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Why now could be the perfect time to plan a Granny Annexe!

The beginning of the year is a perfect time to start the process of building an annexe in the garden. By getting in touch now, you can get the ball rolling in order to start building in Spring, which is the preferred time to begin construction work.


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Starting the process

Starting to get your annexe designed and built could not be easier. Firstly we recommend that you contact us to arrange a free site survey. A site survey is a fantastic way in which to get to know us and to discuss the project in more detail. We will be able to assess your property and recommend which building design would suit the location and be likely to get planning approval. Due to our years of experience, specialising in annexe construction, we will be able to advise you on a number of things, such as design, layout, positioning and planning. The site survey usually takes around 1 hour and is a totally free service with no hidden charges.

Once we have spoken to you and gone over your requirements, your project is handed over to our team of designers. They will design a building to your specification, our core range of annexes give a good impression of the type of building that we build, but we are able to design a variety of styles or layouts, depending on your requirements and planning approval. We offer a completely bespoke service, which sets us apart from most of our competitors, our aim is to create the perfect annexe to suit your requirements.

Our design team will send you your new design plans in around one weeks time. We understand that it is highly likely that you will want to make some changes and alterations, which is all part of the design process. In fact, we give you up to 4 opportunities to amend your quote free of charge, ensuring that you get the perfect design.


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Why is spring a great time to build?

Weather is one of the most important considerations when building. Fewer things can hold up a build more than bad weather. In spring you can more or less guarantee that some of the days will be pleasant and sunny, the ground will not be too wet, plus longer days and evenings mean jobs can be continued for longer.

Most builders get very booked up after spring, with summer being especially busy, so booking in early in January ensures that you get your build slot sorted ahead of the rush of people.

Another reason spring can be a good time to start building is that it tends to be between busy holiday periods. The chaos of Christmas is well behind and the busy summer activities and plans are in the future. Your calendar might well thank you that you choose spring as a build time.


major 3


What to expect during the building process?

A typical annexe is built within 5 – 7 weeks depending on the size of the annexe, ground conditions and weather.

Week 1 – 2

Is when the heavy work begins. During this time we complete most of the groundwork, including the foundations and drainage, that will form the base of your annexe. This is the most disruptive element of the build for your garden, obviously having better weather is a benefit for this period which is why spring can be a great time to build.

Week 3 – 4

During this week we construct the shell and roof of the building. Very quickly you will get a feeling for the size and dimensions of the building during this exciting phase. Exterior cladding or render is applied and we complete the first fix of electrics and plumbing, followed by all the plastering.

Week 5 – 6

Internal finishing touches are completed that make an annexe a home. Your new luxury kitchen and shower room are fitted, which is all included in the price of the building. Flooring is laid throughout and final elements such as skirting boards are added.

Week 7

The final interior decoration is completed, with walls and skirting painted. Your annexe will then be cleaned inside out before you are handed the keys.


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A complete turnkey service

When you buy an annexe from Granny Annexe we take care of everything from start to finish. This means that you can save time in the long run, especially when it comes to complex matters such as design and gaining planning permission.


While it’s fresh in your mind why not download a free brochure

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SIP Panel Construction

Granny Annexe in the Telegraph.

We were very excited to be part of an article written by the Telegraph newspaper recently. Under the heading ‘The rise of the granny annexe’ the article goes into detail about the growth in popularity of people building a garden home. It has increasingly become a fantastic solution for many families and elderly relatives – who rather going down the much more costly route of downsizing to a new property opt for the cheaper and family orientated solution of building a bespoke home in the garden.


prefab annexe


The reasons for building a garden property tend to pivot around some core motives. Families are increasingly looking for a solution that will bring a win-win situation, for elderly parents their children and grandchildren. With rising house prices, care home costs and child care, it is no wonder that people are turning to new solutions to meet their needs.

A couple in the article mentions how they are now able to help out with the grandchildren, picking them up from school and looking after them before the parents return from work. Something they greatly enjoy – yet they still retain a great deal of independence, being able to return to their cosy garden building when they would like to relax. Having separate access is very important, especially when they have their own friends visiting.


This family is one of 125,000 in the UK who are now enjoying a multigenerational way of life – with 1.8 million households, seven per cent of the country’s total, now incorporating two or more adult generations.

Granny Annexe Modern Kitchen

Whereas once downsizing to a smaller property was an option for many elderly couples, increasingly this is no longer an option due to many people over the age of 65 not holding enough equity in their homes.

“Garden buildings are an incredibly useful addition to a property, especially for older people. Properly done, they provide secure, accessible, self-contained accommodation that are ideal spaces for older residents,” says Nick Herrtage, managing director of Chester Row.

“Annexes are also among the most flexible part of a home since their size and somewhat secluded positioning – often at the rear of a garden – means they can double up as a home office or even a nursery.”

A garden building not only provides a great solution for many elderly people who are unable to afford to downsize – but also adds a great asset to the property it is built on.

“I cannot imagine a situation where this would not enhance appeal, value and saleability,” says Lindsay Cuthill of Savills.

One of our new customers, mentioned in the article, decided to build an annexe which she felt would give her all the benefits of a bungalow at a fraction of the price. “I wanted something that looked like a proper house, with vaulted ceilings and a big kitchen, so I chose an L-shaped bungalow backing on to the woods, I have my own access and a deer that visits me.”

A huge advantage of our granny annexes is the scope for building the design that best suits your requirements. There are many options when it comes to style, size layout and design, from something more traditional to something that is very modern and sleek.

garden annexe

This property we built in Surrey, mentioned in the article – demonstrates perfectly how a traditional vaulted ceiling and L -shape design can be mixed with some more contemporary aesthetics. The western red cedar cladding and urban grey french doors and windows give a contemporary and natural finish to the exterior. LED strips illuminate the Granny Annexe at night, making a striking addition to the main property.


While it is still fresh in your mind, book a no obligation site survey.

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Project Based In Warwickshire

When asked if we could build a home for an elderly gentleman in Warwickshire we were thrilled to help.  A bespoke garden property provided an ideal solution for the family – allowing him to maintain independence while at the same time benefiting from having family nearby to provide assistance if needed and to allow the family to stay close together.

The plot of land was set in a village location and needed to remain in keeping with the local area. A stable block at the end of garden added an extra dimension to the build with the Granny Annexe being built just in front, so the new building was designed to sympathetically work with these surroundings.

One of the key features in terms of design was to create a building with a light open-plan feeling, while still maintaining a cosiness for the winter months. To facilitate this the home was built with an airy pitched roof allowing for an open plan kitchen living space with expansive 4 metre wide glazing looking onto the garden, French doors helped provide easy access.

A bespoke kitchen was added with modern shaker style units with brushed stainless steel handles.

To complete the build a generous tiled shower room with electric shower, glass shower screen and WC were also installed.



While it is still fresh in your mind, book a no obligation site survey.

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Happy New Year from Granny Annexe

Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018!

As 2017 comes to a close we would like to look back at the year. It has been an exciting year for us here at Granny Annexe. Since introducing our new and improved annexes in late 2016, we have been able to build these new designs. These new designs have allowed us to create spacious and bright annexes with all the amenities. They have given our customers a better quality of life, by providing them with a beautiful new home, right in the heart of the family.

Early on in the year, one of our projects came to a close. A stunning cedar clad annexe very closely resembling our Lomond design, with some subtle changes made by the customer. The annexe featured on ITV’s The Home Game. The family expressed joy with their new Granny Annexe, a home that was not only a visually appealing addition to the garden, a relaxing, bright and airy space with modern kitchen/diner, wet room and bedroom.  Granny Annexe offers a variety of choices and options with our annexes so customers can give their annexes personal touches, including options for the flooring, feature walls, kitchen & bathroom styles, exterior finishing etc. The annexe featured on the show came 2nd in the competition. The 4 families featured had made changes to their homes and the prize was awarded to whoever had increased their home value the most. We are proud to say that the annexe had added its value and more to the property. Read more here.

Since we started building Granny Annexes we have received many inquires and questions from our customers one of those being “do you offer any finance options for the annexes?” Prior to 2017 we have not been able to, but, we have teamed up with Pegasus and now we can offer finance options for our products, just head on over to our blog post here to see more.

Granny Annexe Interior

Now onto something we are very pleased with and that is our 94% customer satisfaction award, awarded to us by the IWA who we work with to provide our customers with an insurance backed guarantee, giving you peace of mind should anything occur. We are only happy when we have done a good job and when our customers are happy, this award is a good sign that we have been doing that.


We hope that you have all had a wonderful Christmas, and would like to wish you a happy new year filled with joy and success.

Kind regards,

The Granny Annexe Team

Christmas Dinner

Its Christmas! (almost)

Christmas is a time of year for the whole family to get together and enjoy the company of close and extended family, some great food and maybe a little tipple too. If you have been considering the purchase of a Granny Annexe, there is no better time than now to discuss the idea of a lovely new Granny Annexe home with the family.

Christmas Dinner

For years now, we have been helping many families come together with the addition of warm, cosy, functional and beautiful new annexes to their family property. These annexes allow families to move their loved ones, young and old, closer to the family unit helping them feel more secure, together, and happy, whilst assisting in retaining a substantial level of independence. We cannot argue about the difficulty that comes with moving out from a beloved home but we can provide a perfect new home that fits your needs and requirements. Granny Annexe provides a variety of choices for a new Granny Annexe home and the option of a bespoke project. Please see our prices page to see our range of annexes and click the images for more information and an exact description of what is included. Visit our case studies page to see some completed projects, where we also have video walkthroughs and some interviews with some of our happy customers.

There are many benefits of moving closer to the family unit some of those being, having more time to spend with family, building stronger bonds and increasing social activity. It also means that there is always someone close by in case of emergency, with the added benefit of having your own space, meaning that you won’t feel like you are living on top of each other.

We are able to provide a quick build time, from when the spade hits the ground to the last coat of paint, this can all be completed within a couple of months, meaning little disruption at your property.

If you are interested in our products please give us a call, alternatively, you can request or download a brochure from our website simply by filling in a few details. Click through here to download and here to request by post.


Financing a Granny Annexe

*Click on the images below to visit the Pegasus finance page.

Many families in the UK are finding themselves in the position of caring for ageing parents or dependent family members and this is on the rise due to an ageing population. There are various avenues to explore when it comes to caring for loved ones, and many of these results in a loss of independence. At Granny Annexe we are able to offer an alternative solution which enables them to both retain a high level of independence as well as staying close to the family.

The average cost of a residential care home reaches into the realms of £120k (based on a two-and-a-half year stay). That’s a fairly high price tag that few can afford. 

A Granny Annexe provides a new home for a family member and an investment for your property. Many of our customers will consider selling their current property to fund a Granny Annexe project at a family member’s home, often leaving them with funds for their future financial security and enjoyment. Our annexes range from £55,000 – £100,000 upwards and often add significant value to the property. 

Granny Annexe Interior

For those without the option of selling a property, we have now teamed up with Pegasus to be able to provide our customers with an option for financing their projects. By using our advertised pricing or, if you have already arranged a site visit and received a quotation. You can enter the overall cost on the Pegasus website and it will calculate your monthly repayments this will vary dependent on the cost of the annexe and the duration of the loan you require.

The wonderful thing about a Granny Annexe is that it allows families to remain close and be actively involved in day to day life. As an added benefit it provides a great investment for your property. An independent property surveyor reviewed one of our projects during the TV show ‘The Home Game’ where they assessed the new annexe and it added its value back plus an extra £10,000 – £20,000 increase. 

Annexe Finance

Annexe Exterior

SIP’s! What are they?

SIP’s in the UK have only in recent decades become a noted method of construction, most commonly used in the construction of residential properties and small commercial projects, despite having existed since the 1930’s. The first instance of a SIP’s building was in Wisconsin, USA, 1937 and was even dedicated by the First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. The building survived the harsh Wisconsin climate and ultimately stood the test of time with its removal to make way for a larger building in 1998. Since 1937 like most things developments have been made and more modern materials used resulting in panels with better insulation and structural integrity.

Wisconsin, Forest Products Laboratory, stressed skin panel building.

A SIP’s panel, simply put, is a form of insulated foam core sandwiched between 2 pieces of OSB this provides a very strong building material which has insulation built in.

There are many benefits to using SIP panels when it comes to construction, a few of those are:

Reduced build time: Due to the format of using large panels wall sections can be erected very quickly, often once a foundation has been placed and the walls ready to be put in place, the shell of a SIP building can be completed in a matter of days. One of our Granny Annexes can be completed in a matter of weeks, depending on size usually between 5-7 weeks of construction time.

Better Insulation: The panels, as it says in the name, have the insulation at the core of the building and because they can be slotted together very precisely there are much less cold bridges and the buildings are very air tight allowing for a better control over temperature.

Less wastage: SIP’s are often prepared in a factory before they are then sent to site, this allows for less wastage on site and very minimal wastage during manufacturing.

Green: The insulation for SIP’s is built into the structure, removing the need to add insulation at a later date, providing a very well insulated home reducing heating bills etc. The OSB used to construct the SIP’s is also sourced from young fast growing trees, which makes for a very renewable source and young trees can process carbon dioxide better than older trees therefore, reducing the overall CO2 emissions created.

Annexe Exterior

Peterborough Annexe Exterior

We have now worked with SIP’s for a considerable time, and we are always comforted when visiting customers and they tell us how warm and cosy their new homes feel, because of the insulation very minimal levels of heating are required to maintain a comfortable temperature in the annexe. They are also often taken aback at how quick the process is, from when the materials turn up on site to when they are able to move into the annexe. Unfortunately, we have no means of speeding up the planning process which can take between 8-12 weeks. If you want to build at a specific time of year through us, then the best thing to do is book a site survey around 4-5 months before you would like to build.

It may surprise you that even with these huge beneficial factors of using SIP’s, brick and mortar is still a more commonly used format of which to build and one of the simple answers to this is because it is still functional and it is the most widely known format for building a home. For large homebuilding companies to retrain would provide a fairly substantial cost and ultimately why fix something that isn’t broken? but we ask why not have something a bit better?

Smart Homes! Should you be installing a smart home system into your home?

Smart homes! Should you be installing a smart home system into your home?


Let’s start with understanding exactly what having a smart home means. A smart home allows you to turn your ordinary bricks and mortar home into something that resembles the Jetsons, although sadly without the flying car! Automation is the key word when it comes to smart homes, allowing you to take control of many aspects of your home via an app on your smartphone, smart device (Amazon Alexa or Google home) or a smart thermostat like the ones offered by companies like Hive and Nest.


This is the ultimate upgrade from the old fashioned clapping lights situation, now you can press a few buttons or even just speak from the comfort of your armchair to change the temperature across your home, turn lights on and off, control security systems, close and open blinds and more. Along with this unparalleled convenience there are many benefits that can come from having an automated home, energy efficiency is one of the key selling points for smart homes, from your phone you can adjust the temperature of your heating, your lighting and electronics allowing you to remotely control these aspects of your home, so if your out and your heating is going to come on at 7 but you miscalculated and are actually going to be a few hours late, then you can simply adjust your heating to come on 15 minutes before you get home, that way it will be nice and cosy for your return and you’ll be saving energy as you won’t be heating an empty house!


Not only does that make you happy because you can save on your bills but it’s also beneficial for the planet and that is a win-win situation if you ask us!
To get an understanding of a few of the possibilities with smart home functionlity, take a look at this video by youtube Danny Winget, where he gives you a little guidance to some of the products that you can use to smarten up your home.

There are a couple of concerns about smart homes and their security, as you are connecting a lot of your home appliances and systems to the internet, this can open you up to the possibility of having your home hacked and that is quite a scary thought! You have to consider a few things though, with a good security system for your wi-fi you will curtail most attempts at someone trying to hack your home but the biggest thing to consider is that its not common it would be fairly unlucky for it to happen to you. Think of having a good wi-fi security setup like locking your car, a thief is much less likely to steal something from a locked car then an open one.

To conclude our little article, we are pretty sure that we would all welcome smart home integration into our own homes. The convenience that a smart home system allows is quite amazing in most cases, it really seems like we are making steps into the future much like those retro visions of the future!

Grand Designs Live Review

So on Tuesday the 2nd our marketing man popped out to the ExCel in London for the Grand Designs Live show. Upon entering the grand designs corridor which is a bit like walking into some kind of Willy Wonka type world for construction, interiors, home technologies and everything Grand Designsy!

Once through the Willy Wonka tunnel, you are confronted with a small communal area with walkways through to the different sections of the show those being; build, interiors, kitchens, bathrooms, gardens and technology. All of these sections include lots of interesting and state of the art products including smart home technologies, garden/home sculpture, water features, grand designs interiors, jukeboxes, lighting, art, even an infrared sauna which sounds a bit scary but they provide a unique solution for a home sauna.

A great feature at the Grand Designs Live, is the ask an expert in this area you can pop along make a quick appointment and have a free discussion with an industry expert regarding your plans for home improvements, home building and more. The ability to have a free discussion is great as often these kind of consultations might cost a few quid.

One thing that caught our eye were these large hot tubs that double up as a swim spa! They are designed in such a way that they will create a current that you can swim against providing a basically endless swimming pool which we thought was pretty cool! albeit a bit pricey.

An item that we took a good interest in was smart home products, we are interested in using a smart home product with our garden buildings and will hopefully see the incorporation of smart home products with our future projects. We like the smart home products as they allow you to control many different functions in your home by using a simple app! Security, lighting, heating and many other things can be controlled by a smart home system.

A highlight of the show was at the Grand Theatre where there were multiple talks taking place. The face of Grand Designs Kevin McCloud had some time on stage discussing the TV show and buildings with some of the homeowners that had featured on the show in the past. They went through their favourite parts of the build and the process, so if you have an interest in self build projects its definitely a show to visit.

Overall we had a pretty good time at the Grand Designs Live event, with lots of potential products that we could see included in our granny annexes in the future. The only downside to it is that we think they should put conveyer belts in somewhere, the show takes place in such a large space, during our day there our marketing man clocked up around 19,000 steps! We have added a set of photos from our visit so click below to take a peek. 

Granny Annexe on the Telly!

Last week one of our customers featured on the ITV show The Home Game. The program featured 4 different home renovation projects and pitted them against each other to see which of the projects will give the highest return on investment. Our customers were put up against against a few sturdy contenders and their project came in second to a bathroom renovation that we suspect did so well due to location, but this is speculation, it was quite an impressive bathroom. Guildford Exterior

The annexe project which priced around the £90,000-£100,000 mark added value to the home resulting in a £11,000 ROI, so the annexe added its own value back to the property plus a little extra which was a wonderful result to the family.

Now this may not apply in every situation, but we do generally believe that the annexes will at least add their value to the property. When you are buying an annexe, you are not only giving your loved ones a new home, but also adding value to the home!


If you would like to watch the show then click on the link here. We are pretty sure you need an account to watch it, but its free, and you can catch up on other ITV shows!

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