. Plants, trees and the outdoors, indoors

Some pot plants are perfect for adding Christmas cheer, one of the most obvious plants is the Poinsettia, otherwise known as the Christmas Flower. With its bold green and red foliage, it’s extremely popular over winter, but don’t throw away the plant when it starts to fade, with a bit of TLC, Poinsettias can be kept all year and will re-flower, just in time for Christmas again.

Of course, no Christmas annexe would be complete without a Christmas tree. Often our annexes have pitched roofs with vaulted ceilings, this means that you gain a bit of extra headroom, perfect for installing a nice sized tree. Other firm festive favourites are holly wreaths. These are possible to buy in the shops, but if you are into arts and crafts then why not have a go and make one yourself? With an old wire coat hanger, some garden twine, red ribbons and some holly from the garden you can create an amazing wreath that can hang on the door or be a centrepiece in your living room. For a more unusual plant decoration then you can create some great effects with a rattle can of silver or gold spray paint and some branches from the garden, placed in a nice vase this can add a brilliant twist to the normal plant decorations in your granny annexe.


5. Potpourri

Christmas cheer is not all about colour, smells are also an important part of what makes this time of year special. Making your own potpourri could not be easier and only requires a few simple ingredients such as dried orange slices, pine cones, whole cinnamon stick and star anise. Just place on racks in the oven and dry for 3 hours at 140°C, until nice and dry, but not burnt! Placed in a decorative bowl, not only will these fill a room with the comforting smell of Christmas but also look fantastic and add to the homely feeling in your annexe.


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