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Granny Annexe case study – See one of our completed projects built for a customer in Essex

At Granny Annexe we are always very proud to show off any new projects we have recently completed. This fabulous property, built for a customer in Essex is one we are delighted with and showcases some of the design options and fittings we can offer.

The customer contacted us as they were committed to building a home for their elderly mother. This was seen as the best alternative to a retirement village, allowing for care to be provided from home, while still offering independence and dignity.

This size of the building allows for a spacious and comfortable layout and is one of our most popular designs. With an L-shaped footprint and 8.00m x 4.75m there was plenty of space for a large double bedroom, open plan living room and bathroom with a capacious walk-in shower. Another priority of this building was to provide a  comfortable home that is all on one floor to help make moving between rooms as easy as possible. This is one reason why annexes are so perfect as accommodation for elderly relatives, who might have previously been struggling in a house with stairs, or who have relinquished the use of upstairs altogether.


lowe floor plan


This new home benefited from a number of design options that have helped to create an airy and light building for its new owners. Large French doors allow for easy access to the main living area and also provide plenty of light and a great view of the garden. As mobility is an important consideration, it is possible at a later date to add a ramp to the steps leading up to the entrance.


timber clad annexe


We can offer a number of exterior finishes to the homes that we build, giving our customers great control over how the building will look. Timber cladding is a practical and increasingly popular option and really suits the style of this type of building. Black cladding can be popular in many parts of England, with black-clad timber barns a common site in the east of England, so this helped to create a new building that sympathetically suited its local environment.




Granny Annexe are also available to provide a range of optional landscaping services, including decking areas, patios and general landscaping. This all adds to the usability of your annexe allowing you to enjoy the garden and annexe from day one. We will be able to advise you on the best way to maximize the use of your annexe and garden and discuss how landscaping can help you to create the perfect annexe surroundings.


lowe render


However, we don’t just build the skin of your building and leave you to do the rest. We provide a complete turnkey service including all decorating, fittings and fixtures and of course, a beautiful kitchen. All of our kitchens come with quality appliances from AEG, including ceramic hob & splash back, multifunction oven and integrated fridge and dishwasher. It is possible to choose from a range of kitchen doors and worktops, sinks and lighting. We can help you every step of the way to design your perfect kitchen.



Lowe kitchen 2

Flooring options are also possible, here our customer chose laminate oak wood flooring which gives a modern and luxurious feel to the kitchen, white kitchen units add to the prestige feel, creating a kitchen space anyone would be proud of.


Lowe view bathroom


Our buildings provide a great deal of convenience for our customers, en-suite bathrooms with walk-in showers are a popular option, providing great comfort, stylish design and easy access. Different tiling options are available, the above photo illustrates our standard white tiles adding a light and contemporary feel.


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granny annexe brochure




Why a Granny Annexe could be a great option for you and your family.

A brand new home in your garden could open space that was before barely used. For the fraction of the price of a similar sized flat, you could have a spacious one or two bedroom annexe, built and decorated within 5-7 weeks.

Choosing your new granny annexe design is an exciting process and one that comes with many possibilities.

When thinking about building a property in the garden, it is important to sit down with your family and discuss what are your main criteria. How much space will you need? How large is your garden? How will your new building work in its surroundings?

We offer a range of solutions to meet our customer’s needs. Each new annexe we build is unique and designed to complement perfectly our customer’s requirements and the surrounding area it is built.

One of our most popular designs ‘Islay‘ offers great scope for building a home that suits the needs of our clientele.

granny annex planning

The Islay can be traditional in appearance with brick built cornerstones and clean rendered walls, this is a look that has proven very popular as it meets the criteria of many of our customers. It suits the surroundings of most gardens and can be designed to match the look of the main house. The Islay offers plenty of room, with a separate bedroom, bathroom and kitchen dinner/living room. The cost of the Islay starts from £72,475.08 including VAT.



For some of our customers building a garden home is a chance to design something more modern, new trends mean that options such as red cedar cladding are increasingly popular. Cladding performs well in all weather and will provide great protection for your building. It also creates a more modern look, especially when paired with darker grey window frames and doors.


Granny Annexe Cambridge

This building pictured above we built for our customer also makes the most of its surroundings through the use of its extra wide windows and bi-folding doors. A beautiful garden can be appreciated from inside this property all year round. It’s amazing the difference that large windows can make to the sense of light and space, adding to the more modern design.


How much does a granny annexe cost?

With house prices now 7.6 times higher than the average annual salary (double the amount compared with 20 years ago) multigenerational living is becoming hugely popular. It offers an alternative to downsizing, that is both less risky in the current economic climate and will certainly increase the value of any home. Our buildings are thought to add more value to the property than the cost of building the annexe, with many people searching for houses with additional living space.

Our garden homes start from as little as £55,162.85, built & decorated with kitchen, bathroom & lounge-diner. The average cost of just moving house in 2017 was £8451.49 add to this the average UK property price of £218,225, then it is apparent the massive savings that can be made.

Many of our most impressive annexes have been custom builds that were designed to meet unique requirements, we love to hear your ideas and turn them into reality.

Customising the look of your new home might also be needed to meet planning regulations, some conservation areas will require a certain type of window, cladding, tile or finish to be used, which is something to consider carefully in the design process.

Care home costs vs a granny annexe

Another consideration for some families is the cost of care homes compared to the option of building a garden home. Care home costs are extremely high in England. With current laws, the cutoff point for when people are responsible for paying for their care home charges is £23,250. If your income or capital is above this figure then it could be likely that you will pay for your care home costs. Weekly cost of care homes can vary and currently range from £250 per week to well over £1000. A 20% premium can be added when nursing care is needed.

The location will also have an effect, with care homes in the South East of England costing typically more. For a more in-depth analysis of care home costs try visiting a specialist website such as

When nursing care is less of a consideration then many people prefer the option of keeping the family closer together. A granny annexe can provide a great solution to soaring care home costs. Families like the idea that a level of independence is maintained, while still offering assistance closeby if necessary. Also, grandparents get to share in family life, often providing some level of childcare for grandchildren, often creating a win-win situation for many families.

Why choose ?

garden annex

Unlike many garden home builders, we have years of experience behind us. Our objective is to provide a perfect solution for your family and we are willing to go the extra mile to do so. We offer a free (postcode specific) no-obligation site survey at your home. During this process, we can talk to you about your requirements in detail and assess how suitable your garden will be for different designs. We also provide a full planning service to deal with any planning permission or building regulation questions.

While it is still fresh in your mind, book a no obligation site survey.

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5 great ways to make the most of your garden and annexe in spring.

When we build a property in one of our customer’s gardens we are always aware of how important it is that the two work perfectly together. A granny annexe is more than just a building, it becomes an integral part of the garden and therefore they are designed to work in perfect union. Upon doing a site survey one of the first things we do is to look at the environment in which the building will sit and then plan a design that will complement its surroundings.

Granny Annexe

Now the weather is starting to hot up let’s look at some of the great ways you can enjoy the garden and your new building!

  • 1. Bring the garden inside.

Now with modern glazing and window options, it is easier than ever to bring a sense of light and outdoor space into your home. With double and triple glazed options, doors and windows can be very large, with bi-folding and French doors ever popular. What could be better on a warm spring day than throwing open the doors and enjoying the garden?

bi-folding doors in garden annexe

  • 2. Furniture that can be used to transform your outdoor space.

Outdoor furniture comes in all shapes and sizes, from loungers to hammocks to swinging chairs, there are plenty of options to make your garden a comfy and relaxing space to be. Garden furniture can be designed to fit in with your garden home design, perhaps matching the cladding or other design features.

A hammock can be a great way to add a fun and useful lounging option for when all you want to do is lie back and relax with a cool drink. Hammocks are increasingly becoming a popular option and can be utilized indoors when the weather is bad.

Hammock hung in granny annexe

  • 3. Outdoor / indoor cooking.

Cooking outdoors on a bbq is always a great way to make the most out of a hot day and modern BBQs don’t have to be a messy experience, these days gas BBQs offer a cleaner and safer alternative to BBQing on charcoal. Having a garden annexe with great connection to the outdoors and a terrace, decking or patio area can help you make the most of cooking outside. Another option if you want a taste of the Mediterranean is building or buying an outdoor pizza oven. Delight your family with home cooked pizza and your annexe will be the hub of every social occasion.

annexe decking area

  • 4. Lawn or landscape?

A lawn can be a real treat when the weather is hotter, but sometimes it can be a lot of hard work to keep a lawn looking good and mowed regularly. Other options are available, gardens can still look great with stone slabs, meandering paths, great use of foliage and pot plants and tasteful garden ornaments. If a lawn is a must for you but you don’t want the task of maintaining it, why not try an artificial lawn. They have come a long way from the bright green eyesores of old, and now are hard to distinguish from the real thing.

Granny annexe interior

  • 5. Clever planting

Planting can have a great effect on your garden. Clever planting can connect an indoor space to the outdoors through drawing the eye into the garden. Be careful if you have a small garden not to plant something that dominates the area, smaller pot plants can be arranged to create interesting zones while some pot plants can be positioned nearer the annexe bringing greenery into your indoor space and connecting the two.

Granny Annexe


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SIP Panel Construction

Granny Annexe in the Telegraph.

We were very excited to be part of an article written by the Telegraph newspaper recently. Under the heading ‘The rise of the granny annexe’ the article goes into detail about the growth in popularity of people building a garden home. It has increasingly become a fantastic solution for many families and elderly relatives – who rather going down the much more costly route of downsizing to a new property opt for the cheaper and family orientated solution of building a bespoke home in the garden.


prefab annexe


The reasons for building a garden property tend to pivot around some core motives. Families are increasingly looking for a solution that will bring a win-win situation, for elderly parents their children and grandchildren. With rising house prices, care home costs and child care, it is no wonder that people are turning to new solutions to meet their needs.

A couple in the article mentions how they are now able to help out with the grandchildren, picking them up from school and looking after them before the parents return from work. Something they greatly enjoy – yet they still retain a great deal of independence, being able to return to their cosy garden building when they would like to relax. Having separate access is very important, especially when they have their own friends visiting.


This family is one of 125,000 in the UK who are now enjoying a multigenerational way of life – with 1.8 million households, seven per cent of the country’s total, now incorporating two or more adult generations.

Granny Annexe Modern Kitchen

Whereas once downsizing to a smaller property was an option for many elderly couples, increasingly this is no longer an option due to many people over the age of 65 not holding enough equity in their homes.

“Garden buildings are an incredibly useful addition to a property, especially for older people. Properly done, they provide secure, accessible, self-contained accommodation that are ideal spaces for older residents,” says Nick Herrtage, managing director of Chester Row.

“Annexes are also among the most flexible part of a home since their size and somewhat secluded positioning – often at the rear of a garden – means they can double up as a home office or even a nursery.”

A garden building not only provides a great solution for many elderly people who are unable to afford to downsize – but also adds a great asset to the property it is built on.

“I cannot imagine a situation where this would not enhance appeal, value and saleability,” says Lindsay Cuthill of Savills.

One of our new customers, mentioned in the article, decided to build an annexe which she felt would give her all the benefits of a bungalow at a fraction of the price. “I wanted something that looked like a proper house, with vaulted ceilings and a big kitchen, so I chose an L-shaped bungalow backing on to the woods, I have my own access and a deer that visits me.”

A huge advantage of our granny annexes is the scope for building the design that best suits your requirements. There are many options when it comes to style, size layout and design, from something more traditional to something that is very modern and sleek.

garden annexe

This property we built in Surrey, mentioned in the article – demonstrates perfectly how a traditional vaulted ceiling and L -shape design can be mixed with some more contemporary aesthetics. The western red cedar cladding and urban grey french doors and windows give a contemporary and natural finish to the exterior. LED strips illuminate the Granny Annexe at night, making a striking addition to the main property.


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Project Based In Warwickshire

When asked if we could build a home for an elderly gentleman in Warwickshire we were thrilled to help.  A bespoke garden property provided an ideal solution for the family – allowing him to maintain independence while at the same time benefiting from having family nearby to provide assistance if needed and to allow the family to stay close together.

The plot of land was set in a village location and needed to remain in keeping with the local area. A stable block at the end of garden added an extra dimension to the build with the Granny Annexe being built just in front, so the new building was designed to sympathetically work with these surroundings.

One of the key features in terms of design was to create a building with a light open-plan feeling, while still maintaining a cosiness for the winter months. To facilitate this the home was built with an airy pitched roof allowing for an open plan kitchen living space with expansive 4 metre wide glazing looking onto the garden, French doors helped provide easy access.

A bespoke kitchen was added with modern shaker style units with brushed stainless steel handles.

To complete the build a generous tiled shower room with electric shower, glass shower screen and WC were also installed.



While it is still fresh in your mind, book a no obligation site survey.

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Christmas Dinner

Its Christmas! (almost)

Christmas is a time of year for the whole family to get together and enjoy the company of close and extended family, some great food and maybe a little tipple too. If you have been considering the purchase of a Granny Annexe, there is no better time than now to discuss the idea of a lovely new Granny Annexe home with the family.

Christmas Dinner

For years now, we have been helping many families come together with the addition of warm, cosy, functional and beautiful new annexes to their family property. These annexes allow families to move their loved ones, young and old, closer to the family unit helping them feel more secure, together, and happy, whilst assisting in retaining a substantial level of independence. We cannot argue about the difficulty that comes with moving out from a beloved home but we can provide a perfect new home that fits your needs and requirements. Granny Annexe provides a variety of choices for a new Granny Annexe home and the option of a bespoke project. Please see our prices page to see our range of annexes and click the images for more information and an exact description of what is included. Visit our case studies page to see some completed projects, where we also have video walkthroughs and some interviews with some of our happy customers.

There are many benefits of moving closer to the family unit some of those being, having more time to spend with family, building stronger bonds and increasing social activity. It also means that there is always someone close by in case of emergency, with the added benefit of having your own space, meaning that you won’t feel like you are living on top of each other.

We are able to provide a quick build time, from when the spade hits the ground to the last coat of paint, this can all be completed within a couple of months, meaning little disruption at your property.

If you are interested in our products please give us a call, alternatively, you can request or download a brochure from our website simply by filling in a few details. Click through here to download and here to request by post.


No more Granny Annexe Stamp Duty Tax

We’re really pleased to hear the UK Government has decided to drop the proposed rise in Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT), which could have affected many people who own granny annexes or granny flats.

The proposed changes in SDLT could have affected up to 33,000 properties across England and Wales, and would have come into effect from 1st April 2016.

The initial proposal would have affected Granny Annexes that meet all the following criteria:

  • Classed as a separate dwelling for tax purposes
  • Must have independent access i.e. no access through the main house
  • Must be able to be sold separately
  • Must be valued at over £40,000
  • Must be able to be sold as a separate residence.

Luckily for our customers, the above would not have affected them anyway due to the type of planning permission we use which prevents the granny annexes from meeting the above criteria.

However it’s good to know that the proposed changes have been dropped and there will be no 3% hike in stamp duty for annexes.

Here’s some links for further reading:

TelegraphRelief as ‘ludicrous’ granny annexe tax is repealed

Money WiseGovernment U-turns on extra stamp duty for ‘granny flats’

The TimesHow did the Granny Annexe tax ever get this far?

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Granny Annexe Photo Competition Winner for National Grandparents Day 2015

We hope you all had a fantastic day on Saturday 3rd October 2015 celebrating National Grandparents Day.

We launched our photo competition on Facebook and Twitter just over a week before the event to encourage families to share photos and stories of how they celebrated. We are thrilled to have gained so many competition entries and to see everyone actively using social media. Of course, it was extremely hard for us to choose a winner as all the entries were fantastic!

Our Granny Annexe Photo Competition Winner for National Grandparents Day 2015 is . . . Steph Shaddick


Facebook entry by Steph Shaddick – Here’s Beryl’s great granddaughter. She loves going over to bake and she loves her nanny Beryl Randall.

Congratulations Steph, you’ve won £100 of Amazon Vouchers to spend on whatever you like!

We’d also like to showcase our other competition entries, so in no particular order we have:

Twitter entry by Sandy Sandhu - @granny_annexe it was gran's birthday, so all us grand kids got together & gave her a huge surprise! :D

Twitter entry by Sandy Sandhu – @granny_annexe it was gran’s birthday, so all us grand kids got together & gave her a huge surprise! :D


Facebook entry by Anita Bryant - celebrating National Grandparents Day with her lovely dog.

Facebook entry by Anita Bryant – celebrating National Grandparents Day with her lovely dog.


Facebook entry by Catherine Bloore - This one was taken with my granddaughter Caitlin. I took her to Rhodes for a week.

Facebook entry by Catherine Bloore – This one was taken with my granddaughter Caitlin. I took her to Rhodes for a week.


Facebook entry Esther Newman - My cheeky selfie with my granddaughter Gracie!

Facebook entry Esther Newman – My cheeky selfie with my granddaughter Gracie!


Facebook entry by Haylie Dory Griffin - Margaret Green rocking out at a Fall Out Boy concert 3/10/15

Facebook entry by Haylie Dory Griffin – Margaret Green rocking out at a Fall Out Boy concert 3/10/15


Facebook entry by Kay Best - Lovely day in the park with my two favourite girls xx

Facebook entry by Kay Best – Lovely day in the park with my two favourite girls xx


Facebook entry by Pam Nicholls - Going to school with mine!

Facebook entry by Pam Nicholls – Going to school with mine!


Facebook entry by Paula Hannon -  Greenaway Megan with Great grandad Harry

Facebook entry by Paula Hannon Greenaway – Megan with great grandad Harry


Facebook entry by Ruth Jones - A not so sunny day at the sea side with my granddaughter.

Facebook entry by Ruth Jones – A not so sunny day at the sea side with my granddaughter.


On behalf of everyone here at Granny Annexe, thank you all for entering our competition. We wish you all the best for the future and if you are considering building a Granny Annexe for whatever reason, please do give us a call on 0800 334 5774 Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm and we’ll be happy to help.

Don’t forget, you can also use our website to find out about building your own Granny Annexe:

  • To download a PDF brochure with prices and designs, click here.
  • To request the same brochure via post, click here.
  • If you’ve already received a brochure, your next step is to book a Site Survey. You can do this by telephoning the Granny Annexe Team on 0800 334 5774; completing our online form by clicking here or by emailing us at

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Share your national grandparents day celebrations with us and win £100 of Amazon Vouchers

Share Your National Grandparents Day Celebrations with us and Win!*

National Grandparents Day is quite a new event to the UK. It originated in America as a secular holiday since 1978 and officially recognized in a number of countries on various days of the year.

The celebration was introduced to the UK in 1990 by the charity Age Concern. It has been celebrated on the first Sunday in October since 2008, although it is not widely advertised and has not been as commercially successful as Mother’s and Father’s Day. Businesses specialising in gifts and greeting cards have started merging the respective Grandparents Days with Mother’s Day and Father’s Day to try to boost sales.

According to the National Grandparents Day website, the aim of National Grandparents Day is to honour grandparents; give grandparents an opportunity to show love for their children’s children and to help children become aware of the strength, information and guidance older people can offer.

Share Your National Grandparents Day Celebrations with us and Win £100!*

We’d love to hear how you celebrated National Grandparents Day on 3rd October 2015. Share your photos on our social media channels or email us and you could be in with a chance of winning £100 worth of Amazon vouchers.

Read Our Terms for the £100 Amazon Voucher Prize Draw 

Please note, all entries (photos) must be submitted by 9am Monday 5th October for you to be in with a chance of winning £100 of Amazon vouchers. Any entries (photos) submitted after this time will not be eligible to be entered into the draw to win £100 of Amazon vouchers however we will retain the right to use the photos for marketing purposes. We will use all entries (photos) for marketing purposes.

To enter your photos via email, simply send it as an attachment to with the email subject line ‘Competition Entry’ and state your preferred method of contact and contact details.

To enter via social media, please enter via any of the following channels:

Granny Annexe Facebook – post your photo on our page with a small message if you like. We will contact you via the Facebook messaging service if you are the lucky winner!

Granny Annexe Twitter – send your photo to us in a tweet containing ‘@granny_annexe’. We will contact you via twitter if you are the lucky winner!

We will not add you to any mailing lists or share your data with any third parties.

Entries outside the UK will not be accepted into the prize draw for £100 of Amazon Vouchers. The lucky winner will receive the £100 worth of Amazon Vouchers via email, so we will need a valid email address to send this to. We will not send Amazon Vouchers via post.

Good luck!
We look forward to receiving your entries.

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