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Contemporary garden annexes that provide ideal self-accommodation

Contemporary garden annexes that provide ideal self-accommodation

In later life, or even in the early stages of looking for a first home, often people need to think out of the box when it comes to living arrangements. In some cases living in a larger home is not a practical arrangement, either the dwelling is too big, or the costs are too high, or we are not able to live close enough to family.

One fantastic solution can be to build a garden annexe in the garden of an existing property which still provides independent accommodation but without the large bills of a house, or the expense of buying a property and with the added advantage of living near family.


What Are The Benefits Of Living In A Contemporary Garden Annexe?

Of course with a bespoke garden annexe, there are a number of advantages compared to buying a similar-sized bungalow.

One of the main benefits that people first realise is cost. On average the cost of buying a property in the UK is £230,292. This is significantly more than the cost of building an annexe, with annexe prices starting from £64,900 for a one-bedroom self accommodation annexe. Also, there is the benefit of not having to pay expensive stamp duty and could allow you to free up assets in an existing home that could help fund your retirement.



These savings in cost can also extend to your bills and expenses. Our customers usually see quite a significant drop in costs when it comes to energy bills, water and utilities compared to the bills they experienced with their traditional house.

The main reason behind this is the size of the building and the fact that our annexes use highly efficient thermal construction techniques that mean we achieve excellent U-Values. What this translates to is a very warm building in winter that is cheap to heat, and a cool comfortable space in summer.

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Another big advantage of an annexe in the garden is the fact that you can live close to your family and benefit from a more multi-generational home set up. This could be a real comfort in later life, to know that your family are close to you and can provide support for you if you need it, but still allowing you to live an independent life with your own privacy and separate access. This type of living arrangement for later years is often seen as a great alternative to a care-home if the level of care required is not an issue.

Living close to family can have far-reaching benefits for all involved, with grandchildren enjoying living close to grandparents, providing, perhaps, extra support for childcare and creating strong family bonds.


The benefits don’t just apply to the older generation. Our garden annexes have been used for a variety of functions and serve families in many ways. Increasingly we have seen annexes used for younger family members, commonly termed as a ‘graddy annexe’ we have often built buildings for those who are looking for an independent living solution but perhaps are still saving for a deposit for their own place. A garden annexe can be the perfect solution for providing a self-contained home, without the costs of renting. A ‘graddy annexe’ can be utilized in a number of ways and will remain a versatile building for the future, adaptable at a later stage for guest accommodation, or a home office or even for a granny annexe.


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