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Happy New Year from Granny Annexe

Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018!

As 2017 comes to a close we would like to look back at the year. It has been an exciting year for us here at Granny Annexe. Since introducing our new and improved annexes in late 2016, we have been able to build these new designs. These new designs have allowed us to create spacious and bright annexes with all the amenities. They have given our customers a better quality of life, by providing them with a beautiful new home, right in the heart of the family.

Early on in the year, one of our projects came to a close. A stunning cedar clad annexe very closely resembling our Lomond design, with some subtle changes made by the customer. The annexe featured on ITV’s The Home Game. The family expressed joy with their new Granny Annexe, a home that was not only a visually appealing addition to the garden, a relaxing, bright and airy space with modern kitchen/diner, wet room and bedroom.  Granny Annexe offers a variety of choices and options with our annexes so customers can give their annexes personal touches, including options for the flooring, feature walls, kitchen & bathroom styles, exterior finishing etc. The annexe featured on the show came 2nd in the competition. The 4 families featured had made changes to their homes and the prize was awarded to whoever had increased their home value the most. We are proud to say that the annexe had added its value and more to the property. Read more here.

Since we started building Granny Annexes we have received many inquires and questions from our customers one of those being “do you offer any finance options for the annexes?” Prior to 2017 we have not been able to, but, we have teamed up with Pegasus and now we can offer finance options for our products, just head on over to our blog post here to see more.

Granny Annexe Interior

Now onto something we are very pleased with and that is our 94% customer satisfaction award, awarded to us by the IWA who we work with to provide our customers with an insurance backed guarantee, giving you peace of mind should anything occur. We are only happy when we have done a good job and when our customers are happy, this award is a good sign that we have been doing that.


We hope that you have all had a wonderful Christmas, and would like to wish you a happy new year filled with joy and success.

Kind regards,

The Granny Annexe Team

Christmas Dinner

Its Christmas! (almost)

Christmas is a time of year for the whole family to get together and enjoy the company of close and extended family, some great food and maybe a little tipple too. If you have been considering the purchase of a Granny Annexe, there is no better time than now to discuss the idea of a lovely new Granny Annexe home with the family.

Christmas Dinner

For years now, we have been helping many families come together with the addition of warm, cosy, functional and beautiful new annexes to their family property. These annexes allow families to move their loved ones, young and old, closer to the family unit helping them feel more secure, together, and happy, whilst assisting in retaining a substantial level of independence. We cannot argue about the difficulty that comes with moving out from a beloved home but we can provide a perfect new home that fits your needs and requirements. Granny Annexe provides a variety of choices for a new Granny Annexe home and the option of a bespoke project. Please see our prices page to see our range of annexes and click the images for more information and an exact description of what is included. Visit our case studies page to see some completed projects, where we also have video walkthroughs and some interviews with some of our happy customers.

There are many benefits of moving closer to the family unit some of those being, having more time to spend with family, building stronger bonds and increasing social activity. It also means that there is always someone close by in case of emergency, with the added benefit of having your own space, meaning that you won’t feel like you are living on top of each other.

We are able to provide a quick build time, from when the spade hits the ground to the last coat of paint, this can all be completed within a couple of months, meaning little disruption at your property.

If you are interested in our products please give us a call, alternatively, you can request or download a brochure from our website simply by filling in a few details. Click through here to download and here to request by post.


Financing a Granny Annexe

*Click on the images below to visit the Pegasus finance page.

Many families in the UK are finding themselves in the position of caring for ageing parents or dependent family members and this is on the rise due to an ageing population. There are various avenues to explore when it comes to caring for loved ones, and many of these results in a loss of independence. At Granny Annexe we are able to offer an alternative solution which enables them to both retain a high level of independence as well as staying close to the family.

The average cost of a residential care home reaches into the realms of £120k (based on a two-and-a-half year stay). That’s a fairly high price tag that few can afford. 

A Granny Annexe provides a new home for a family member and an investment for your property. Many of our customers will consider selling their current property to fund a Granny Annexe project at a family member’s home, often leaving them with funds for their future financial security and enjoyment. Our annexes range from £55,000 – £100,000 upwards and often add significant value to the property. 

Granny Annexe Interior

For those without the option of selling a property, we have now teamed up with Pegasus to be able to provide our customers with an option for financing their projects. By using our advertised pricing or, if you have already arranged a site visit and received a quotation. You can enter the overall cost on the Pegasus website and it will calculate your monthly repayments this will vary dependent on the cost of the annexe and the duration of the loan you require.

The wonderful thing about a Granny Annexe is that it allows families to remain close and be actively involved in day to day life. As an added benefit it provides a great investment for your property. An independent property surveyor reviewed one of our projects during the TV show ‘The Home Game’ where they assessed the new annexe and it added its value back plus an extra £10,000 – £20,000 increase. 

Annexe Finance

Granny Annexe Olympics


I am sure there is no need to explain what the Olympics is but just to make sure, its one of the leading international sporting events where top athletes from all around the world amaze us by pitting themselves against each other and reaching levels of fitness or technical ability that takes years of training to accomplish. Something we love about these massive sporting events is that it inspires us to get up, get out of the house and start doing some exercise.

Share your Olympic inspired photos with us for a chance to win £200!

We want to inspire you to get up and do a little sport, or at least pretend, Granny Annexe is offering a £200 for the photo that inspires us the most.

How to enter:

What you need to do is like our page and send in a photograph, the photo needs to be related to the Olympic games (please don’t include the Olympic rings in your photo), we have a few tips below of what you could send in.

  • Athletes like to pose when they have won a medal, we are all aware of Mo Farah and his M pose, or Usain Bolt and his pointing. Get the family in their sporting gear and pose like Bolt.
  • Re-enact an Olympic final, get the family in the garden, some tape and that famous sprinters lean over the finish line.
  • Get out to the track, has the Olympics inspired you to get out and take up a sport if so a photo of you enjoying your new found sport.
  • The photo you send in doesn’t need to be taken right now, you could send in a photo of your sporting achievements from time gone by, if you can provide some history to the image that would be preferable.

You can send us a picture through our social media channels, this includes facebook, twitter, Instagram or by email to

How the Winner Will be Picked

To find the winner, all of the Olympic inspired images you send in will be posted to our Facebook in a gallery, likes or shares will contribute substantially towards winning the prize so get liking and sharing, they will then be assessed and a winner will be decided by the Granny Annexe team by vote.

Read Our Terms for the £200 Prize Draw

Please note, all entries (photos) must be submitted by 9am Monday 22th August for you to be in with a chance of winning £200. Any entries (photos) submitted after this time will not be eligible to be entered into the draw to win £200, however we will retain the right to use the photos for marketing purposes. We will use all entries (photos) for marketing purposes.

To enter your photos via email, simply send it as an attachment to with the email subject line ‘Competition Entry’ and state your preferred method of contact and contact details.

To enter via social media, please enter via any of the following channels:

Granny Annexe Facebook – post your photo on our page with a small message if you like. We will contact you via the Facebook messaging service if you are the lucky winner!

Granny Annexe Twitter – send your photo to us in a tweet containing ‘@granny_annexe’. We will contact you via twitter if you are the lucky winner!

We will not add you to any mailing lists or share your data with any third parties.

Entries outside the UK will not be accepted into the prize draw for £200. The lucky winner will receive the £200 via email, so we will need a valid email address to send this to. We will not send via post.

Good luck!
We look forward to receiving your entries.

Newport Granny Annexe

What are our annexes built from?

This is no April Fool

Our annexes are not built of brick . . .

Newport Granny Annexe

Newport Granny Annexe exterior – Read the case study here. – SIP panel structure with decorative brick slips & neutral coloured render



Nuneaton Granny Annexe exterior – Read the case study here. – SIP panel structure with decorative brick slips & white render


Granny Annexe Bedfordshire

Bedfordshire Granny Annexe exterior – Read the case study here. – SIP panel structure with decorative white render


So what are our annexes built from?: Structurally Insulated Panels

A Structurally Insulated Panel (SIPs) System, is one of the highest calibre of construction methods available, and certainly the best choice for garden rooms. The build method has distinct advantages over timber frame building systems, and all other log cabin/garden shed construction methods.

Sip Panels annotated - mailchimp

What are the key benefits of SIPs?

  • The building is manufactured off-site and “flat-pack” garden room is delivered ready for quick and efficient construction.
  • Minimal requirement for heating as high insulating properties provide incredibly low U values, down to 0.11w/m2K.

What are SIPs?

SIPs are formed using two sheets of Orientated Strand Board (OSB), sandwiching a rigid core of expanded polystyrene or injected polyurethane. The SIP panel is shown below in a diagram which demonstrates a full cross section of our building, both wall and flooring.


Do SIPs Cost More?

We manufacture all the Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) for our Garden Lodges, Garden Offices and Garden Studios in-house at our factory in Bedfordshire, where they are distributed all over the UK. This allows us to reduce costs and offer premium buildings at unbeatable prices.

Where are SIP panels used?

SIPs are used widely within the construction industry for many types of buildings, and are becoming more popular as people become aware of their distinct advantages.

Building with SIPs offer many environmentally friendly advantages, below are just some of the benefits of SIPS Garden Buildings:

  • According to online reports, structurally insulated panels are 15 times more insulated than concrete.
  • Both OSB and polyurethane materials could be recycled.
  • The materials SIPs are made from are usually free from CFC’s and HCFC’s.
  • SIPs have a o-zone depletion rating of zero.
  • Minimal cold bridging and high insulation rating – keeping you warm in the winter and cooler in the summer months.

See how we build Granny Annexes

Discover our complete turnkey service.

Read more →

Order your Granny Annexe at 2015 prices

It’s the New Year, so like many people, you may be considering family living arrangements and how you can bring your family closer.

If you’re looking to build a Granny Annexe for relatives or even yourself, we have frozen our 2015 prices until 29th January 2016. This means you can order your Granny Annexe and pay the 10% deposit and planning fee before this date to secure it, prior to our price rise in February.

What’s the next step to order your Granny Annexe at 2015 prices?

  1. Site Survey – if you’ve not booked your site survey, you can do this by clicking here where you’ll also find out further information about what’s included in a Granny Annexe site survey.
  2. Your Quote and Drawings – approximately 7-10 days after your site survey, you’ll receive a 3D exterior CAD drawing of your Granny Annexe, an interior floor plan and a garden aspect plan. Once you’ve discussed this with your family and you are happy to proceed, contact us before 29th January 2016 so we can secure your Granny Annexe at 2015 prices.

Any questions?

If you have any questions, do give our friendly office a call on 0800 334 5774 from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday or you can email us at


Granny Annexe Bedfordshire

Decorating Your Granny Annexe at Christmas

What does one of our Granny Annexes look like at Christmas?

One of our customers has decorated their annexe and they even have room for a tree, so we’d thought we’d share a few pictures with you:

Decorate Your Granny Annexe at Christmas - case study - living area

You can see a Christmas tree easily fits in a Granny Annexe

Decorate Your Granny Annexe at Christmas - case study - living area

Red is a lovely warming festive colour

The full case study will be uploaded soon, so do keep posted.

Need more tips for decorating your Granny Annexe at Christmas?

We’ve come up with the following tips to help you make to most of decorating your Granny Annexe at Christmas:

  1. Use throws over the sofa and chairs to make an impact. You can take them off in the New Year or when you come to spring clean – a great temporary boost of colour!
  2. You can complement your throw with cushions of various colours. If each cushion has picks up a colour that’s in the throw, then it all ties together very nicely.
  3. Use the height in your annexe. You may need assistance to put up Christmas decorations above a certain height however by making use of the height, it gives you more surface space for other things.
  4. Have a tree. Some people do have the misconception that granny annexes are too small to have a tree however a modest tree can easily fit into a granny annexe, as shown above. Placing your tree on a table or stand makes it easier to decorate as you don’t have to bend down so much to put the baubles on!
  5. If you like plants then a Poinsettia is a must. Do be careful not to place them near areas which are too hot or too cold as this will kill the plant. This ‘goldilocks’ plant likes to be kept out of draughts too and do remember to wrap the plant up before taking from the shop to your home. For further information on how to care for your poinsettia, view this article from the Telegraph.

Need some inspiration for decorating your Granny Annexe?

Take a look at the following home articles:

  1. Homemade Christmas Ideas
  2. 88 Country Christmas Decorations – from Country Living Magazine
  3. Christmas Decorating Ideas – from Martha Stewart
  4. Christmas Ideas – from House to Home


We Sponsored the Redbourn Junior School Christmas Bazaar

Redbourn Junior School Christmas Bazaar

On 28th November 2015, Redbourn Junior School held their annual Christmas Bazaar to raise funds for the school. This bustling event attracted over 300 parents and pupils. Many families also supported the event by making and baking festive treats.

Our Support

We supported their raffle by supplying a Hotel Chocolat festive family hamper and an Amazon gift card worth £100. Our prize was greatly received by the lucky winner! We also offered ‘Free Site Survey’ vouchers to 50 lucky people and distributed brochures.


Left to Right: Raf our Build Manager presents this lucky lady and her son with our raffle prize of the Hotel Chocolat hamper and Amazon gift card.


More images from the event Redbourn Junior School Christmas Bazaar.






Merry Christmas Everyone
Granny Annexe Team

Discover our Exclusive Festive Offer worth £1,000

Receive an Exclusive Festive Family Hamper from Fortnum & Mason, worth £1,000

with any Granny Annexe ordered before 21st December 2015.

If you want to get your Granny Annexe plans underway and treat your family to a luxury Christmas hamper, then our exclusive festive offer is perfect for you.

This luxury festive hamper is sourced directly from one of the UK’s most prestigious suppliers. You’ll receive The St. James Hamper FREE if you proceed with your Granny Annexe quotation before 21st December 2015.

Please read our full terms and conditions before claiming this offer.


Save up to £2,500 with our FREE Kitchen Upgrade!

Save up to £2,500 with our FREE upgrade to
our Exclusive Kitchen Package

with any Granny Annexe ordered before 30th November 2015.

You can save up to £2,500 with our FREE upgrade to our Exclusive Kitchen Package, which comes in handy if you want to put some money towards Christmas or other home improvements!

Our ‘FREE Kitchen Upgrade’ offer gives you a FREE upgrade from our ‘Standard Fitted Kitchen’ to our ‘Exclusive Kitchen Package’, supplied by Howdens Joinery co.

Your Exclusive Kitchen Package includes:

  • A fully fitted kitchen in ‘U-shape’, ‘L-shape’ or ‘Galley’ layout
  • Lamona integral appliances with a 2-year manufacturers guarantee
  • Tewksbury range solid oak kitchen unit doors
  • Kitchen unit carcass in a choice of ‘white’ or ‘oak’
  • 27mm solid oak finish worktop
  • Pewter knob handles for cupboards and cup handles for draws
  • Choice of ‘angled’ or ‘traditional’ style cornice and pelmet
  • Soft closing units throughout
  • Grade 1 stainless steel sink and tap.

Please read our full terms and conditions before claiming this offer.

View our exclusive offer today


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