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Are Granny Annexes an answer to the care crisis?

Are Granny Annexes an answer to the care crisis?

Can the answer to the elderly care crisis be a granny annexe in the garden? A growing number of people believe it is with the number of annexes being built surging in the last few years.

  • Increase in families choosing an annexe over more expensive care home options
  • Number of annexes built in UK has increased by 50% in last 4 years
  • Research shows life quality is much improved when families stay close together


granny annexe cottage in garden


When we look back at many of our past projects one of the key requirements for building a granny annexe in the garden is to provide an independent living solution that also allows for the added security of having family close by. Families can provide help if necessary and can also benefit from the extra support from grandparents for babysitting etc. When we build a granny annexe in the garden, we always pay close attention to the requirements of the whole family and take great strides in order to get everything just right.


Kitchen Lounge granny annexe


David and Jen who we built a Garden Annexe for in Perthshire, were kind enough to take part in a short interview to talk about the reasons they decided to move into their annexe. Having moved from South Africa, they found that they were spending a lot of their time looking after their grandchildren at their daughter’s house, while still living at their flat. For them, it made a great deal of sense to pool together their resources and move into an annexe so they could be close to family and spend more time together.



For David and Jen, their new annexe is a dream come true, its light, airy,  clean and perfect for their needs. It has changed their lives in a number of ways. Being so close to their grandchildren means that they now see each other a lot more, their other children are also able to visit more often, and David and Jen no longer need to travel long distances each week. They chose a traditional white render for their annexe and large folding doors to provide ample light and to give them a great view of their garden to enjoy watching the grandchildren play.


Granny Annexe, Basildon


The desire to keep hold of an independent style of living and the ever-increasing cost of care homes means that annexes have become a very popular option for families. Many families have turned to building an annexe as an alternative to care home costs. Not only are annexes relatively low cost to construct, they also add extra value to the home whose garden they are built in.  Annexes are thought to add at least 10% to the value of the main house. An annexe needn’t just be for the elderly, many annexes now being built for the younger generation who might not be able to afford their own place. Annexes are also built as extra accommodation, possibly for Airbnb rental, au-pairs, or just as a spare room. This variation of use indicates why annexes are a top-selling feature for many new homebuyers.


Luton Exterior


What many families are finding is that instead of spending £50,000 per year of care home costs, this money can be spent on constructing an annexe. An annexe will become an asset to the property and will be there for good.

How to care for a rapidly ageing population is one of the most pressing issues that our country faces and maximizing the use of people’s gardens to help support and care for elderly relatives is an idea that is really catching on. Of course in some circumstances moving to a care home might become a necessity, but the majority of elderly people wish to maintain their independence for as long as possible.

The cost of building a granny annexe is relatively lower than a lot of other building work. This is due, in part, to the fact that land is already obtained and the methods used for construction. We use SIP panels to build our annexes, which mean they are structurally very strong and insulated, while also being fast to erect and lower cost than brick building methods.


granny annexe with kitchen


At Granny Annexe we pride ourselves on the fact that we are able to create a bespoke solution for our customer’s needs. We build granny annexes that are a number of sizes, looks and layouts, as all our customers have their own unique requirements. This recently constructed annexe in Surrey shows how our designs vary, with a more modern look with cedar cladding and grey framed windows, it provides a chic and comfortable home for its new owner. With an external area of 51.96m2 there is plenty of space and large folding doors bring in plenty of light.



Whatever your requirements we are always here to discuss your ideas and to help you with your decision. With over 10 years experience building annexes for our customers are very happy to answer any questions you might have. We hope that we can help provide a solution to your families housing needs, and bring your family closer together.


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