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Call Free: 0800 334 5774


How big is a modern Granny Annexe compared to a more expensive Bungalow?

A question often asked by new customers is ‘how large’ are the homes we build in people’s gardens.

You might be pleasantly surprised to know that our buildings are probably larger than you think and represent excellent value compared to a similarly sized bungalow.

The question of ‘how large can I have my annexe?’ is only limited by the size of your garden and possible building regulations particular to your area.

To help give you an impression of the type of size and layout we can offer, below are some examples of our most popular designs.



Height 3616mm 11.86ft
Width 6000mm 19.68ft
Depth 4000mm 13.12ft
External Area 24m2 258.33ft2

FROM (INC VAT)£55,162.85



Height 3539mm 11.61ft
Width 8000mm 26.24ft
Depth 3500mm 11.48ft
External Area 28m2 301.39ft2

FROM (INC VAT)£59,896.31



Height 3551mm 11.65ft
Width 8000mm 26.24ft
Depth 4750mm 15.58ft
External Area 33.75m2 363.28ft2

FROM (INC VAT)£72,475.08



Height 4000mm 13.12ft
Width 6500mm 21.32ft
Depth 9000mm 29.52ft
External Area 58.50m2 629.69ft2

FROM (INC VAT)£100,356.50

A typical bungalow of 35m2 for sale in our local area of Bedfordshire at this time costs approximately £275,000 ( Compare that to a similarly sized annexe built & decorated with kitchen, bathroom & lounge-diner in just 5-7 weeks for £72,475.08 inc VAT with no stamp duty! For many people part of the attraction of our buildings is the vast amount of money you can save compared to downsizing into a similarly sized bungalow.


granny annexe garden


Our ‘Islay’ building with a size of 33.75m2 boasts some exceptional features with a modern high specified kitchen and a stylish and practical bathroom. All of our buildings are constructed with Sips panels, which are highly insulated and quick to install.
Through our long partnership with several of the UK’s finest fitted kitchen makers we can provide a thoughtfully designed kitchenette or full kitchen depending on the size of your annexe, all included in our price.


 granny annexe compared to bugalow


Our buildings can be designed to fit almost any space, as long as your garden is big enough, we are able to incorporate your unique requirements and design a home that will provide a spacious, light and comfortable place to live for years to come.

While it is still fresh in your mind, book a no obligation site survey.

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