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Why now could be the perfect time to plan a Granny Annexe!

The beginning of the year is a perfect time to start the process of building an annexe in the garden. By getting in touch now, you can get the ball rolling in order to start building in Spring, which is the preferred time to begin construction work.


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Starting the process

Starting to get your annexe designed and built could not be easier. Firstly we recommend that you contact us to arrange a free site survey. A site survey is a fantastic way in which to get to know us and to discuss the project in more detail. We will be able to assess your property and recommend which building design would suit the location and be likely to get planning approval. Due to our years of experience, specialising in annexe construction, we will be able to advise you on a number of things, such as design, layout, positioning and planning. The site survey usually takes around 1 hour and is a totally free service with no hidden charges.

Once we have spoken to you and gone over your requirements, your project is handed over to our team of designers. They will design a building to your specification, our core range of annexes give a good impression of the type of building that we build, but we are able to design a variety of styles or layouts, depending on your requirements and planning approval. We offer a completely bespoke service, which sets us apart from most of our competitors, our aim is to create the perfect annexe to suit your requirements.

Our design team will send you your new design plans in around one weeks time. We understand that it is highly likely that you will want to make some changes and alterations, which is all part of the design process. In fact, we give you up to 4 opportunities to amend your quote free of charge, ensuring that you get the perfect design.


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Why is spring a great time to build?

Weather is one of the most important considerations when building. Fewer things can hold up a build more than bad weather. In spring you can more or less guarantee that some of the days will be pleasant and sunny, the ground will not be too wet, plus longer days and evenings mean jobs can be continued for longer.

Most builders get very booked up after spring, with summer being especially busy, so booking in early in January ensures that you get your build slot sorted ahead of the rush of people.

Another reason spring can be a good time to start building is that it tends to be between busy holiday periods. The chaos of Christmas is well behind and the busy summer activities and plans are in the future. Your calendar might well thank you that you choose spring as a build time.


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What to expect during the building process?

A typical annexe is built within 5 – 7 weeks depending on the size of the annexe, ground conditions and weather.

Week 1 – 2

Is when the heavy work begins. During this time we complete most of the groundwork, including the foundations and drainage, that will form the base of your annexe. This is the most disruptive element of the build for your garden, obviously having better weather is a benefit for this period which is why spring can be a great time to build.

Week 3 – 4

During this week we construct the shell and roof of the building. Very quickly you will get a feeling for the size and dimensions of the building during this exciting phase. Exterior cladding or render is applied and we complete the first fix of electrics and plumbing, followed by all the plastering.

Week 5 – 6

Internal finishing touches are completed that make an annexe a home. Your new luxury kitchen and shower room are fitted, which is all included in the price of the building. Flooring is laid throughout and final elements such as skirting boards are added.

Week 7

The final interior decoration is completed, with walls and skirting painted. Your annexe will then be cleaned inside out before you are handed the keys.


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A complete turnkey service

When you buy an annexe from Granny Annexe we take care of everything from start to finish. This means that you can save time in the long run, especially when it comes to complex matters such as design and gaining planning permission.


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Key considerations when building a Granny Annexe.

Building an annexe can be one of the simplest ways to create a new home to live in, due to the fact that many companies (such as Granny Annexe) offer a complete turnkey solution. This means that we take care of everything, from consultation and design to the planning stages and building, to handing you the keys. This can take a lot of the stress and hassle out of the building process, allowing you to concentrate on more important things, such as planning the move.




Of course, consideration number one is very often the family and how the move will influence family dynamics. If an older family member is moving into the garden annexe then this can be a great boost to everybody involved, but can also mark a change and could take some time for all parties to adjust to. In the beginning, it can be a good idea to give each other the space to adjust and to remember that while an annexe connects family, it also allows for each to live independently of each other. Grandchildren and younger members will also need time to get used to the change and will perhaps be very excited to have their grandparents live so close by.


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Finances can be something that causes a lot of stress in a family, especially when large sums of money are involved. It is important to be open with each other from the offset and be clear about how the annexe will be funded and maintained. Often the cost of the annexe will be funded through the sale of a house previously lived in. This process itself can be the cause of a lot of stress and it’s important to be realistic about how fast a property might sell. Once sold there can be a lot of legal work to complete, so it’s wise to consider all these factors.


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Timing the build

One of the key advantages of a building constructed by Granny Annexe is the fast turnaround and speed in which our annexes can be erected. We usually suggest that an annexe can be built between 5 – 7 weeks, depending on weather and ground conditions. This means that you could be moved in and relaxing in a couple of months. Our complete turnkey solution means that you won’t need to lift a finger, as we also take care of all internal plastering, appliance fixtures, painting and decorating. We also make sure the annexe is cleaned top to bottom before handing you the keys. Another consideration regarding the timing of the build is the planning process. We can submit an application on your behalf at an additional cost of £1954.00 inc VAT. This means that we deal with the planning department and building control and use our expertise in order to maximise the chances of the annexe being awarded permission. It is important to be aware that planning approval on average is an 8-12 week process that can be affected by a number of external influences.


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The building process

Choosing your builders wisely can be the difference between a stress-free and successful building project and a complete disaster. There are plenty of companies that offer cut-price annexe construction but do not have the know-how and experience to build the annexe to the standard required by building control. The important thing to consider when choosing a building company is if you can see examples of previous work that they have carried out. In order to offer this, we operate an ambassador scheme where it is possible to view an annexe that is actually lived in by one of our ambassadors. We feel this offers some advantages over a showroom as you can actually talk to one of our past customers, see how the annexe works for them and get a feel for how you might enjoy living in a similar building.



Building for the future

When construction something such as an annexe it is important to consider how the building might work in the future and how its use might change. How the annexe will be used varies greatly from family to family, depending on the level of care that will be needed, if external support is required, and how mobile the occupants are. From the offset, we design our buildings to meet the unique requirements of each customer, but we can also suggest ways to make the building future proof, installing ramps, extra-wide doorways, walk-in showers and other adaptations that can make life easier in the future.


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Virtual tours of some of our impressive Annexe projects

Virtual tours are a great way to get an impression of the size and scale of the annexes we build and to picture how the interior spaces work. Our team of designers are always looking for ways to push the boundaries of annexe design and to create buildings that are fantastic living spaces while also adding great design and architecture to its surroundings.



With a total area of 60m2, this large L-Shaped annexe is quite a design statement. Red cedar cladding is complimented with Anthracite grey UPVC doors and windows to create a contemporary and stunning design. A key feature of the annexe is the natural sedum roof that creates a striking look but also benefits the building with great insulation properties that also helps the local environment, providing a great habitat for wildlife and insects.

Our walk around tour shows some of the impressive features that are included in an annexe of this size. Wide French doors open up to reveal a spacious kitchen diner and living room, while dual aspect windows bring in lots of light and offer fantastic views to the garden beyond. A great additional feature of the living room is the inclusion of a log burner. This is an optional extra that can add a homely impression, helping to create a cosy and warm room during winter. Ideal for when the weather turns a bit grey and wet and all you want to do is lie down on the sofa and read a book.

This size annexe also allows room for a separate study with skylight, double bedroom and plenty of room for extra storage.



The second virtual tour shows a modern annexe with large open plan rooms featuring impressive views to the garden. Dramatic glazing is a key feature, with very large bifold doors flooding the annexe with light, helping to create a very spacious building. The bedroom to the front of the property takes centre stage in this build, enjoying dual aspect floor to ceiling glazing and bi-fold doors. Being a larger annexe there is also plenty of room for an additional bedroom to the rear of the property, ideal for visiting guests.

The other end of the annexe features an open plan kitchen diner and seating areas face the garden, creating a calm oasis from which to relax or entertain.


Image 03


This third visual tour is representative of a more typical annexe we build. Something similar to our Islay range. This annexe incorporates a one-bedroom layout with a separate open plan kitchen diner. A more traditional look is created with the use of white render and brick quoins, but with a modern twist incorporating large anthracite grey french doors. Light and spaciousness is a common feature in all the annexes we build.



This annexe design also benefits from a large decking area, which can really help a building connect with its outdoor space. An outdoor ramp allows for easy access, making the annexe suitable for those with disabilities while blending into the external design.


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After completing a free site survey we provide each customer with a 3-D drawing of your own bespoke annexe design, a floor plan showing the layout of your new annexe, and an itemised quotation with a transparent itemised list of all the costs that are involved.


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New Granny Annexe built in Peterborough

Our recently completed annexe for our customers in Peterborough showcases some of the personal touches that can really make an annexe building stand out with some excellent design choices and bespoke features.

The original specification for this annexe was for a 45m2 building, featuring a large double bedroom with a huge walk-in wardrobe, a separate kitchen and a cosy lounge. Large French doors open up onto the garden providing wide-reaching views, bringing in plenty of light.




One key element of the design brief was to create an annex that had plenty of storage space. With this in mind, our designers got to work and set about configuring a building that truly met the requirements of the customer. A 4.59m2 walk-in wardrobe was incorporated into the layout, connected to the bedroom. Another bespoke feature was to include easy access to the shower room, with entry possible from both the bedroom and hallway.



We are always very happy to discuss bespoke requirements customers have for an annexe. Often special requirements are needed for mobility issues or particular lifestyle choices. We can usually configure the layout of an annexe to suit the needs and preferences of each customer and incorporate extra storage when wanted. Other requests customers often need is increased access for disabilities, ramps and handrails for wheelchair access, and the widening of doors, and shower rooms for improved access.

We have been specialised in the construction of annexes for over 10 years and so fully understand the needs of elderly clients and how those needs might change throughout the use of the building.




Also included in the project was a deluxe kitchen from Howdens’ Greenwich Range, with plain style door fronts in an elegant white with brushed chrome handles. Laminate Oak flooring was laid throughout, connecting the internal space and adding the feeling of light and spaciousness.




A common feature of all the annexes we build is to incorporate plenty of glazed areas in order to help create the feeling of light and spaciousness. The lounge area of this annexe benefits from 1.76 m French doors with dual fixed frame windows either side. Even with a smaller sized lounge, this can really help to open up space and make for a spacious building. Optional extras are also possible to further enhance a building such as bi-fold doors which can be a real benefit in the summer when you want to open up the doors and connect the indoor space with your garden.




The external design of this particular annexe takes on a more modern twist than some of our more traditional buildings. An off-white grey render creates a modern and stylish facade when combined with grey-blue windows, doors and matching fascia. This colour combination is really set off with the pitched roof of contrasting terracotta tiles. The whole building compliments the garden perfectly and looks really at home in its surroundings.



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(Photos accredited to Costi)

Contemporary garden annexes that provide ideal self-accommodation

In later life, or even in the early stages of looking for a first home, often people need to think out of the box when it comes to living arrangements. In some cases living in a larger home is not a practical arrangement, either the dwelling is too big, or the costs are too high, or we are not able to live close enough to family.

One fantastic solution can be to build a garden annexe in the garden of an existing property which still provides independent accommodation but without the large bills of a house, or the expense of buying a property and with the added advantage of living near family.


What Are The Benefits Of Living In A Contemporary Garden Annexe?

Of course with a bespoke garden annexe, there are a number of advantages compared to buying a similar-sized bungalow.

One of the main benefits that people first realise is cost. On average the cost of buying a property in the UK is £230,292. This is significantly more than the cost of building an annexe, with annexe prices starting from £64,900 for a one-bedroom self accommodation annexe. Also, there is the benefit of not having to pay expensive stamp duty and could allow you to free up assets in an existing home that could help fund your retirement.



These savings in cost can also extend to your bills and expenses. Our customers usually see quite a significant drop in costs when it comes to energy bills, water and utilities compared to the bills they experienced with their traditional house.

The main reason behind this is the size of the building and the fact that our annexes use highly efficient thermal construction techniques that mean we achieve excellent U-Values. What this translates to is a very warm building in winter that is cheap to heat, and a cool comfortable space in summer.

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Another big advantage of an annexe in the garden is the fact that you can live close to your family and benefit from a more multi-generational home set up. This could be a real comfort in later life, to know that your family are close to you and can provide support for you if you need it, but still allowing you to live an independent life with your own privacy and separate access. This type of living arrangement for later years is often seen as a great alternative to a care-home if the level of care required is not an issue.

Living close to family can have far-reaching benefits for all involved, with grandchildren enjoying living close to grandparents, providing, perhaps, extra support for childcare and creating strong family bonds.


The benefits don’t just apply to the older generation. Our garden annexes have been used for a variety of functions and serve families in many ways. Increasingly we have seen annexes used for younger family members, commonly termed as a ‘graddy annexe’ we have often built buildings for those who are looking for an independent living solution but perhaps are still saving for a deposit for their own place. A garden annexe can be the perfect solution for providing a self-contained home, without the costs of renting. A ‘graddy annexe’ can be utilized in a number of ways and will remain a versatile building for the future, adaptable at a later stage for guest accommodation, or a home office or even for a granny annexe.


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