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Getting the best views from you Granny Annexe. How to make the most of your garden and location.

Getting the best views from you Granny Annexe. How to make the most of your garden and location.

One consistent feature of the properties we build is the care and attention our customers put into their gardens. One of the great things about an annexe is that they can truly take advantage of their surroundings being almost always built within the grounds or garden of an existing property. Our annexes are always built with this in mind and feature large bi-folding doors or french doors in order to provide a great view of the garden and to let in as much light as possible.


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Many of our customers are keen gardeners and this is reflected in the requests we get when creating their new building’s design. Some of the best ways to make the most of a garden location is obviously to create as many ways as possible to enjoy it, be that from inside through large windows, or from outside on a large decked area or patio.




With this fantastic weather we have been having recently, many of our thoughts turn to how to enjoy the garden more. Our buildings are a perfect place to host a bbq or garden party. All our granny annexes come complete with a bespoke kitchen, meaning that its super easy put on a great family bbq for friends and family. We are able to offer our customers the optional extra of having us landscape your garden, build a terraced area or patio, or even to create an outdoor cooking area.

After a free site survey, we will be in the perfect position to advise you and go through all the options you have available to create the perfect outdoor space that connects your garden to your new home.




Tips for your garden :

In this hot weather, it can be difficult to keep everything in great condition. One of the challenges we face is keeping our garden and lawn watered when we are experiencing a heat wave like we are currently. We can make sure that environmental considerations such as a water butt are installed so that all rainwater is collected from your annexe. This water can then be re-used on your lawn and garden when the weather is hot. Another great way to save water is to re-use water you have used for washing up, instead of throwing this water away, consider using it in the garden instead. With our buildings being so closely incorporated into the garden it is easy to get into an environmental mindset and to start putting some of these ideas into use.


Granny Annexe


If you are less mobile or not as green-thumbed as you would like, then there are plenty of other options available to create some greenery and enjoy your garden. Creating some colourful potted flower displays is a great way to add colour and to give you some great views. Potted plants are much easier to look after than a garden, and might only require watering once a day in the summer. Also, you do not have to worry about maintaining a lawn, in the example above a great little terrace area gives a view of the garden and allows easy access between the two.


Western Red Cedar exterior


We are well known for building a great range of annexes for our customers, many of our more traditional designs are very popular, but we are also very happy to design and build more modern and contemporary buildings. Sometimes a modern design can work better in the surroundings, depending on your location and garden. Here a flat-roofed design, dark grey folding doors and cedar cladding create a minimal and exciting combination with the garden. The terraced area has been created with contrasting silver larch, that really helps to settle the building into its surroundings, and of course to provide a wonderful area from which to enjoy the garden.


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