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Exploring our ‘Islay’ range of Granny Annexes – one of our most popular designs

Granny Annexe build a great range of properties providing bespoke solutions to each of our customer’s needs. One of our most popular designs is the ‘Islay‘ range, with its L-Shaped layout and spacious proportions it has proved an extremely desirable option for our customers.

granny annex planning

Above shows a typical floor plan of one of our ‘Islays’. The L-Shape layout allows plenty of room for a spacious open plan living room/kitchen diner with an en-suite bathroom leading off from the double bedroom. A walk-in cupboard provides generous storage options helping to create an uncluttered and well-organised living space.


Islay granny annexe


The choice to build an annexe is a big decision and we are here to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible. After a free site survey, we will be able to help decide which layout, exterior features and interior finishes would work best for you. With the Islay, it is possible to choose from a range of options. A key feature of all our buildings is creating a light-filled living space. Bi-folding or French doors help facilitate this providing great access to the garden, brilliant views and allowing plenty of light to flood in.




Once the site survey is completed we will create for you a 3-D drawing of your new property so you can visualise how the building will look in-situ. This is a great way to provide a feeling for your new home and to understand how the final design will work in your garden. We will then draw up a floor plan and garden aspect plan so that you can see where everything is going.

Once you have decided on the layout and design of your building it is time for the fun bit of choosing your interior and exterior options. We have a list of options available for the Islay range.


  • Roof options – including a Sedum roof, Tiles and EPDM
  • Render colour options 
  • External walls and facias
  • Doors – bi-fold, French doors and single doors
  • Windows – top hung aluminium, casement and fixed frame
  • Lighting – directional, wall lights and pendant lighting
  • Laminate flooring options


Our options help to create a stylish and modern living space, using very high-quality materials and fittings allowing for a great choice for the look and feel of your new home.


Lowe view bathroom


The Islay comes with an en-suite bathroom that offers a great level of convenience with every room thoughtfully positioned. Our Islay bathrooms come as standard with a W/C and wash basin, a vanity unit with a splash back and mirror positioned above. Our showers come with a choice of aqua panels and a chrome-edged sliding shower door or fixed panel shower screen.


  • W/C and wash basin
  • Vanity unit with a splash back and mirror
  • Showers with a choice of aqua panels
  • Chrome-edged sliding shower door or fixed panel 



Lowe kitchen 2


Kitchens in the Islay usually work best as part of an open plan living area. This maximises the space available and creates a capacious multifunctional area. All our kitchens come complete with high-end appliances from AEG, a variety of appliances, worktops, sinks and cabinet colours.


  • Variety of floor and wall level units
  • Laminate worktops
  • Water heater
  • Sink and taps
  • Appliances including Lamona and AEG products


Each of our ‘Islays’ is a starting point from which our customers are able to create their personalised and unique home. We are always here to discuss the variety of options that are available and with over 10 years experience in building homes for our customers, we are in a great position to offer you our expertise. Granny Annexe is a customer focused company and understands the needs for a granny annexe are various and often very personal, that is why we encourage you to phone us if you have any questions as we always keen to help.


While it’s fresh in your mind why not download a free brochure

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granny annexe brochure









5 of the Weirdest Christmas Jumpers

  1. The Christmas Waistcoat

The Christmas vest or waistcoat is top of the list, this very strange outfit does a wonderful job of keeping your core warm, but at this cold time of year you might be a bit more interested in keeping your arms warm to. Maybe its a financial issue and this chaps making a saving, we are a little doubtful though.


2. Dinner Jumper

Forget the dinner jacket, put on the dinner jumper, be careful at the Christmas dinner table with this one, you may be attacked or you will just look like a mirror and a floating head.

christmas dinner on a jumper

3. Unrelated Christmas Animals

Unrelated christmas animals, for this one we were going to show you some jumpers with things like pugs and cats on them wearing Christmas hats and such, but upon our search we came across animals wearing Christmas jumpers and this was excelled in comical value so heres some animals with the festive fever… well maybe its their owners who have the festive fever.

Image result for animal christmas jumpersImage result for animal christmas jumpersImage result for animal christmas jumpersImage result for animal christmas jumpers This one is very strange…

4. Christmas Suit

Snazzy! Not sure if Christmas suits are a new thing or old hat, my friend did don one for his works Christmas do so maybe they are gaining in popularity. Safe to say it was not a stylish choice, but then again neither are most Christmas jumpers. If this is for you it will set you back a whopping £59.95, hopefully it will make it out of the cupboard for next year, £30.00 per wear isn’t too bad.

Opposuits Rudolph Christmas suit, Amazon £59.99

5. Fire Jumper

So to start the list of here is a Christmas jumper with a hole in the middle. The idea of this jumper is that you stick your phone in the hole and it has a looped video with a fire. This little party trick will set you back £35.99, I would find it a little annoying, if you get a phone call then you are going to have to scramble around with your jumper and inevitably, you will drop your phone on the floor. Smashing!

Image result for fireplace christmas jumpers


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Murmuration of starlings

The other day just after one of our team members finished work he noticed some starlings fluttering around and decided to take a short video. It is amazing how these birds fly together and create amazing flowing cloud like shapes, a beautiful bit of nature to sit back and enjoy.

Ever wondered why starlings murmurate? Can understanding this help stop their decline?

Take part in the Starling Survey now!

Starlings often form large groups and undertake spectacular aerial displays known as murmurations. Little is known about why this occurs. Our starling survey aims to address the murmuration mystery using potentially a very large dataset, provided by people across the UK.

Last year over 1,600 sightings revealed some interesting results about location and duration of murmurations. Have a look at the 2014 murmuration map!


Updated Granny Annexe Brochure

We’ve recently updated our Granny Annexe brochure.

If you’re thinking of getting your Granny Annexe project underway, download our brochure today.

Our Granny Annexe brochure contains 24 pages packed full of photos to give you a great idea of what your Granny Annexe could look like.

You can see some of our recently built Granny Annexe homes plus example prices, optional extras, example floor plans, 3D models and more . . .

Once you’ve had a look and taken time to discuss with your family, contact us so we can arrange for a site survey. You can find out more about our site surveys here.

Scheduled Website Maintenance

Please be aware that our website will be undergoing routine maintenance from midnight until 2:00am on 4th February 2016.

This means our website will not be operational during that period.

We do apologise for any inconvenience caused.

We’ve Extended our 2015 Granny Annexe Prices

We’ve extended our 2015 prices until midnight on Monday 8th February 2016, especially for you.

This means we’ve given you an extra week to order your Granny Annexe.

To proceed with your Granny Annexe quotation, simply contact your Surveyor by telephone or email. You can also contact the main office on 0800 334 5774 or email

To secure your annexe at 2015 prices, you’ll need to pay the 10% deposit and planning fee of £1,672.00 inc. VAT.


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How to ‘Cope’ with Blue Monday

Today is ‘Blue Monday’, otherwise known as the most depressing day of the year!

How Blue Monday Started

Blue Monday was originally created in 2005 by a British holiday company and is based on weather conditions for the time of year; levels of debt and employees stretching their pay packet.

Keep Calm and Get Through Blue Monday

5 Ways to Cope with Blue Monday

  1. Capitalise on natural light
  2. Take aerobic exercise
  3. Smile
  4. Be grateful
  5. Practice altruism

So, if you decide to go outside for a walk, smile and say ‘hello’ to other people you meet, take time to reminisce about the positive aspects of your life and compliment someone or give money to charity, then you’ve really beaten the blues.

Read more on the Telegraph website.

Free Upgrade to Your Granny Annexe Heating System this October


We are offering you a free upgrade to your Granny Annexe heating system, so you can keep warm this winter.

Choose from one of the following three options to upgrade your Granny Annexe heating system for free:

  1. Free underfloor heating and installation for your whole Granny Annexe.
  2. One free log burning stove with an RRP of up to £600, plus free flu and installation of both the log burning stove and the flu.
  3. One free non-recessed electric fire place with an RRP of up to £600, plus free installation.

Claim Your Exclusive Offer Today

To claim this offer, you need to proceed with your final quotation with us
before 31st October 2015.

Find Out More

Please read our full terms and conditions before claiming this offer.

Mother and daughter hugging

Did you know, today is ‘Respect of the Aged Day’ in Japan?

This Japanese national holiday is celebrated on the Third Monday in September.

Respect of the Aged Day, or Keiro no Hi, was established as a national holiday in 1966 to express respect for the elders in the community, and to recognise and thank them for their contributions to society and last but not least, celebrate their long lives.

Until 2003, the holiday was be held on 15 September. Since then, Respect for the Aged Day has instead been observed on the third Monday of September.

To honour their elders, many communities throw parties and offer special gifts to bring even more longevity to their lives.

Click here to read more.

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