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Buy our Show Granny Annexe and save over £10,000

Our show 50m2, L-shaped Granny Annexe was an impressive sight, where the traditional, cottage-style design was a firm favourite amongst visitors. We’ve received so much interest; we’ve decided to sell the actual pitched roof Granny Annexe for a reduced price of £55,000! Typical RRP: £65,617 including VAT. UPDATE: This Granny Annexe is now sold.

Granny Annexe at Grand Designs

Success at Grand Designs Live, for Granny Annexe

We’re back at the head office after a whirlwind 9 days of exhibiting at Grand Designs Live at the ExCel in London from the 3rd-11th May, and we’re currently making our way through the vast amount of enquiries we received at our Granny Annexe stand.

The team spent time explaining the important technology behind our structurally insulated panels, all-inclusive pricing, the building process and booking free site surveys to excited, prospective clients – not forgetting our other special offers, which were only valid during the show.

Our show 50m2, L-shaped Granny Annexe was an impressive sight, where the traditional, cottage-style design was a firm favourite amongst visitors. We’ve received so much interest; we’ve decided to sell the actual pitched roof Granny Annexe for a reduced price of £55,000! Typical RRP: £65,617 including VAT – please call us on 0800 334 5774 for more information.

Granny Annexe recently completed build

The customer commissioned an impressive annexe for her mother to live in after seeing our company’s advert on TV. The customer told us the service we provide is flexible and professional and she also added that “The build team was excellent and I was very impressed.”

The annexe’s floorplan is over 60m2, and the rendered finish gives it a true cottage feel. We are delighted to hear the customer was very satisfied with the build.

Granny Annexe at Grand Designs Live 2014

At Grand Designs Live this year we will be constructing a Granny Annexe. Visit our stand to explore an annexe, and see how it could meet the housing requirements of your relatives.

A Granny Annexe offers your relatives independent living in the heart of the family. At the show you will be able to see how our Granny Annexes are built with accessibility in mind. We are looking forward to chatting to you about everything from interior design to planning permission, and will be happy to answer technical questions about the buildings.

We think Grand Designs Live is the best contemporary home show, and we are excited about showcasing the advantages of granny annexes at the event.

As well as our Granny Annexes, there are lots of other exciting suppliers at the event, with areas dedicated to interiors, technology, kitchens, bathrooms, build and gardens, there will be lots to explore. It will be a GRAND day out!

Visit and register now use the voucher code EXHIB14 to get tickets for just £10*. We are holding a competition to give away 2 tickets to Grand Designs, like us on Facebook to keep up to date with this offer.


* Advanced booking offer expires 3rd May 2014. Subject to £1.70 transaction fee. Kids under 15 enter free when accompanied by an adult.

Back to Nature

Having built your perfect home, what better way to spend your time than in the garden watching out for all the fantastic wildlife the UK has to offer?

There are a few things you can do to release the full potential of our garden:

Green fingers –

Use plants that provide food and shelter. Fragrant flowers like buddleia, lavender, dandelions or bluebells will attract butterflies and bees, and fruit trees and shrubs are a favourite for mammals and birds.

Get creative –

Make a log pile with unwanted pieces of wood; this creates a perfect habitat for insects and shelter for other animals. Alternatively, a rock pile has similar benefits with many animals making the gaps and cracks their home. Both of these are great, simple options as they don’t need any maintaining and can be left untouched for years.

Go organic –

Avoid using pesticides, because they can be harmful to various animals and interrupt the food chain. Birds and hedgehogs eat pests so they will be controlled naturally.

Recycle –

Start composting by having a compost pile or bin. You can use unwanted vegetation from your garden like grass cuttings and fallen leaves, along with house waste like vegetable or fruit peel, paper, teabags, eggshells, coffee grounds and filters. This will provide shelter and food for many species. Avoid meat and dairy leftovers as this may encourage vermin.

Provide a source of water

If you haven’t got a bird bath or small pond, a washing-up bowl set into the ground will be just as efficient and beneficial.

Don’t waste –

Cut up fruit that is too ripe and leave it in your garden instead of throwing it away, this will attract animals.

Have a ‘wild corner’ –

Leave part of your garden uncut, this will provide shelter and a varied habitat for many animals and instead of worrying about maintenance, you can sit back and watch it flourish.

Make a home –

Buy or make a nesting box for birds or even bats to nest in. Make sure you put it in a sheltered place and high enough and so it’s out of reach from cats.

Build a bee hotel –

A bundle of hollow stems or bamboo shoots can be tied together and hung to create a perfect environment for bees and keep them returning year after year.

Use climbing plants –

You can encourage climbers like ivy or jasmine to grow on garden walls as somewhere for birds to nest and to provide pollen for bees, butterflies and insects.

Downsizing without Downgrading

Downsizing your home doesn’t mean you need to downgrade your lifestyle; a small luxury home, could offer a significant improvement in quality of life.

Putting your house on the market and clearing out decade’s worth of possessions’ can be cathartic, but for most it’s overwhelming. Downsizing will defiantly take some adjustment, but it is definitely not as daunting as it may seem.

Some key things to bear in mind when considering a downsize and make the process a little easier;


  • Use floor plans to prearrange your furniture before the move. This is another useful reality check. To start, draw plans if you don’t have any, and sketch in a furniture layout. Then look at the plans realistically; if you’ve crammed in side tables, armoires and chairs, you need to edit more. Don’t wait until after you move to contend with furniture you’ll just end up tripping over.
  • Plan your space according to your current needs, don’t plan around future possibilities.
  • Make a list of what you really want to keep and review it regularly while building your granny annexe
  • Ask children to take what they want now so you only have what you need and not more.
  • Take the opportunity to create a new lifestyle, take the attitude “If it doesn’t fit, sell or donate”.
  • Get a feel for the size of your new rooms by comparing them to rooms of similar dimensions in your present home. For instance, your living-room-to-be might be roughly the same size as your current bedroom. You may think you can squeeze in two sofas, but this kind of reality check could help you realise that only one will fit comfortably.

Recently completed – Anne S, Essex – £48,000





Building your new annexe. What to expect:

Building your granny annexe is a process that takes place with minimum disruption to your daily routine. We’re aware that any construction work causes some upheaval, so to reduce your stress levels, we hope the following will give you peace of mind.

In as little as 3-4 weeks, your annexe will be built, decorated and finished, with all the finishes touches applied and is ready to move in to. We take care of all the painting and decorating, any last minute tweaks and everything is thoroughly cleaned before we hand over the keys to you.

This is how it is done:

Week 1:

The heavy work begins. We’ll carry out all the digging and install the foundations and all drainage. We’ll also construct the building shell and the roof.

Week 2:

Time to get on with the interior. The exterior paneling goes on and then we undertake the initial electrics,plumbing and complete the plastering.

Week 3:

The things that make a house a home. Kitchens, showers, bedrooms are installed and decorated by our team of interior specialists.



Recently Completed – Denise T, Dorset – £54,561



See a fully built Granny Annexe @ Grand Designs Live 2013

Grand Designs Live 2013 will be taking place at the Excel, London from 4th May – 12th May. The show is packed full of design ideas and inspiration for every room in your home. We’ll be at Stand G350, so pop over and say hi if you’re planning on attending.


We’re going to be showing off our brand new cottage style granny annexe home. A purpose built annexe with extensive features that include a large living area with great entertaining space a separate kitchen with masses of surface space and that all-important sink under the window!


The annexe also includes a fully equipped bathroom and leading on from a small hallway is the bedroom that will include bi-fold doors onto the rest of the stand.


Also on display will be a home extension and we will be unveiling 2 of our newest garden lodges, designed with entertaining in mind and built within 5 days.


grand designs



Granny Annexe
Granny Annexe specialise in designing and building beautiful self-contained garden homes whilst meeting the needs of the elderly. The company have built their reputation on doing exactly what they say, when they say.

From only £33,350, including build and decoration, they’re ready to move into within 3-4 weeks.

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