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How your garden can enhance and improve your annexe

How your garden can enhance and improve your annexe

Granny annexes are perfect at blending your garden space with your home and interior. With this connection between outdoors and indoors being so prominent, it is important to get the aesthetics and functionality of your garden just right, in order to maximise the use of these spaces.

A garden is very much part of your home, especially in summer where a lot of us spend the majority of our time during the day. There are a number of ways in which to make your outdoor space function better, helping your garden blend in with the use of your annexe.

Great ways to create this connection are through landscaping the garden and the use of large bi-fold doors, French doors and decking.




Windows and Doors

Granny Annexe offer our buildings with a great range of windows and doors that can come in a variety of colours to suit your requirements. All of the annexes we build come with wide opening, sliding or French doors, with floor to ceiling glazing. Wide opening doors are one of the best ways to connect the garden with the annexe. In the summer you can enjoy the benefits of having the doors wide open and enjoying the warmer weather. In the winter months, you can sit inside, cosy behind double glazed windows while still enjoying that connection to the garden. Of course, how your garden looks has a huge effect on your enjoyment of your garden. You don’t need to spend lots of money in order to make a nice space, a few simple ideas can improve things immensely.


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Garden space ideas that work with your annexe

Your garden annexe has been designed in order to work perfectly with the look and shape of your garden. Usually situated at the back of the garden the space between the house and annexe offers the opportunity to create a really special garden zone. If you are not so green-fingered, then you might want to consider some hard landscaping. The use of paving, gravel and pot plants can create a relaxing oasis, without the need for mowing the lawn or weeding. Grasses are another way to add some texture and variety to a gravel area. Hardy and interesting to look at, grasses come in all shapes, sizes and colours and can add real visual interest to your garden space. Pot plants can also create greenery, without creating borders that will need regular maintenance.




Choosing a range of large interesting pots gives you the chance to add some intrigue and variety. A modern pot might help create a more contemporary space, while traditional pots might create a more classical garden space.

Patios also add usable garden space that looks good and adds a useful function as well. A patio can also help to connect the annexe to the outdoors, creating a flow between the two. Patios come in a great range of designs and need not break the bank. If you would like to economise a little then concrete patios can be a fraction of the price of more expensive stone patios. These days concrete paving can look just as good as stone, only you will know the difference, and the amount you have saved!

Decking is another way to connect the outdoor space with the indoor space and create a pleasant place from which to sit and relax.

Decking can come in either treated timber or composite material. Composite decking looks fantastic and also requires almost no maintenance. It won’t rot and won’t need sanding or oiling, giving you even more time to sit back, relax and enjoy your garden.

Of course, for some people you simply cannot beat a well-manicured lawn, a lawn can be the pride and joy of many people, with tending to it a hobby rather than a chore. A looked after lawn can be a great backdrop to an annexe, and creates something relaxing to look at from the annexe. Also if you have young children or grandchildren then they might appreciate a lawn to be able to run and play on. Keeping a lawn in good condition takes less work than you might imagine. Sprinkling some ‘weed and seed’ granules twice a year will keep the moss and weeds down, while also feeding and making the grass nice and green.


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Sculptural Landscaping

For that extra touch of architectural garden design, you cannot beat some sculptural garden accessories. Structures such as pergolas can be sculptural, but also provide a useful area for a shaded garden table and chairs, as well as adding extra height and interest to a garden. Fountains and water features are also a great way to add some drama and interest, while also adding a soothing element. Many people find the sound of water very relaxing and can help to transform a small space into something unique.


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