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Care home alternatives.

Care home alternatives.

There can come a time in everybody’s life when they need that extra bit of care and support, whether it is due to old age, economics, or disability. When we talk about old age there is a range of options that are available, with building a Granny Annexe an increasingly popular option.




The care home alternative:

With the recent shock of COVID 19 and the huge impact it has had on all our lives we are finding that a lot of people are considering alternatives to care homes as a way of looking after our elderly loved ones.

Care homes can be an essential decision for a lot of people, where round-the-clock assistance is vital. But for other people who still would like a higher degree of independence, a granny annexe can be a fantastic option.

Granny Annexes bridge the gap, between providing that extra safety blanket of support, while still allowing for a greater degree of independent living. We have found with our customers that this mix is one of the main reasons that they chose annexe living over a traditional care home.

With our annexes, we are building you a home, with your own front door, kitchen, bathroom and all other modern facilities you would expect from a top of the range new build building. With individual access you will be able to invite friends over, have visits from the grand-children and cook your own meals, just as normal. But also have that extra reassurance that your family are nearby whenever necessary or for company. Care homes can be a great way to meet new people and to have that extra level of social support, but we feel with an annexe you will also benefit from similar advantages, especially from those closest to you.


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Carers and Disability:

All of our annexes are bespoke and built to the individual requirements of each individual customer. This means that we listen carefully to your needs before even starting the design process. All of the annexes we build can come with a host of equipment that will make movement and access easier. We can install ramps, handrails, wider doors, walk-in showers and almost all other disabled access equipment in order to make things as easy as possible and to ensure that the annexe is future proof.


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Staying connected:

In this day and age, we understand that staying connected is especially important. All the annexes we build have the possibility to have broadband internet, either shared with the main house or your own line. This way you can always stay connected with old friends, grand-children and other members of the family who might not be living so close. Of course, some of your family will be just next door.


Downsizing compared to a care home:

For many people, the reason to move is that their house is simply too big for them. A once-great family home can become very expensive to maintain, and a large garden difficult to keep on top of. Downsizing can be a very positive experience, decluttering and rearranging your life into a more manageable building can be quite therapeutic. Maybe it could be the opportunity to change your décor style, go shopping for some great new furniture, or a chance to keep the things that mean a lot while getting rid of the mess.  One problem with moving house is the great expenses that are occurred, with legal fees, stamp duty and real estate services. A granny annexe can be a great alternative, with annexes starting from £72,000, the cost of downsizing is greatly reduced.


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The Granny Annexe:

For some, a granny annexe may not have been a consideration, but increasingly people are seeing it as a brilliant way to live a new life, close to their family in a purpose build home. Our annexes are far removed from the old notion of a ‘prefab’, all our buildings are constructed to the tightest building control regulations and are checked and approved throughout the build process. Using structurally insulated panels, our annexe hosts some of the highest U-Values in the class, meaning that you are going to be saving money on heating as well as having a home that stays cool in summer and is warm and cosy in winter.


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