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5 ways to make a garden annexe cosy in winter

With winter now in full swing, we thought it would be a great idea to share some of the ways that an annexe can be transformed in winter to make a cosy and welcoming Christmas hideaway.

Sometimes people ask how warm an annexe can truly be in the middle of winter. The answer is as warm as any highly insulated home. All the annexes we build are made from structurally insulated panels, which means they have very good thermal insulation, and can be heated relatively cheaply compared to a larger home, or an annexe built from just insulated timber frames.

But feeling nice and warm is not the only way to feel cosy, so below are a number of ways that it is possible to cheer up any annexe home and help create that Christmas feel.



1. Install a log effect electric fire

Log burners are very popular editions to homes and have seen a huge surge in recent years. Real log burners can even be installed in a granny annexe and we offer the installation of them as an optional extra. But if you want to create a similar look without the mess and expense then an electric log effect can be a great alternative. Electric log fires can be bought for anything between £50 – £500 and come in a variety of shapes and sizes, adding an instant hit of festive cheer to any living room.

Granny Annexe Bedfordshire

2. Decorate your annexe with warm festive colours

Choice of colour can have a dramatic effect on the feeling of warmth in your annexe, with festive colours such as reds and greens helping to provide a friendly and comfy feeling, even in the dead of winter. If you don’t have red furniture but want that festive cheer, then a brightly coloured throw can be bought to add a transformative splash of colour. Spending Christmas in any new home is always a special occasion, and we delighted when one of our customers sent us the picture above showing her beautifully decorated annexe complete with Christmas tree, holly and tinsel.

Granny Annexe Bedfordshire

3. Cushions, rugs and accessories

Another way to inject some colour is to invest in some colourful cushions. Chosen to complement the colour of Christmas, a variety of bright cushions can add a dash of merriment, lots of retailers specialise now in a great range of cushions, or for that extra festive feel why not go for Christmas themed cushions.


4. Plants, trees and the outdoors, indoors

Some pot plants are perfect for adding Christmas cheer, one of the most obvious plants is the Poinsettia, otherwise known as the Christmas Flower. With its bold green and red foliage, it’s extremely popular over winter, but don’t throw away the plant when it starts to fade, with a bit of TLC, Poinsettias can be kept all year and will re-flower, just in time for Christmas again.

Of course, no Christmas annexe would be complete without a Christmas tree. Often our annexes have pitched roofs with vaulted ceilings, this means that you gain a bit of extra headroom, perfect for installing a nice sized tree. Other firm festive favourites are holly wreaths. These are possible to buy in the shops, but if you are into arts and crafts then why not have a go and make one yourself? With an old wire coat hanger, some garden twine, red ribbons and some holly from the garden you can create an amazing wreath that can hang on the door or be a centrepiece in your living room. For a more unusual plant decoration then you can create some great effects with a rattle can of silver or gold spray paint and some branches from the garden, placed in a nice vase this can add a brilliant twist to the normal plant decorations in your granny annexe.


5. Potpourri

Christmas cheer is not all about colour, smells are also an important part of what makes this time of year special. Making your own potpourri could not be easier and only requires a few simple ingredients such as dried orange slices, pine cones, whole cinnamon stick and star anise. Just place on racks in the oven and dry for 3 hours at 140°C, until nice and dry, but not burnt! Placed in a decorative bowl, not only will these fill a room with the comforting smell of Christmas but also look fantastic and add to the homely feeling in your annexe.


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Granny Annexe case study – See one of our completed buildings built for a customer in Kent.

As always we are very happy to show off our completed projects. This large 9 x 5-meter annexe built in Kent showcases some of the fine attention to detail we install in all our annexes. Our customers in Kent were delighted with their new home and proud to show it off.

When writing to us, our customers declared that the building would be a ‘wonderful addition’ to their family. Due to health reasons, climbing stairs was becoming more difficult so the advantages of single-storey living were obvious.

They also wanted to have the added comfort and security of having their son and his family close by as they grew older, while retaining their independence as a couple and allowing space for both groups of the family.


Moore floorplan


Being a rectangular shape, space in the building is maximised, with plenty of room for a separate living room, kitchen area, bathroom with walk-in shower, study and double bedroom. Double French doors open up on the garden, giving a wonderful view from which to enjoy the garden and watch the grandchildren play.



moore exterior


Traditional cream render was used for the exterior, well complemented by wooden effect casement windows. We look forward to updating the photos once the garden is landscaped to show how well the annexe will sit in its location.


moore kitchen 2


This building being one of our larger projects was able to comfortably fit a separated kitchen area from the main living space, while still offering a sense of open plan living through its clever design. The kitchen received an AEG ceramic hob and multi-function over. Stylish white units give a contemporary feel, set off by the black granite style worktops. Oak laminate flooring throughout adds to the feeling of luxury.


moore toilet


In our eyes, this is one of our favourite bathrooms we have created. Modern sleek grey tiles work fantastically with the black and white units, ample proportions allow for a large walk-in shower with plenty of storage options.


moore bathroom


The living space was created with a focus on creating a feeling of space and providing plenty of light. In order to provide this, dual aspect windows were installed and a Velux skylight above the kitchen. Large double French doors provide easy access in and out of the annexe, whilst also allowing for further extended views.


moore living room


Here, although unfurnished, you can get a sense of how well the living area works as a space, with plenty of light and ample room, yet still retaining a comfortable feel. This will be further enhanced by the customer’s decision to install an optional log burner, perfect for cosy winter evenings with their family.


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granny annexe brochure



Granny Annexe case study – See one of our completed projects built for a customer in Essex

At Granny Annexe we are always very proud to show off any new projects we have recently completed. This fabulous property, built for a customer in Essex is one we are delighted with and showcases some of the design options and fittings we can offer.

The customer contacted us as they were committed to building a home for their elderly mother. This was seen as the best alternative to a retirement village, allowing for care to be provided from home, while still offering independence and dignity.

This size of the building allows for a spacious and comfortable layout and is one of our most popular designs. With an L-shaped footprint and 8.00m x 4.75m there was plenty of space for a large double bedroom, open plan living room and bathroom with a capacious walk-in shower. Another priority of this building was to provide a  comfortable home that is all on one floor to help make moving between rooms as easy as possible. This is one reason why annexes are so perfect as accommodation for elderly relatives, who might have previously been struggling in a house with stairs, or who have relinquished the use of upstairs altogether.


lowe floor plan


This new home benefited from a number of design options that have helped to create an airy and light building for its new owners. Large French doors allow for easy access to the main living area and also provide plenty of light and a great view of the garden. As mobility is an important consideration, it is possible at a later date to add a ramp to the steps leading up to the entrance.


timber clad annexe


We can offer a number of exterior finishes to the homes that we build, giving our customers great control over how the building will look. Timber cladding is a practical and increasingly popular option and really suits the style of this type of building. Black cladding can be popular in many parts of England, with black-clad timber barns a common site in the east of England, so this helped to create a new building that sympathetically suited its local environment.




Granny Annexe are also available to provide a range of optional landscaping services, including decking areas, patios and general landscaping. This all adds to the usability of your annexe allowing you to enjoy the garden and annexe from day one. We will be able to advise you on the best way to maximize the use of your annexe and garden and discuss how landscaping can help you to create the perfect annexe surroundings.


lowe render


However, we don’t just build the skin of your building and leave you to do the rest. We provide a complete turnkey service including all decorating, fittings and fixtures and of course, a beautiful kitchen. All of our kitchens come with quality appliances from AEG, including ceramic hob & splash back, multifunction oven and integrated fridge and dishwasher. It is possible to choose from a range of kitchen doors and worktops, sinks and lighting. We can help you every step of the way to design your perfect kitchen.



Lowe kitchen 2

Flooring options are also possible, here our customer chose laminate oak wood flooring which gives a modern and luxurious feel to the kitchen, white kitchen units add to the prestige feel, creating a kitchen space anyone would be proud of.


Lowe view bathroom


Our buildings provide a great deal of convenience for our customers, en-suite bathrooms with walk-in showers are a popular option, providing great comfort, stylish design and easy access. Different tiling options are available, the above photo illustrates our standard white tiles adding a light and contemporary feel.


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Are Granny Annexes an answer to the care crisis?

Can the answer to the elderly care crisis be a granny annexe in the garden? A growing number of people believe it is with the numbers being built surging in the last few years.

  • Increase in families choosing an annexe over more expensive care home options
  • The number of annexes built in UK has increased by 50% in last 4 years
  • Research shows life quality is much improved when families stay close together

granny annexe cottage in garden

When we look back at many of our past projects one of the key requirements for building a granny annexe in the garden is to provide an independent living solution that also allows for the added security of having family close by. Families can provide help if necessary and can also benefit from the extra support from grandparents for babysitting etc. When we build a home in the garden, we always pay close attention to the requirements of the whole family and take great strides in order to get everything just right.

Kitchen Lounge granny annexe

David and Jen, who we built a property for in Perthshire, were kind enough to take part in a short interview to talk about the reasons they decided to move into their new home. Having moved from South Africa, they found that they were spending a lot of their time looking after their grandchildren at their daughter’s house, while still living at their flat. For them, it made a great deal of sense to pool together their resources and move into an annexe so they could be close to family and spend more time together.

For David and Jen, their new home is a dream come true, its light, airy,  clean and perfect for their needs. It has changed their lives in a number of ways. Being so close to their grandchildren means that they now see each other a lot more, their other children are also able to visit more often, and David and Jen no longer need to travel long distances each week. They chose a traditional white render for their building and large folding doors to provide ample light and to give them a great view of their garden to enjoy watching the grandchildren play.

Granny Annexe, Basildon

The desire to keep hold of an independent style of living and the ever-increasing cost of care homes means that annexes have become a very popular option for families. Many families have turned to them as an alternative to care home costs. Not only are they relatively low cost to construct, but they also add extra value to the home whose garden they are built in.  They are thought to add at least 10% to the value of the main house. Also, they needn’t just be for the elderly, many of our buildings are now being built for the younger generation who might not be able to afford their own place or built as extra accommodation, possibly for Airbnb rental, au-pairs, or just as a spare room. This variation of use indicates why they are a top-selling feature for many new homebuyers.

Luton Exterior

How to care for a rapidly ageing population is one of the most pressing issues that our country faces and maximizing the use of people’s gardens to help support and care for elderly relatives is an idea that is really catching on. Of course in some circumstances moving to a care home might become a necessity, but the majority of elderly people wish to maintain their independence for as long as possible.

The cost of building an annexe is relatively lower than a lot of other building work. This is due, in part, to the fact that land is already obtained and the methods used for construction. We use SIP panels, which mean they are structurally very strong and insulated, while also being fast to erect and lower cost than brick building methods.

granny annexe with kitchen

At Granny Annexe we pride ourselves on the fact that we are able to create a bespoke solution for our customer’s needs. We build properties that are a number of sizes, looks and layouts, as all our customers have their own unique requirements. This recently constructed building in Surrey shows how our designs vary, with a more modern cedar cladding and grey framed windows, it provides a chic and comfortable home for its new owner. With an external area of 51.96m2 there is plenty of space and large folding doors bring in plenty of light.

Whatever your requirements we are always here to discuss your ideas and to help you with your decision. With over 10 years experience building for our customers are very happy to answer any questions you might have. We hope that we can help provide a solution to your families housing needs, and bring your family closer together.

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How to increase your living space by constructing a garden annexe

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granny annexe brochure

Living space in our homes is currently at breaking point. Many families would like to move up the property ladder and buy a larger home, but with the cost of housing soaring, that is not always a possibility. Sometimes circumstances mean that a family needs to find extra space, whether they can afford to or not.

A knock on effect of current house prices is that the younger generation might not be able to afford a deposit and get their foot on the first rung of the property ladder, or elderly parents might not have enough equity in their own property to afford to downsize.

That is when building an annexe in the garden might be an affordable solution to help with the increase in demand for family living space. Whether for the older or the younger generation, a garden building can provide an ideal mix of proximity to the main family home, combined with an element of independence that helps to make multigenerational living a success.


major 3

What is an Annexe?

By definition, it is a separate building designed for living in that is associated with the main building. It, therefore, offers an element of independent living, while retaining a close link to the family home. This creates the perfect elements for multi-generational living, where a combination of independence and security are sought after.

Is planning permission required?

You generally need planning permission for any habitable building, whereas for a summerhouse, garden office or gym it might not be necessary. Simply put, if it is going to be slept in it will probably require planning permission. Before choosing your design it is wise to consider the local environment, whether or not you live in a conservation area and if your building is listed. These factors might affect the style of annexe you are allowed to build. All of these factors are worth considering and something that we would be very happy to assist you with and discuss in more detail.

Case study

Major 1

We recently constructed this fabulous building in Basildon. with an external area of 8m x 5m and a pitched roof, it is one of our larger annexes, in the Arran range.

Bright, airy and spacious

A common request we receive when designing a new building for our customers is that they would like to create a light and airy space to live in. Our annexes always fit this bill. With the use of a pitched roof, Velux skylights bring in light from above and help to further enhance the feeling of space. Bi-folding or French doors are also a popular choice meaning that light floods into the main living area. In summer the doors can be thrown open so that the garden is enjoyed to it’s fullest. A variety of window styles are possible, with a choice of frames in different colours in order to create your perfect look.

Cottage appeal

Our cottage style ‘Islay’  is our most popular design. Often our customers are looking for a traditional finish to their home with white render and brick quoins. This design looks at home in an English country garden and sets our buildings apart from some of the other products on the market. We also offer more contemporary and modern options, such as cedar cladding, or white render with dark grey door and window frames. We are always happy to discuss your design and find the perfect look to meet your requirements. Other features that can add to the look and usability of your building include a decked terraced area. This is a great way to connect the building with the garden and allow you to enjoy the garden and annexe even more.

cottage white render imagejpg

Fittings and fixtures

We will build and decorate your home so that it is ready to move into once we hand you the keys. Our team of professional tradesmen will fit your kitchen, install the bathroom and install all the electrics. We will discuss with you where you want each fitting so that it is perfect for when you move in. The prices of our annexes are all-inclusive, including, foundations, drainage, all kitchen fittings, a walk in shower or bath, bathroom fittings, electrical points, wiring and plumbing.

Wilson Images_6

Warm and cosy

Your comfort is our priority. That is why we use the best thermally insulating building methods to create a warm, weather tight and insulated building that is affordable to heat in the winter. In order to do this, we use Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPs) for the construction of your building. Our SIPs have a great insulation rating, falling well within UK Government limits. Our U-values are within the upper limits, contributing to the energy efficiency of the building. This also means that our buildings are quick to construct allowing for a build time of 5-7 weeks.

Luton Exterior

Turnkey service

When we build a project for our customers we take care of everything, from design to building and decorating, installing the kitchen and bathroom and handing you the keys, we have it covered. Of course, your input is very important to us and we always consult you throughout the process, but you can relax in the certainty that everything is being managed for you. Our team of professional craftsmen take great pride in the high standards of finish we guarantee for our customers, with beautifully laid laminate or engineered wooden floors, plastered and painted walls, electrical fittings and skirtings, our service is always completed to the best industry standards.

Granny annexe Flat Roof Interior

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A tour of our brochure. How to get started with your new Granny Annexe.

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granny annexe brochure

Often the first step our customers take when having a new annexe built is to request a free brochure, either in PDF or print form.

Our brochure offers our customers the chance to get a good feeling for the process that is involved in creating their new home.


It is possible to download a PDF version of our brochure from here.

Download PDF Brochure


Or if you prefer you may request a print version and have the brochure sent directly to your door.

Request brochure by post


What is included in our brochure?

We describe to you how we build our annexes for our customers, first and foremost our aim is to build a home that is perfect for your requirements. To do this we offer all our customers a free (subject to location) site survey.

During the site survey, we can advise you on which building would work best for you. We can also discuss options such as cladding, window frames, the size of your building, access, bathrooms and kitchen options, to name a few.

We also offer our customers a number of optional upgrades, including ramps, rails, shower wet rooms and engineered oak floors.

After we have conducted a site survey – we will produce initial designs, including an exterior 3D visual so that you can picture how the building will look. A floor plan and garden aspect plan, so you can see where everything will go and an itemised quotation, so you can see the exact price of your new granny annexe.

When you book a site survey you can take advantage of our free design and quotation service.




What happens next?

You will have 3 opportunities to amend your quote free of change and will also have the option to visit one of our recently completed Granny Annexes.

Once you are happy to continue, building work can start, with a typical build time lasting 5 – 7 weeks.

Week 1 – 2

Heavy work begins. This includes all the groundwork, installing the foundations and drainage to the base of your annexe.

Week 3 – 4

The building shell is constructed. During this process, we will undertake the initial electrics and plumbing and then complete the plastering.

Week 5

We add the core elements of your interior, transforming it into your new home. Kitchens are fitted, flooring is laid throughout and the skirting boards are installed by our carpenters.

Week 7

Final decorations are completed, your new annexe is cleaned top to bottom and you are handed the keys to your new home.

At the end of every build your new property is inspected by government approved building inspectors and for your peace of mind, we are also able to offer a 10-year insurance backed guarantee.

cottage white render imagejpg

While it is still fresh in your mind, book a no obligation site survey.

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Granny Annexe Inspiration. 9 great styles to suit any garden.

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With over 10 years experience building garden buildings in the UK we have a wealth of inspiration for construction ideas. Together with our customers we have designed and built some wonderful projects which we are delighted to share with you, and possibly inspire you to build your new annexe.

Spring/Summer is the perfect time for building, as the weather allows us to make great progress. A typical build time is 5 – 7 weeks, which means you could be enjoying the delights of your new property much sooner than you might think.

Our buildings can come in many different shapes and sizes, with vaulted roofs, or flat roofs, wood cladding or traditional render, bi-fold windows or French doors, the options allow for a great range of different designs.

Weaver Granny Annexe Exterior 2

This 1 bedroom property built with traditional white render and brick cornerstones is one of our most popular designs. The L-shape layout allows for a spacious feel, with a lounge, fitted kitchen and an ensuite bathroom with a double shower. What stands out most about this beautiful property is the amount of light and airiness achieved in each room, despite it being one of our smaller builds.

granny annexe lounge

The owner of ‘Weaver Annexe’ has decorated it with white walls, accented with colourful furniture. This works great and gives the living room a spacious feel but still retains a cosy atmosphere.


cottage white render imagejpg

This bigger property shows what can be achieved with a similar layout but slightly larger folding doors. Lighter window frames can add to the feeling of spaciousness.



Here is another L-shaped building, but with a different orientation. This design is perfect for when the garden is more narrow, but still provides a roomy feel. A slightly raised position has also allowed for a stunning decked terrace that overlooks the garden. Great for spending a sunny afternoon relaxing, or the perfect spot for a BBQ.

cottage white renderjpg

This very spacious 66m2 home in Cambridgeshire has a double bedroom, with a large bathroom and roomy dining room and lounge area. The large decking area can be reached via a ramp for easy access, perfect for enjoying the sun on a warm day. Velux skylights have been added to the roof to bring in further light, complimenting the large French doors.

A traditional feel has been created with the white render and light oak PVCu doors and windows. The price of the build also included groundwork and the removal of some tree stumps, as well as all electrics and plumbing.


natural cedarjpg

Red cedar cladding is a popular option for many of our customers and it creates a clean contemporary feel to the exterior. Not all of our buildings are destined for the older generation, this stunning home was built for a daughter who wanted to live independently, but elude the high costs of buying a flat on her own. As a budding artist, the annexe was built with light and space a priority. To facilitate this we created a pitched roof, with ample glazing and floor to ceiling windows. Dark grey window frames added to the modern feel, to create a stylish and chic living space.

annexe bedroom

An artistic touch sets off this stunning bedroom perfectly with white walls and colourful furnishings.


tiree render and brickjpg

Sometimes a building just looks perfect in its surroundings. This long 1 bedroom ‘Arran’ compliments it’s beautiful garden, both are a real asset to the owners and shows how well our buildings can fit into a garden.


vaulted cedarjpg

Vaulted ceilings can be used to great effect for bringing in light, especially when the gable end is glazed to the ceiling. This fantastic home built in South London is incredibly bright and airy, a real retreat from the hurly-burly of London. At 45m2, ample space is allowed for a modern open plan kitchen/lounge, double bedroom and walk-in cupboard and bathroom.


A feeling of space was high on this customer’s wish-list and this is provided in spades with the use of floor to ceiling windows. A modern white kitchen compliments the rest of the decor.



Flat roofs can also be a popular choice for some of our customers. Modern materials mean that the old days of a leaking flat roof are gone, just enjoy a warm, comfortable and well-insulated building. Flat roofs are increasingly popular for those after a more contemporary look, especially when paired with cedar cladding and dark grey window frames. This home features an especially large single pane of high performing insulated glass, perfect for making the most of your garden and for bringing ample light into the living space.


islay render and brick frontjpg

This new home was perfectly formed to meet the requirements of our customer. Our ever-popular ‘Islay’ includes a lounge/kitchen area, 1 bedroom and a fitted bathroom with an external area of around 34m2. This can help offer a traditional look and feel, with white render and brickwork, while still allowing light to flood in with its wide French doors and glazing. A small decking area means that a coffee can be enjoyed on the terrace overlooking the garden.


While it is still fresh in your mind, book a no obligation site survey.

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First the granny annexe, then the graddy annexe!

Many people in their retirement see building a granny annexe as a great way to release equity and to move somewhere more manageable, without the soaring costs of moving home and downsizing into a flat or bungalow.

graddy annexe

These buildings can be a great way to create extra space, making use of a patch of garden and turning it into somewhere fantastic to live.

But increasingly it is not just the older generation who are turning to annexe living as a solution to their housing needs. According to the NUS over half of all students who paid full tuition fees in 2015 are back living with their parents.

The number of houses with a separate dwelling has jumped by a third since 2015. This increase can be put down to the various benefits they can bring to a property and the increase in value from increasing a property’s living space.

graddy annex interior

The benefits that older generations enjoy from annexe living are equally advantageous to boomerang children returning from university. The attraction of living close to home with the possibility to save money for a mortgage has lead to the granny annexe morphing into the so-called ‘graddy annexe’. There has been a reported 20% growth in people inquiring about these sorts of buildings for the younger generation and this number is set to rise as younger people find it more difficult to afford a deposit.

In 2018 a typical 1 bedroom flat in London can be as much as £500,000, a staggering amount that most recent graduates would not be able to afford for many years, especially if already lumbered with student loans. A one bedroom garden building can be built from £50,162 including bathroom, open plan living room and kitchen/dinner. Once graduates finally leave the comforts of home the garden building is often recommissioned as a guest room, garden office, music studio, or an annexe for the older generation.

graddy annex planning

Due to a huge growth in property prices in the south of England, many ‘graddy annexes’ are being built in southern areas such as London, Surrey and the home counties. Building these type of properties can be seen as an investment from both parties involved, allowing the younger generation to save for a deposit while allowing the property owner to add extra value to their home. These buildings also allow for a level of independence that is welcome for both parties, they have their own access to the property and do not get under each other’s feet, but it’s still pleasant to be close for family occasions.

When deciding to build an annexe in the garden it is important to think how the building will be used in the future. When designing a home for a younger family member it is wise to consider how the property will be used after they have left, and who might be the next inhabitants.

A garden home is a great way to keep families together and offers an excellent solution to the increasingly tricky housing market, be it for the older generation downsizing or the younger generation saving for a deposit.

At we are always happy to discuss whatever ideas you have for your new project, just drop us a call free on 0800 334 5774 and we can talk you through the options available.

While it is still fresh in your mind, book a no obligation site survey.

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Why a Granny Annexe could be a great option for you and your family.

A brand new home in your garden could open space that was before barely used. For the fraction of the price of a similar sized flat, you could have a spacious one or two bedroom annexe, built and decorated within 5-7 weeks.

Choosing your new granny annexe design is an exciting process and one that comes with many possibilities.

When thinking about building a property in the garden, it is important to sit down with your family and discuss what are your main criteria. How much space will you need? How large is your garden? How will your new building work in its surroundings?

We offer a range of solutions to meet our customer’s needs. Each new annexe we build is unique and designed to complement perfectly our customer’s requirements and the surrounding area it is built.

One of our most popular designs ‘Islay‘ offers great scope for building a home that suits the needs of our clientele.

granny annex planning

The Islay can be traditional in appearance with brick built cornerstones and clean rendered walls, this is a look that has proven very popular as it meets the criteria of many of our customers. It suits the surroundings of most gardens and can be designed to match the look of the main house. The Islay offers plenty of room, with a separate bedroom, bathroom and kitchen dinner/living room. The cost of the Islay starts from £72,475.08 including VAT.



For some of our customers building a garden home is a chance to design something more modern, new trends mean that options such as red cedar cladding are increasingly popular. Cladding performs well in all weather and will provide great protection for your building. It also creates a more modern look, especially when paired with darker grey window frames and doors.


Granny Annexe Cambridge

This building pictured above we built for our customer also makes the most of its surroundings through the use of its extra wide windows and bi-folding doors. A beautiful garden can be appreciated from inside this property all year round. It’s amazing the difference that large windows can make to the sense of light and space, adding to the more modern design.


How much does a granny annexe cost?

With house prices now 7.6 times higher than the average annual salary (double the amount compared with 20 years ago) multigenerational living is becoming hugely popular. It offers an alternative to downsizing, that is both less risky in the current economic climate and will certainly increase the value of any home. Our buildings are thought to add more value to the property than the cost of building the annexe, with many people searching for houses with additional living space.

Our garden homes start from as little as £55,162.85, built & decorated with kitchen, bathroom & lounge-diner. The average cost of just moving house in 2017 was £8451.49 add to this the average UK property price of £218,225, then it is apparent the massive savings that can be made.

Many of our most impressive annexes have been custom builds that were designed to meet unique requirements, we love to hear your ideas and turn them into reality.

Customising the look of your new home might also be needed to meet planning regulations, some conservation areas will require a certain type of window, cladding, tile or finish to be used, which is something to consider carefully in the design process.

Care home costs vs a granny annexe

Another consideration for some families is the cost of care homes compared to the option of building a garden home. Care home costs are extremely high in England. With current laws, the cutoff point for when people are responsible for paying for their care home charges is £23,250. If your income or capital is above this figure then it could be likely that you will pay for your care home costs. Weekly cost of care homes can vary and currently range from £250 per week to well over £1000. A 20% premium can be added when nursing care is needed.

The location will also have an effect, with care homes in the South East of England costing typically more. For a more in-depth analysis of care home costs try visiting a specialist website such as

When nursing care is less of a consideration then many people prefer the option of keeping the family closer together. A granny annexe can provide a great solution to soaring care home costs. Families like the idea that a level of independence is maintained, while still offering assistance closeby if necessary. Also, grandparents get to share in family life, often providing some level of childcare for grandchildren, often creating a win-win situation for many families.

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Unlike many garden home builders, we have years of experience behind us. Our objective is to provide a perfect solution for your family and we are willing to go the extra mile to do so. We offer a free (postcode specific) no-obligation site survey at your home. During this process, we can talk to you about your requirements in detail and assess how suitable your garden will be for different designs. We also provide a full planning service to deal with any planning permission or building regulation questions.

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5 great ways to make the most of your garden and annexe in spring.

When we build a property in one of our customer’s gardens we are always aware of how important it is that the two work perfectly together. A granny annexe is more than just a building, it becomes an integral part of the garden and therefore they are designed to work in perfect union. Upon doing a site survey one of the first things we do is to look at the environment in which the building will sit and then plan a design that will complement its surroundings.

Granny Annexe

Now the weather is starting to hot up let’s look at some of the great ways you can enjoy the garden and your new building!

  • 1. Bring the garden inside.

Now with modern glazing and window options, it is easier than ever to bring a sense of light and outdoor space into your home. With double and triple glazed options, doors and windows can be very large, with bi-folding and French doors ever popular. What could be better on a warm spring day than throwing open the doors and enjoying the garden?

bi-folding doors in garden annexe

  • 2. Furniture that can be used to transform your outdoor space.

Outdoor furniture comes in all shapes and sizes, from loungers to hammocks to swinging chairs, there are plenty of options to make your garden a comfy and relaxing space to be. Garden furniture can be designed to fit in with your garden home design, perhaps matching the cladding or other design features.

A hammock can be a great way to add a fun and useful lounging option for when all you want to do is lie back and relax with a cool drink. Hammocks are increasingly becoming a popular option and can be utilized indoors when the weather is bad.

Hammock hung in granny annexe

  • 3. Outdoor / indoor cooking.

Cooking outdoors on a bbq is always a great way to make the most out of a hot day and modern BBQs don’t have to be a messy experience, these days gas BBQs offer a cleaner and safer alternative to BBQing on charcoal. Having a garden annexe with great connection to the outdoors and a terrace, decking or patio area can help you make the most of cooking outside. Another option if you want a taste of the Mediterranean is building or buying an outdoor pizza oven. Delight your family with home cooked pizza and your annexe will be the hub of every social occasion.

annexe decking area

  • 4. Lawn or landscape?

A lawn can be a real treat when the weather is hotter, but sometimes it can be a lot of hard work to keep a lawn looking good and mowed regularly. Other options are available, gardens can still look great with stone slabs, meandering paths, great use of foliage and pot plants and tasteful garden ornaments. If a lawn is a must for you but you don’t want the task of maintaining it, why not try an artificial lawn. They have come a long way from the bright green eyesores of old, and now are hard to distinguish from the real thing.

Granny annexe interior

  • 5. Clever planting

Planting can have a great effect on your garden. Clever planting can connect an indoor space to the outdoors through drawing the eye into the garden. Be careful if you have a small garden not to plant something that dominates the area, smaller pot plants can be arranged to create interesting zones while some pot plants can be positioned nearer the annexe bringing greenery into your indoor space and connecting the two.

Granny Annexe


While it is still fresh in your mind, book a no obligation site survey.

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