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Downsizing – How a Granny Annexe can be the perfect solution.

Downsizing – How a Granny Annexe can be the perfect solution.

Recently there has been a push towards downsizing both in the size of our homes and the way in which we live. Sometimes bigger is not better, especially as we get older and need to make our lives more manageable and reduce costs. In fact, there are many reasons to downsize, if you like saving money, reducing energy consumption and time spent cleaning then downsizing might be perfect for you. We believe living in a Granny Annexe could be the perfect solution, helping to create a more manageable lifestyle in a bespoke property designed around your own unique requirements.


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Top 8 reasons for downsizing

1. Save money when you scale down.

In a smaller home there is often a reduction on what we need to spend, with savings on energy bills, furniture, council tax, repairs, cleaning and a host of other things which all add up. With all these savings you will be able to free up your budget and be able to spend more on your family and yourself, instead of wasting it on house bills.




2. Enjoy the benefits of living a more minimal lifestyle:

Downsizing can lead to a simpler way of life. For many people, it can be quite therapeutic to scale down and streamline your lifestyle. Throwing out all the clutter and only spending money on the things you actually need can be a great way to reduce some of the stresses in your life. With a smaller home comes a reduction in the amount of time you spend on cleaning, chores and maintenance. This is extra time that can be better spent with your family, meeting friends, being in the garden and generally having more time for yourself. For many people approaching retirement, this can be a very attractive proposition.


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3. Saving energy with a smaller abode:

One of the most obvious extra costs with a large home is energy bills. A larger home can be very expensive to run, and with energy bills ever increasing this is only set to rise. A Granny Annexe can be the perfect way in which to reduce the amount you spend on energy. All of our annexe buildings are constructed from Structurally Insulated Panels which offer extremely high energy efficiency. This means that energy bills are greatly reduced, especially when combined with a smaller modern constructed building. The benefits do not stop just there though. The great thing about an energy efficient house is that while being cheap to heat in winter you also can enjoy a cool pleasant space in the summer, with no need to spend on additional climate control such as air conditioning.

4. Free up your free time

With all the extra time and money you save through downsizing, you could find yourself with more to spend on travelling and holidays. A larger home can mean that travelling is more difficult. You might be more worried about security, making sure windows are locked, security lights and other safety concerns. With an easy to secure annexe, you might find it more simple to travel with it being less hassle to leave your home for extended periods. Most likely you will also have family very nearby who will be able to keep an eye on everything giving you that extra feeling of security.


6. Downsizing can mark a whole new chapter in your life

Downsizing for many people can be the start of a whole new lifestyle and way of life. Leaving behind an old home can be emotional and maybe a little sad. But it’s also the start of a new chapter for many people. Starting afresh in a new home can be a great way to turn a page and a smaller home can be one way to make the transition easier. Combined with the fact that your annexe is most likely to be very close to family members who can provide support and join you on your exciting new journey.



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7. Make the most of your downsized interior space

Although downsizing means you will have a smaller home to take care of, that doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on style and design. The annexes we build come in a great variety of shapes, sizes and configurations. From open plan vaulted ceiling living spaces to smaller spaces with a separate kitchen and lounge area. We can create a space that is designed perfectly for your needs and living requirements. When downsizing you have a few options available to you. Either you can treat it as a fresh start and buy all new furniture. Obviously, this is the more expensive option but does allow you to decorate your new annexe with a fresh new look. The other option is to select a few of your favourite pieces of furniture, giving you the chance to have a good sort out, and decide which things are important to you. You can add a bit of vitality by buying some accent furniture, something with a splash of colour such as a brightly coloured chair or rug can really lift a room and give it a new feel.

8. Create clever storage to help make downsizing easy

Downsizing might mean that you have less room, but there are some clever ways to create more usable space into your new home. Storage can come in all different shapes and sizes, for example, built-in shelving, storage boxes under seats or beds, fold away furniture or even hanging furniture such as hammocks. Smaller doesn’t necessarily mean less space if a few clever organisation techniques are used.


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Why a Granny Annexe can be perfect for downsizing

When people think of downsizing, often they picture a bungalow or a smaller house. Both can be a great way to release equity and provide a more manageable home to retire in. However, there is another way in the form of building an annexe.

Typically building an annexe costs a lot let less than buying an equivalent sized bungalow or house, especially in more expensive parts of the country. Our prices for building an annexe start from as little as £64,900, this price includes all designs, groundworks, building costs, and even a luxury shower room and kitchen, all fitted and included in the price.

Our annexes range from 24 m2 for our smallest studio annexe to much larger 2 bedroom annexes up to around 60 m2, offering a great range of sizes to suit every budget and requirements. All the annexes we build are bespoke to each customer and we design each one to meet the individual needs of our customers.

Downsizing is about making life easier, especially for people as they get older and perhaps require more support. In this sense, an annexe is a perfect combination, providing a smaller more manageable home, with modern construction, highly insulated and close to the family for additional support and care in later life.

If you would like to discuss your own annexe project we would be very happy to discuss with you further, so please feel free to contact us on 0800 334 5774 if you have any questions at all.


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