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Decorating Your Granny Annexe at Christmas

What does one of our Granny Annexes look like at Christmas?

One of our customers has decorated their annexe and they even have room for a tree, so we’d thought we’d share a few pictures with you:

Decorate Your Granny Annexe at Christmas - case study - living area

You can see a Christmas tree easily fits in a Granny Annexe

Decorate Your Granny Annexe at Christmas - case study - living area

Red is a lovely warming festive colour

The full case study will be uploaded soon, so do keep posted.

Need more tips for decorating your Granny Annexe at Christmas?

We’ve come up with the following tips to help you make to most of decorating your Granny Annexe at Christmas:

  1. Use throws over the sofa and chairs to make an impact. You can take them off in the New Year or when you come to spring clean – a great temporary boost of colour!
  2. You can complement your throw with cushions of various colours. If each cushion has picks up a colour that’s in the throw, then it all ties together very nicely.
  3. Use the height in your annexe. You may need assistance to put up Christmas decorations above a certain height however by making use of the height, it gives you more surface space for other things.
  4. Have a tree. Some people do have the misconception that granny annexes are too small to have a tree however a modest tree can easily fit into a granny annexe, as shown above. Placing your tree on a table or stand makes it easier to decorate as you don’t have to bend down so much to put the baubles on!
  5. If you like plants then a Poinsettia is a must. Do be careful not to place them near areas which are too hot or too cold as this will kill the plant. This ‘goldilocks’ plant likes to be kept out of draughts too and do remember to wrap the plant up before taking from the shop to your home. For further information on how to care for your poinsettia, view this article from the Telegraph.

Need some inspiration for decorating your Granny Annexe?

Take a look at the following home articles:

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