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Granny Flats – What are some of the things to consider when building?

A granny flat is a kind of extension to your main home that allows for self-contained accommodation. This can be a separate annexe or a building that is attached to the main home or even a separate granny flat in the house.

Most of our constructions are separate buildings, built in the garden of a property. Essentially a small bungalow which is entirely self-contained and has its own facilities such as kitchen, shower room and living room.

The size of accommodation that can be built, will depend on a variety of factors. This includes the size of your garden, local planning authority rulings and whether you are in a conservation area or not.



What are some of the considerations when building a granny flat?

  • If a granny flat is considered to be a separate dwelling, you will need to apply for planning permission.
  • Size of the annexe compared to the size of your main house. A granny flat must never be more than 50% of the total size.
  • The building needs to be considered separate and ancillary to the main building.
  • Planning authorities will want to know how the building will be used and who will be using it.
  • Planning permission for an annexe will only ever be granted for a family member.


Every local planning authority is slightly different and might ask for varying requirements for fulfilling the application. At Granny Annexe we use a specialist planning company who is familiar with the planning process for annexes and granny flats and know how different local planning authorities work and particular requirements for certain areas. We offer a complete turnkey service meaning that we take care of every aspect of the build from start to finish. We can submit an application on the client’s behalf at an additional cost of £1672.00 inc VAT.



Unlike some companies, we do not recommend using the Caravan Act instead of obtaining planning permission. This is because, in order to build under the Caravan Act, a building needs to be classed as temporary and mobile. Our annexes are neither of these things and we believe a home should be a solid and permanent structure. As such our buildings are constructed using solid concrete pad foundations and robust structurally insulated panels.

It is important to choose a company that understands the process and is able to design a building that will comply with certain LPA regulations. We have designed 1000’s of granny annexe for customers all over the country taking into consideration particular planning requirements. The requirements might include external design such as the colour of the render, cladding in particular colours or whether it is a flat-roofed or pitch-roofed building.


natural cedarjpg

Is my garden suitable for a granny flat?

In order to have an annexe built in the garden, there are a number of things to consider to determine if your property is suitable for this sort of building. Some of the main considerations are whether your garden is big enough, where your main house’s services are located, and where your house is located in relation to neighbouring buildings.

Size of garden

Your garden would need to be at least around 5 – 6 metres wide to accommodate a granny annexe in the garden. Most peoples gardens are of the long and thin variety meaning that an annexe can be positioned lengthways rather than longways to fit in a narrower space.

layout leftright

Typically the narrowest annexe we build is 3500mm and there would need to be a least 1 metre of space either side of the annexe to the boundary. We are able to design buildings that will work in a huge variety of spaces, so even if you think your garden might not be suitable, it can still be a good idea to phone us and check in case there is something we can suggest.

Another option when considering a granny flat in a smaller garden might be to opt for an annexe extension instead. A granny flat extension uses the same building techniques as our normal annexe buildings but with the advantage of being connected to your main house. This can be beneficial in a number of ways. Firstly our specially designed single storey extensions can often be built within permitted development. Secondly, if you have a small garden then an annexe extension might help you to make the most of your garden space. Thirdly an annexe extension can create a more versatile building that can be used for a number of functions if the house is sold later.



Even though annexes are ancillary buildings they still, in most cases, share services with the main home. Electricity, water and sewage connection is included in the price of our buildings up to 20m. In some cases where connecting to the sewage is not possible, then a septic tank can be installed instead. It is also possible to install separate meters for each property in case you require separate billing.  With this in mind, how your main properties services are laid out is a clear consideration when we are doing a site survey and planning the design of a new granny flat.


Location Location Location

Certain locations require some special requirements when it comes to planning and local authorities. If you are living in a conservation area or an area of outstanding natural beauty then there might be additional conditions asked from the planning authority regarding the look and design of the building. Also, the proximity to neighbours can have a bearing on the design of a building. Neighbours might ask for a certain material or colour to be used or the height of the building might be affected if the building is very close to the boundary.


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Updated shower room design for 2019

Our annexe buildings are always evolving and we are constantly looking at ways to improve and offer our customers excellent value and quality when it comes to the fittings and fixtures included in your new home.

All of the annexes we build come completed with a host of fixtures included in the price, including a high-end luxury kitchen, shower room complete with vanity unit, shower enclosure, stone shower tray, aqua PVC wall tiles, electric shower and a heated towel rail.

We understand that a shower room is a very important part of any home, and having enough room is essential, especially if mobility is difficult. For many people, a traditional shower is preferred over a bath and can be easier to access. From this month onwards we are proud to announce that we will be introducing new shower units, wetrooms and tiling options, that we think will create even more luxury for our customers.

shower door paint

Our new shower enclosure comes from a market leader in bathroom fixtures and offers an elegant and quality option for those wanting a traditional shower. As standard, the shower trays we now provide are 1200mm x 900mm which create a nice deep shower area which has plenty of room for extra mobility rails, if required, and plenty of space for storing shower gels, shampoo and soaps.










Every granny annexe we build comes with a beautiful, fitted shower room as standard with a host of top quality fittings and fixtures.  We are now offering a slightly different design for our vanity units, as illustrated in the picture above. Available in Black, Grey, Oak or White, there are plenty of colours that would suit a range of shower room designs.

vanity units 4 shooter

All the vanity units include an up to date contemporary design with storage space in easy to access cupboards. Vanity units maximise the space available in a shower room with their compact design.

A popular upgrade for many people is a wet room instead of a shower room. Wet rooms can offer a few advantages over a standard shower room in that they can provide easier access to those in wheelchairs, whilst also being very stylish and easy to keep clean.


Wet room with 8mm toughened glass

A popular upgrade for our wet rooms can be to include a rainfall thermostatic shower system. Our new  Thermostatic Valve showers combine contemporary design with powerful water jets and offer thermostatic showering via three easy-to-operate controls allowing for separate controls for temperature and flow. With a modern square design and chrome finish, they add an extra touch of luxury. These showers are suitable with an unvented water cylinder heating system, rather than an electric system.


Wall panels are another element of your shower room that you can have an element of control over and choose colour configurations that help to create a bespoke look and feel. Our standard wall panels now come in a new range of colours that will suit a lot of different tastes.

wall tiles 4 shooter

Providing a flush minimal design, our 2400 x 1000 x 10mm waterproof PVC shower panels are a great alternative to tiles and come in 4 striking designs, in Black Galaxy, Travertine, White Galaxy and Grey Marble. Comprising of just 2 large panels they allow for extremely easy cleaning and offer a hygienic and easy to maintain shower unit.

Another popular optional extra upgrade we offer are ceramic tiles. Our new shower room range has the option of Sawn Grey Travertine Wall Tiles. With a high gloss finish and 605mm x 303mm dimensions, these tiles are sure to make a great impact in a shower or wetroom.

Sawn Grey Travertine Effect Wall Tiles

We hope you have enjoyed looking through some of our new options. We are also able to offer further options upon request. These examples give a good idea regarding the styles and quality of shower rooms we fit and how you can adapt the design to meet your own unique ideas.

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Granny Annexe exterior options. What style would you go for?

The exterior style of your new annexe can have a large impact on how the building will look in its surroundings. We offer our customers one of the largest choices for how the exterior of your new home will look. Options are available for cladding in red cedar wood, cedral cladding, painted pine, stained wood and painted render of any colour, with or without brick quoins.


Other factors that can determine the look of an annexe include what colour window and door frames you use, whether or not you decide on French doors or bi-fold doors and what style of roof line you choose.


All of the annexes we build come as standard with UPVC window and door frames in a choice of colours. Some of the most popular colour options are dark grey, oak effect, white or black. Window frames can have a large effect on a building. Darker greys and blacks help to make a building look more modern and contemporary, while white windows are usually more traditional. We are also able to offer the option to upgrade to aluminium frames, which some people tend to prefer.

Major 1

Roof options help to change the exterior look of an annexe and also can have a dramatic impact on how the building feels inside. Vaulted pitched roofs can help create a great feeling of space, especially with the inclusion of Velux roof lights. Pitched rooves are our most popular option compared to flat-roofed buildings with many people preferring how this looks from the outside.

Pitched rooves help to create a cottage look, creating a real home in the garden. Another popular option is our L-Shaped layout that incorporates 2 pitches. Being a more complex design, not a lot of our competitors offer this style of design but it can be worth the extra costs involved. The L-Shape works extremely well for an annexe, as it fits into most garden spaces, and help to incorporate a bit more space into the bedroom or living room. It can also add to the look of the annexe giving some additional interest to the appearance of the building.


Above is an example of red cedar wood cladding on our popular L-shaped Islay annexe. Red cedar Canadian cladding is a durable softwood. Due to the cooler temperatures, Canadian cedar is grown very slowly compared to UK cedar. This means the wood is naturally very durable and resistant to any weather conditions. It also looks great and ages well. Some maintenance is advised to keep it looking at its best and it can benefit from regular treatment with wood oil.

White render and brick quoins with an L-Shaped layout (as shown above) helps to create a very attractive building, that suits many of our customer’s gardens perfectly. Terracotta tiles compliment the cottage feel, together with the brick quoins. Wood effect bi-fold doors add to the homely feel, while also bringing in plenty of light and giving uninterrupted views of the garden.


Another popular option for cladding material is a traditional looking stained wood. Stained wood suits the local architecture in many areas of the UK, such as Kent and East Anglia, where black stained homes and agricultural buildings are a common sight. Choosing an exterior design that compliments the local architecture is something that will certainly help with planning permission and will help create a building that suits its local environment.

Terzi Oct 10 Annexe 003

Above is an example of a different style that can be achieved with a pitched roof. By turning the annexe so the gable end is facing the garden, the exterior design achieves a whole new look. A glazed gable end is great for bringing in plenty of light and creates an annexe with a wow factor with its floor to ceiling glazed end. Red cedar cladding was used on this particular project, but all of our styles of buildings can be clad in your choice of cladding or render.

Bi-folds, french doors and windows

We offer customers a choice of glazing that can transfer the look of your annexe and create a variety of looks. Modern contemporary buildings tend to use more glazed areas now than in the past, especially with modern glazing being so thermally efficient.


Weaver Granny Annexe Exterior 2

Bi-fold doors are a great way of bringing in plenty of light into your building. They have the advantage of being able to open fully during the summer in order to connect the garden with your annexe.

French doors can bring a similar advantage but do not open to the same width, for some people however this might be enough. Plenty of light can still be achieved through having extra width glazing either sides of the french doors.


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New Granny Annexe project in Berkshire

As spring slowly starts to appear, so do a number of new annexes built for our customers. We are especially proud of this fantastic mid-sized annexe with 38m2, a separate double bedroom and large open plan kitchen living space. Built for our delightful customers in Berkshire who were looking to move their parents into ancillary accommodation so that care and support can be provided, whilst still allowing them a degree of independence, allowing the whole family to spend more time together.

giancarlos front

The annexe they chose was from our Islay range. Key features of this style of building include a pitched roof and an attractive L-Shaped design. This shape allows for a very functional layout, with a large double bedroom facing the garden and an open plan kitchen living space with large french doors opening onto the grounds. This style and size of annexe are perfect for a couple, offering the sort of space typical in a small bungalow or flat.


Construction and the building process

Because of the way our annexes are constructed using SIPs (Structurally Insulated Panels) the construction process is relatively fast. We aim to have most annexes built within 5-7 weeks, depending on weather and ground conditions. SIP technology means that a lot of the construction process occurs offsite in our workshop in Bedfordshire. Only once the panels are fabricated are they transported to be erected on site. This means minimum disruption for our customers and a building that is ready to move in to in a relatively short time.


The illustration above gives a good impression of how our annexes are constructed from the initial erection of the panels to the external waterproofing, roof and then the final render. SIP panels are one of the most thermally efficient forms of modern building construction and provide excellent insulation, providing a warm and cosy home in the winter and a cool efficient building in the summer.


Landscaping and patios


A popular optional extra that we can provide our customers is decking or patios. These external extras can offer the final touch to how your annexe works in your garden and can help to increase the usability of your home during the summer. Our decking options are either hard wearing composite decking in grey or redwood colour, or Winchester style, pressure treated wood decking. Patios are a great way to add additional outdoor space creating an area that can be used for seating and bbqs. Both options can help extend the usability of an annexe and connect the indoors with the outdoors.

Kitchen and shower rooms


All of our annexes come with a beautiful fitted Kitchen as standard from Howdens. We can offer a choice of styles with either the traditional Shaker style or more contemporary Greenwich design with flat surfaced sleek modern doors in a range of colours to suit every kitchen. We can also offer a range of ovens and hobs from AEG to compliment your new kitchen. (White goods can also be ordered through us at additional cost). Flooring provides our customers with a host of options, from beautiful engineered Oak boards (an optional extra) or laminate boards in a range of styles. All of these options mean you can design the perfect kitchen and make your kitchen suited to your personal taste.


Shower rooms also come as standard with all our annexes and come in a range of styles with a choice of aqua panels, white ceramic tiles, and vanity units. Upgrades such as towel rails and coloured ceramic tiles are also available. Wet rooms can also be installed at an additional cost which can provide greater ease of access.

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What are the expected costs of building a Granny Annexe

Constructing an outdoor building in your home’s garden is often seen as a great investment and a sure way to create added value to your property. An annexe is often created for a very specific need, usually for an elderly relative, or increasingly, for a younger relative who might not yet be able to afford their own home. In both cases, it is a fantastic way to create an independent living solution that will be an asset to your property for years to come.

major 3

All of the buildings that we construct are bespoke and designed especially for each of our customer’s needs. No two annexes are the same. Having said that we can still provide an example of what a typical annexe might cost based on some of the base models that we construct.

Our most compact annexe starts from £55,162.85 inc VAT. The Tiree is a one bedroom annexe with 24 m2 external area (6m x 4m). Comprising of a kitchen-diner and a studio bedroom with en suite. It provides all of the essentials for a comfortable home, while also being small enough to fit into most gardens, either lengthways of longways.


The Tiree, like all of our annexes, comes fully fitted out with a high-end kitchen, shower room and all internal fittings. We offer a complete turnkey service, from design to construction to handing you the keys.

Planning Permission

All of our annexes require planning permission as they are permanent structures designed to be lived in. While a few companies offer annexes built under the ‘Caravan Act’ this is not something we would recommend as if the planning authorities deem the building to not be ‘mobile’ then you might be asked to remove the building. We believe in constructing quality buildings with proper foundations that will last a lifetime.

A full planning service for an additional cost of  £1672.00 inc VAT can reduce many of the stresses of starting a new building project, with us taking care of all or the planning and building regulations you can be sure that your annexe’s planning is in the best hands. Often these initial stages can be some of the most stressful parts of a project, but our team of highly experienced professionals can take the burden out of the process.


Larger Annexes

If you require a bit more space, then an annexe with a separate en suite bedroom normally starts from £59,896.31 inc VAT. With 28 m2 external area, there is capacity for a separate bedroom, kitchen diner and living room. An even larger 2 bedroom annexe with 58 m2 external area might typically start from £100,356.50 inc VAT.


A larger annexe can provide even more space and versatility, it is possible for us to design and construct a 2 bedroom annexe, but it is important to be aware that planning permission might be more difficult to get unless you can provide evidence that 2 bedrooms are required for the purpose of the building.

2 bedroom annexes have a lot of space and can easily accommodate a separate kitchen, study or have an en suite and a bathroom. How you configure your annexe is up to you, we will build your annexe to your specifications and be able to guide you as to what layout and floorplan would work best for you.


A full break down of our prices can be found on our website, with sizes ranging from 24 m2 to 60 m2 external area.


Optional Extras

The size of your chosen annexe, building materials and optional extras, can all affect the price that we send in the quote. Some of the most popular optional extras that we offer are engineered Oak flooring, underfloor heating, ramps and rails and external elements such as decking and lighting. The price for a newly constructed annexe usually varies a little from the list price on our website as many customers would like to make small changes to the shape, size and layout. We have our own team of in-house designers who are able to take care of all the design elements of the project free of charge. After discussing with you your requirements and design ideas we get to work in producing the first drawings, we then send you your quote with a 3-D drawing of your bespoke annexe with a floor plan and a garden aspect plan to help you visualise where everything is going.

cottage white render imagejpg

Adding value to your home

It is generally accepted that building an annexe will increase the value of your home at least by the amount that you have spent on its construction. These days many people who are searching for a new home are looking for flexible accommodation, either to accommodate relatives, occasional guests or to use as a home office. An annexe will remain a versatile and useful addition to any home, adding value, space and functionality.

How much does an annexe cost to maintain?

We feel that you will be pleasantly surprised at how little an annexe costs to maintain once it is constructed. We only use the highest quality materials in the construction of our buildings that are built to last. The walls are constructed using structural, thermally insulated panels with either render of wood cladding. This provides excellent protection to the elements and only requires general maintenance in order to keep in lasting order for years to come. Being made from SIPs (Structurally Insulated Panels) means that the cost to heat our annexes is very low compared to a typical house. The excellent thermal performance means that the annexes we build are cheap to heat in the winter yet remain cool in the summer. Modern regulations and building techniques also mean that we only utilise the most modern electrics, with eco-friendly LED lights that cost less to replace in the long term.

natural cedarjpg

How does the cost of an annexe compare to a similarly sized bungalow?

Costing from between £60,000 – £110,000 for a typical annexe you can expect to make a huge saving compared to the cost of a traditional bungalow, small house or flat in most regional areas. When you build an annexe in most cases the land is already paid for, which can be the most expensive part of a new build project. Utilising your garden to build can be seen as a sure investment with any structure adding value and versatility to your property. With housing in short supply (especially bungalows) it makes increasing sense to build in your garden as the costs of housing is continuing to rise and becoming unaffordable in a lot of areas. When you add this to the practicality and care benefits of having elderly relatives close by then an annexe can make a lot of sense to many families.


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Differences between a granny annexe and an annexe extension

We are proud to offer a number of solutions for our customer’s annexe housing needs. These solutions might depend on the type of land you have, the size of your garden and particular building regulations for that area.

An annexe building in the garden is usually the preferred solution for people wanting to build a separate home for relatives within the grounds of their house, but sometimes a number of factors might affect if you can build an annexe or not.

In some rare cases when an annexe design has been refused by building control, a solution could be to opt for an extension instead. Our extensions have some advantages over our more traditional garden annexes, whilst still being built with the same SIP technology. A single storey extension can often be built under permitted development as long as it meets a certain set of credentials.

Below is an example of some of the criteria that are required for ‘permitted development for enlargement’ to be allowed. (Other criteria might apply)

  • The total area of ground covered by the extension (not including the original dwelling) is not more than 50% of the garden, not including the ground covered by the original dwelling house
  • The hight of the extension does not exceed the height of the original dwelling house
  • The height of the eves of the extension wouldn’t exceed the height of the eves of the original dwelling house
  • The single-storey rear extension does not extend beyond the rear wall of the original house by more than 6 metres if an attached house or by 8 metres if a detached house
  • The maximum height of a single-storey rear extension should not exceed four metres
  • Materials to be similar in appearance to the existing house


In most cases, a single storey extension can be built within permitted development and might succeed in gaining permission when an annexe does not.


What are the differences between a Granny Annexe and our extensions?




Apart from the obvious difference that one is an auxiliary building and the other an extension joined to the main building, the differences in terms of how the two buildings are used are very small.

Both buildings can function as a separate home for the occupants, with each having its own individual access. Both can also have its own kitchen and separate bedroom. The only real difference is that an extension is linked to the house. This can also reduce the costs of groundworks and services such as laying pipes or connecting electricity.

Another advantage of building an ‘annexe extension’ over a more traditional garden building is that the resulting building is incredibly versatile. For example, it can be incorporated into the main house at a later stage if the property was sold and subsequently turned into a kitchen or living area extension. This can have advantages over a ‘normal’ annexe located separately from the main building, that might not be so versatile in later years. This could also increase the value of your overall home by a higher margin, compared to a similarly sized annexe built in the garden.

Another obvious advantage with an extension over a separate building is when you are limited for space in your garden. An annexe normally requires you to have at least 50 cm space between the boundary and the building, this can mean in a small garden, space is very limited. An extension can be built closer to the boundary when it is attached to the main building meaning that this could afford you a larger building.

It also clear that if you have a small garden then building an annexe might not be possible at all.




Our extensions are built with all of these factors carefully considered. Upon talking to us and booking a free site survey we will be able to advise you on what size and style of extension would be most suitable for your particular house, garden and requirements.


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Not sure if a granny annexe is for you? Our ambassador scheme allows you to visit an annexe and see for yourself.

Many of our new customers are curious to see an example of one of our buildings before they take the big step of starting the process. This gives them the opportunity to have a chat with the owners to get a better feeling for what living in an annexe is like and to see the quality and craftsmanship of our buildings.

We feel that this is the best way to truly appreciate our annexes, rather than just seeing a ‘show-home’ that has not been lived in.


How does our viewing scheme work?

After a site survey has been conducted by one of our experienced site managers we will be able to advise you on the design and size of annexe that would best suit your requirements and the building plot you have available. During the site survey, we are able to show you examples of the annexes we have built and discuss different design ideas you might have. After the site survey, we can then give you the opportunity to visit one of our previously built annexes and to talk to the new owners.

We will endeavour to find an ambassador that is as close to your home as possible and is similar in design to the building you are interested in. Upon visiting the ambassador you will be able to see how annexe living works, chat with the owners and generally get a feel for the building.

Swindon kitchen and gable edt

What are some common questions people ask our ambassadors?

If you are about to move into an annexe, or are thinking of doing so, then you probably have a host of questions you would like to ask.


Why did you choose to live in an annexe?

One common question asked is ‘why did you choose to live in an annexe’? Obviously, the answer changes from person to person, but one of the main replies is to bring the family closer together. Having an annexe building means that the whole family can care and support for each other, increasing valuable family time and allowing grandparents, sons and daughters and grandchildren to see each other much more. An annexe allows for this while still giving everybody their own independence and personal space. You will see when you visit one of our annexes how much space and room they allow for an independent style of living. All of our buildings have their own entrance and are classed as a separate dwelling, within the grounds of the main building.

Why did you choose Granny Annexe as the builder?

Another question people often ask us is ‘why did you choose Granny Annexe as the builder’? We have a proud tradition of building annexe buildings, we have been involved in the construction of these types of building for over 10 years. We appreciate that moving into an annexe is a big decision and can be very stressful for family members, the combination of moving house and taking on a building project can be a big undertaking for many people. In order to make this as stress-free as possible, we offer a turnkey service where we can take care of most elements of the process. We can submit planning applications on our client’s behalf at an additional cost of £1672.00 inc VAT.  This includes creating the scaled drawings, planning statement and liaising with the case officer until the decision. We have a very good success rate with planning applications and are able to use our breadth of experience to navigate the planning process as smoothly as possible.

What is it like to live in an annexe?

Another typical question can be ‘what is it like to live in an annexe’? Our buildings are very comfortable to live in. Being constructed from SIP panels they have excellent thermal performance meaning they are cool in summer and cheap to heat in winter, most people find our buildings cosier than the house they moved out of and much less expensive to heat. Another key feature is the amount of light that is evident in all our buildings. We try to maximise the amount of light coming in through the use of bi-fold doors, Velux skylights and generous windows and glazed areas. This maximises the feeling of light and spaciousness and gives a great view to the garden. Our granny annexes come completed with all modern appliances, fittings and fixtures and internal decoration options so that you can furnish and design your annexe as you want. Our aim is for you to be able to create the home of your dreams and feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible.

Obviously, you are likely to have your own questions if you are to visit one of our ambassadors and this is why we encourage our customers to use this opportunity to get a good understanding of our annexes and the experience they provide.


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New Granny Annexe project in Swindon

Another fantastic build completed, this time for a customer in Swindon. The family had recently decided to sell their own and their parent’s property, in order to pool resources and buy a larger plot with enough room to build an annexe in the grounds.

This can be a great solution for people who would like to build an annexe, but find that neither property has the required land in order to do so.

The family’s main motivation was to enable them to spend more time together as a family and to provide extra care and support as their parents reached an older age.

collins floorplan

In order to facilitate the required accommodation, we designed a building that incorporated a large double bedroom, separate study area overlooking the garden and a large open plan living and kitchen area.




An important consideration when we build any garden building is the necessity to get as much light as possible into the building to create an airy and spacious building. In order to create this feeling of light and space, large double width French doors and a glazed gable end allow the sunlight to flood in meaning that the living room receives plenty of light all year round. A more unusual feature of this build was the addition of a study area. We were able to create a great little space to work from, that overlooks the garden, the perfect place to take care of emails or to enjoy a good book. We can also incorporate essential features for something more bespoke like a study, such as internet connection, a built-in desk or shelving and air conditioning for the summer.


Swindon kitchen and gable edt


Swindon gable and kitvhen2 edt


At Granny Annexe we are always very happy to design our buildings to meet your exact requirements. We can add rooms such as studies, walk-in wardrobes, separate kitchens or spare rooms. Really the options are only limited to the space you have. Sometimes consideration needs to be taken into account regarding planning permission when building a 2 bedroom annexe. Planning authorities will need to see a legitimate reason for building 2 bedrooms such as there being 2 people using the annexe, or for medical reasons.


collins render


We are able to take care of the whole planning process for you, whichever building you choose to go ahead with and will be able to advise you on which style and size we think would be most suitable, while also taking into consideration the planning restraints and obligations that might need to be fulfilled.

If you are thinking about having a garden building built and would like to know more, then why not download our brochure or speak to one of our consultants. We will be very happy to advise you on the type and style of building that would suit your garden and discuss your ideas in more detail.


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Things to consider before building a granny annexe.

Thanks to the increasing cost of buying a property and soaring care home prices, more and more families are thinking to build an annexe as a solution for their families housing needs.

A recent report from the Valuation Office Agency, suggests that there was a 16% increase in the construction of Granny flats in recent years, with over 39,000 being built in England and Wales.

In order to encourage the building of annexes and intergenerational living, a few incentives have been introduced by the government, such as scrapping proposed plans for stamp duty increases.


major 3

Building an annexe in the garden can be a huge decision for all parties involved and careful thought must be taken in order to get it right. So what are the key things to consider?

Family relations

Obviously part of the reason to build a granny flat is to move family closer together and to provide support in old age. This new proximity sometimes needs management in order to keep things running smoothly. One key to success is to make sure everybody maintains a level of independence. This is something which is often cited as an important factor for many of our customers. Our buildings always have there own access and facilities such as kitchen and bathrooms, allowing for an independent lifestyle, with the advantages of having family close-by if necessary.

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Council Tax

In 2014 the government made the decision to scrap the unpopular and unjust decision to charge council tax twice on both the main building and annexe. Now with the ruling made, there are a number of considerations when it comes to council tax. Firstly, it is likely that no council tax will need to be paid. If the occupier is a dependant (over the age of 65, permanently disabled, or mentally impaired) and is using the building as their main home then council tax is exempt. If these stipulations are not met then it is the case that council tax is paid at 50% of the main house’s banding, if the building is used by a family member.

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Who pays the bills?

It is possible for bills to be shared between the two properties, with electrics and water possible to have on the same bill. It is also possible to have these separated, with a different meter for each building. This is something to consider when building and can be discussed with your local supplier. Having things separate might be the simplest solution for many people in order to keep track of costs on the two households.

When to start the process?

Although it is never a good idea to rush these decisions, once a need has been established it is always best to get things moving as quickly as possible. Moving house can be a stressful process so its always going to be a better idea to do this when you or your relatives are as mobile as possible and are not in desperate need of accommodation change in order to reduce the stress of the move.

Choosing your builders

Choosing the correct builder for your project is critical to the success of your build. At granny annexe, we are especially proud of our team of professional builders and craftsmen who have been constructing annexes for over 10 years. Having an experienced company who are specialised in this sort of building is something we would always recommend.



Planning for the future

It’s always wise to plan for the future when building an annexe. Even if mobility is not an issue, in the beginning, this is something that can become important later on. Having ramp access is something we often recommend and can be incorporated into the design of the decking. We can also provide handrails and wider door access where necessary. It’s better to get these things sorted out in the beginning before you need to make costly alterations later.

Good communication

Any building work is a complex process and requires good communication between all parties. In order to promote this from the beginning, we offer a free site survey to give our customers the chance to sit down and discuss the reasons for building and which style and size would be the best fit.


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Granny Annexe case study – See one of our completed buildings built for a customer in Kent.

As always we are very happy to show off our completed projects. This large 9 x 5-meter annexe built in Kent showcases some of the fine attention to detail we install in all our annexes. Our customers in Kent were delighted with their new home and proud to show it off.

When writing to us, our customers declared that the building would be a ‘wonderful addition’ to their family. Due to health reasons, climbing stairs was becoming more difficult so the advantages of single-storey living were obvious.

They also wanted to have the added comfort and security of having their son and his family close by as they grew older, while retaining their independence as a couple and allowing space for both groups of the family.


Moore floorplan


Being a rectangular shape, space in the building is maximised, with plenty of room for a separate living room, kitchen area, bathroom with walk-in shower, study and double bedroom. Double French doors open up on the garden, giving a wonderful view from which to enjoy the garden and watch the grandchildren play.



moore exterior


Traditional cream render was used for the exterior, well complemented by wooden effect casement windows. We look forward to updating the photos once the garden is landscaped to show how well the annexe will sit in its location.


moore kitchen 2


This building being one of our larger projects was able to comfortably fit a separated kitchen area from the main living space, while still offering a sense of open plan living through its clever design. The kitchen received an AEG ceramic hob and multi-function over. Stylish white units give a contemporary feel, set off by the black granite style worktops. Oak laminate flooring throughout adds to the feeling of luxury.


moore toilet


In our eyes, this is one of our favourite bathrooms we have created. Modern sleek grey tiles work fantastically with the black and white units, ample proportions allow for a large walk-in shower with plenty of storage options.


moore bathroom


The living space was created with a focus on creating a feeling of space and providing plenty of light. In order to provide this, dual aspect windows were installed and a Velux skylight above the kitchen. Large double French doors provide easy access in and out of the annexe, whilst also allowing for further extended views.


moore living room


Here, although unfurnished, you can get a sense of how well the living area works as a space, with plenty of light and ample room, yet still retaining a comfortable feel. This will be further enhanced by the customer’s decision to install an optional log burner, perfect for cosy winter evenings with their family.


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