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Can a granny annex save me money?

Can a granny annex save me money?

Building a granny annex in the garden is becoming an increasingly popular option for many people wanting to downsize or live closer to their family. An annex is a fantastic way to maintain your independence while also having the security of having family close by for extra support and security. There are also some great financial incentives for building an annex that can help make the move an easy one.



Thermal efficiency

Our granny annex’s are designed and constructed to the same high standards as you would get in a typical new build. Each building is signed off by building regulations and meet strict controls regarding uValues, thermal efficiency and materials. What this means for our customers is that our buildings are very warm and cosy in the winter and therefore quite cheap to heat, especially when compared to a larger, older house that you might be moving from. Typically you might expect to pay no more than £250 per year at current prices for your heating bill.




Our annex’s are constructed using SIPs (structurally insulated panels). SIPs consist of 100mm polystyrene insulation sandwiched between two sheets of OSB board to create a solid structural panel. The rigid integrity of these panels means that the buildings we produce are extremely thermally efficient and strong, with no cold bridging (gaps in the insulation) that is often associated with cheaper methods.

On top of this, we utilise uPVC or aluminium windows and doors with double glazing that provides a real barrier to the elements. Externally our buildings are finished in either red cedar cladding, cedral clading or a render finish, that will provide low maintenance protection for years to come.


Annex costs vs moving house




Moving house can be very expensive. House prices have risen by an average of 14.8% in the last 5 years and many people have found it increasingly difficult to afford a new home. Despite a blip in price growth over Brexit uncertainty – prices in 2020 are set to rise a further predicted 2%. Other costs involved in moving house remain high in the UK, stamp duty, solicitor costs and removal firms all add to the expense, in fact, the average cost of moving home is now estimated to be £8,885.

If you are thinking of downsizing, then an annex could be a much more cost-effective way in which to find yourself in a new home. When moving to an annex there are not the same costs involved, such as stamp duty and solicitor costs. An annex can range in price from around £65,000 to £150,000 depending on the specification and size of the build. In fact, a 2 bedroom annex with 60 m2 can cost as little as £101,000. This is a fraction of the cost of many similar 2 bedroom bungalows in the UK and could represent a huge saving compared to properties in more expensive areas such as London or the South East.


Swindon kitchen and gable edt


Care homes costs vs annex living

One of the most popular reasons why people choose to live in an annex is to have family closer together and to have that extra support, while still retaining a level of independence. This can be a great compromise between moving into a care home and staying in your own home. An annex allows you to have family close by if you need them, which can be a great comfort as you reach old age. For some people, a care home might be a necessity, but for others, you might prefer being closer to family.

Care home costs can be extremely high with fees running into the thousands each month, typical care homes cost from £900 per week.

According to, a report by healthcare specialists Laing & Buisson in 2018, care homes costs can range from:

  • £27,000 to £39,000 per year for a residential care home, or.
  • £35,000 to £55,000 per year if nursing is required.


With these types of costs involved, it makes sense that a lot of people are choosing an annexe as an alternative option. After the initial costs of building an annex it is likely you would in-fact see your bills and costs fall as you reap the benefits of downsizing into a brand new highly insulated home.

There are also some other great cost-saving advantages to annex living that arise through living in close proximity to your family. Spending more time with grandchildren is high up there as a reason many people enjoy annex living, and it could also give parents the option of an extra babysitter when required, a win-win for all concerned!

Another nice element of living so close to family is that mealtimes are sometimes shared. While it is delightful to have your own kitchen and have control over your own domain, the chance to pop over to each other homes to share a meal is also very tempting, bringing the family closer together and saving money on cooking and food bills.




Extra costs associated with annex construction

As with all building projects, annex construction does require some extra costs that shouldn’t be overlooked. As an annexe is to be lived in as a home, planning permission is required for all of the annexes that we build. We can submit an application on your behalf for an additional cost of £1954.00 inc VAT. Within this fee we take of everything, this includes preparing your annexe design drawings and submitting these plans to your local planning authority and liaising with your case officer, utilising our breadth of experience in the annex industry. This gives you the best possible chance of success in getting you building through planning.

It is also possible for you to conduct your own planning application at your own expense with the drawings that we provide free of charge, this can be a good way of going about the process if you have some experience in this field.

We are also able to offer a host of services free of charge. Some of these include a free site survey, a free set of drawings that can be altered up to 4 times with no extra charge and up to 20 metres of service connections included in the price. We also offer some optional extras that incur extra charges, such as upgrading to a wetroom, having engineered oak flooring, aluminium windows, or extra service connections. For more details about the optional extras we provide, why not find out more by downloading our free brochure.


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