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5 ways to make a garden annexe cosy in winter

With winter now in full swing, we thought it would be a great idea to share some of the ways that an annexe can be transformed in winter to make a cosy and welcoming Christmas hideaway.

Sometimes people ask how warm an annexe can truly be in the middle of winter. The answer is as warm as any highly insulated home. All the annexes we build are made from structurally insulated panels, which means they have very good thermal insulation, and can be heated relatively cheaply compared to a larger home, or an annexe built from just insulated timber frames.

But feeling nice and warm is not the only way to feel cosy, so below are a number of ways that it is possible to cheer up any annexe home and help create that Christmas feel.



1. Install a log effect electric fire

Log burners are very popular editions to homes and have seen a huge surge in recent years. Real log burners can even be installed in a granny annexe and we offer the installation of them as an optional extra. But if you want to create a similar look without the mess and expense then an electric log effect can be a great alternative. Electric log fires can be bought for anything between £50 – £500 and come in a variety of shapes and sizes, adding an instant hit of festive cheer to any living room.

Granny Annexe Bedfordshire

2. Decorate your annexe with warm festive colours

Choice of colour can have a dramatic effect on the feeling of warmth in your annexe, with festive colours such as reds and greens helping to provide a friendly and comfy feeling, even in the dead of winter. If you don’t have red furniture but want that festive cheer, then a brightly coloured throw can be bought to add a transformative splash of colour. Spending Christmas in any new home is always a special occasion, and we delighted when one of our customers sent us the picture above showing her beautifully decorated annexe complete with Christmas tree, holly and tinsel.

Granny Annexe Bedfordshire

3. Cushions, rugs and accessories

Another way to inject some colour is to invest in some colourful cushions. Chosen to complement the colour of Christmas, a variety of bright cushions can add a dash of merriment, lots of retailers specialise now in a great range of cushions, or for that extra festive feel why not go for Christmas themed cushions.


4. Plants, trees and the outdoors, indoors

Some pot plants are perfect for adding Christmas cheer, one of the most obvious plants is the Poinsettia, otherwise known as the Christmas Flower. With its bold green and red foliage, it’s extremely popular over winter, but don’t throw away the plant when it starts to fade, with a bit of TLC, Poinsettias can be kept all year and will re-flower, just in time for Christmas again.

Of course, no Christmas annexe would be complete without a Christmas tree. Often our annexes have pitched roofs with vaulted ceilings, this means that you gain a bit of extra headroom, perfect for installing a nice sized tree. Other firm festive favourites are holly wreaths. These are possible to buy in the shops, but if you are into arts and crafts then why not have a go and make one yourself? With an old wire coat hanger, some garden twine, red ribbons and some holly from the garden you can create an amazing wreath that can hang on the door or be a centrepiece in your living room. For a more unusual plant decoration then you can create some great effects with a rattle can of silver or gold spray paint and some branches from the garden, placed in a nice vase this can add a brilliant twist to the normal plant decorations in your granny annexe.


5. Potpourri

Christmas cheer is not all about colour, smells are also an important part of what makes this time of year special. Making your own potpourri could not be easier and only requires a few simple ingredients such as dried orange slices, pine cones, whole cinnamon stick and star anise. Just place on racks in the oven and dry for 3 hours at 140°C, until nice and dry, but not burnt! Placed in a decorative bowl, not only will these fill a room with the comforting smell of Christmas but also look fantastic and add to the homely feeling in your annexe.


While it’s fresh in your mind why not download a free brochure

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Happy New Year from Granny Annexe

Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018!

As 2017 comes to a close we would like to look back at the year. It has been an exciting year for us here at Granny Annexe. Since introducing our new and improved annexes in late 2016, we have been able to build these new designs. These new designs have allowed us to create spacious and bright annexes with all the amenities. They have given our customers a better quality of life, by providing them with a beautiful new home, right in the heart of the family.

Early on in the year, one of our projects came to a close. A stunning cedar clad annexe very closely resembling our Lomond design, with some subtle changes made by the customer. The annexe featured on ITV’s The Home Game. The family expressed joy with their new Granny Annexe, a home that was not only a visually appealing addition to the garden, a relaxing, bright and airy space with modern kitchen/diner, wet room and bedroom.  Granny Annexe offers a variety of choices and options with our annexes so customers can give their annexes personal touches, including options for the flooring, feature walls, kitchen & bathroom styles, exterior finishing etc. The annexe featured on the show came 2nd in the competition. The 4 families featured had made changes to their homes and the prize was awarded to whoever had increased their home value the most. We are proud to say that the annexe had added its value and more to the property. Read more here.

Since we started building Granny Annexes we have received many inquires and questions from our customers one of those being “do you offer any finance options for the annexes?” Prior to 2017 we have not been able to, but, we have teamed up with Pegasus and now we can offer finance options for our products, just head on over to our blog post here to see more.

Granny Annexe Interior

Now onto something we are very pleased with and that is our 94% customer satisfaction award, awarded to us by the IWA who we work with to provide our customers with an insurance backed guarantee, giving you peace of mind should anything occur. We are only happy when we have done a good job and when our customers are happy, this award is a good sign that we have been doing that.


We hope that you have all had a wonderful Christmas, and would like to wish you a happy new year filled with joy and success.

Kind regards,

The Granny Annexe Team

Christmas Dinner

Its Christmas! (almost)

Christmas is a time of year for the whole family to get together and enjoy the company of close and extended family, some great food and maybe a little tipple too. If you have been considering the purchase of a Granny Annexe, there is no better time than now to discuss the idea of a lovely new Granny Annexe home with the family.

Christmas Dinner

For years now, we have been helping many families come together with the addition of warm, cosy, functional and beautiful new annexes to their family property. These annexes allow families to move their loved ones, young and old, closer to the family unit helping them feel more secure, together, and happy, whilst assisting in retaining a substantial level of independence. We cannot argue about the difficulty that comes with moving out from a beloved home but we can provide a perfect new home that fits your needs and requirements. Granny Annexe provides a variety of choices for a new Granny Annexe home and the option of a bespoke project. Please see our prices page to see our range of annexes and click the images for more information and an exact description of what is included. Visit our case studies page to see some completed projects, where we also have video walkthroughs and some interviews with some of our happy customers.

There are many benefits of moving closer to the family unit some of those being, having more time to spend with family, building stronger bonds and increasing social activity. It also means that there is always someone close by in case of emergency, with the added benefit of having your own space, meaning that you won’t feel like you are living on top of each other.

We are able to provide a quick build time, from when the spade hits the ground to the last coat of paint, this can all be completed within a couple of months, meaning little disruption at your property.

If you are interested in our products please give us a call, alternatively, you can request or download a brochure from our website simply by filling in a few details. Click through here to download and here to request by post.


5 of the Weirdest Christmas Jumpers

  1. The Christmas Waistcoat

The Christmas vest or waistcoat is top of the list, this very strange outfit does a wonderful job of keeping your core warm, but at this cold time of year you might be a bit more interested in keeping your arms warm to. Maybe its a financial issue and this chaps making a saving, we are a little doubtful though.


2. Dinner Jumper

Forget the dinner jacket, put on the dinner jumper, be careful at the Christmas dinner table with this one, you may be attacked or you will just look like a mirror and a floating head.

christmas dinner on a jumper

3. Unrelated Christmas Animals

Unrelated christmas animals, for this one we were going to show you some jumpers with things like pugs and cats on them wearing Christmas hats and such, but upon our search we came across animals wearing Christmas jumpers and this was excelled in comical value so heres some animals with the festive fever… well maybe its their owners who have the festive fever.

Image result for animal christmas jumpersImage result for animal christmas jumpersImage result for animal christmas jumpersImage result for animal christmas jumpers This one is very strange…

4. Christmas Suit

Snazzy! Not sure if Christmas suits are a new thing or old hat, my friend did don one for his works Christmas do so maybe they are gaining in popularity. Safe to say it was not a stylish choice, but then again neither are most Christmas jumpers. If this is for you it will set you back a whopping £59.95, hopefully it will make it out of the cupboard for next year, £30.00 per wear isn’t too bad.

Opposuits Rudolph Christmas suit, Amazon £59.99

5. Fire Jumper

So to start the list of here is a Christmas jumper with a hole in the middle. The idea of this jumper is that you stick your phone in the hole and it has a looped video with a fire. This little party trick will set you back £35.99, I would find it a little annoying, if you get a phone call then you are going to have to scramble around with your jumper and inevitably, you will drop your phone on the floor. Smashing!

Image result for fireplace christmas jumpers


Gingerbread Range

We had a little in house competition to see who could build the best gingerbread annexe, everyone got their gingerbread house kits and got down to work building their little annexes. Our first winner was Hayley her gingerbread annexe is featured in the video as cupid’s annexe. I say our first winner as the next day, Raf brought in his annexe, obviously produced by no one other than…. his other half, but it was enough to take the winning prize from Hayley, and he returned home with a lovely bottle of red.

We cannot forget to mention Craig’s attempt with his gingerbread lodge, featuring a contemporary counter levered overhang, and a sedum roof. His little invention stood out from the pack despite being the smallest gingerbread build.

We have a little video showcasing the gingerbread houses, and we also have a little “destructive” video to come later on in the new year so stay tuned.

Thanks for reading, and Merry Christmas! 

Granny Annexe Bedfordshire

Decorating Your Granny Annexe at Christmas

What does one of our Granny Annexes look like at Christmas?

One of our customers has decorated their annexe and they even have room for a tree, so we’d thought we’d share a few pictures with you:

Decorate Your Granny Annexe at Christmas - case study - living area

You can see a Christmas tree easily fits in a Granny Annexe

Decorate Your Granny Annexe at Christmas - case study - living area

Red is a lovely warming festive colour

The full case study will be uploaded soon, so do keep posted.

Need more tips for decorating your Granny Annexe at Christmas?

We’ve come up with the following tips to help you make to most of decorating your Granny Annexe at Christmas:

  1. Use throws over the sofa and chairs to make an impact. You can take them off in the New Year or when you come to spring clean – a great temporary boost of colour!
  2. You can complement your throw with cushions of various colours. If each cushion has picks up a colour that’s in the throw, then it all ties together very nicely.
  3. Use the height in your annexe. You may need assistance to put up Christmas decorations above a certain height however by making use of the height, it gives you more surface space for other things.
  4. Have a tree. Some people do have the misconception that granny annexes are too small to have a tree however a modest tree can easily fit into a granny annexe, as shown above. Placing your tree on a table or stand makes it easier to decorate as you don’t have to bend down so much to put the baubles on!
  5. If you like plants then a Poinsettia is a must. Do be careful not to place them near areas which are too hot or too cold as this will kill the plant. This ‘goldilocks’ plant likes to be kept out of draughts too and do remember to wrap the plant up before taking from the shop to your home. For further information on how to care for your poinsettia, view this article from the Telegraph.

Need some inspiration for decorating your Granny Annexe?

Take a look at the following home articles:

  1. Homemade Christmas Ideas
  2. 88 Country Christmas Decorations – from Country Living Magazine
  3. Christmas Decorating Ideas – from Martha Stewart
  4. Christmas Ideas – from House to Home


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