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How to increase your living space and add value to your home.

How to increase your living space and add value to your home.


Home improvements and building works are all hot topics these days. You only have to turn on your T.V to be inundated by shows that inspire you about how your property can potentially look. Increasing your living space can be a great opportunity to start an exciting new project, perhaps fulfilling your own ‘grand design’ dream allowing you to create a useful new living area that also incorporates stunning design features.




Extending your home can be an attractive prospect for a number of reasons. In general, increasing the number of bedrooms or space in your property is going to add value and make your property more saleable in the future. Often the requirements to increase the size of a property is dictated by the growth of our family. Whether it be elderly parents moving in, or starting a family, or children getting older. As our requirements change then so does the way our property needs to work for us.



Extending a property can have some clear advantages to those wanting to upsize, but don’t want the extra costs or hassle of moving home.

In most cases, home improvements such as an extension, a loft or garage extension, or an annexe will add a lot of value onto your home, and if done well, make the property a lot more attractive to buyers in the future.



The most popular method in which to increase the footprint of an existing property is to build an extension. This can have a great number of benefits to your home, allowing you to remodel your interior space, create large open plan kitchen areas, add further bedrooms, or create more storage, An extension does have some drawbacks as well though. Extensions are limited to the amount of space available behind the property. Also, the configuration of your existing home might limit you as to the size and type of extension you can have. Extensions also can involve lengthy planning processes and often require architects and structural engineers, all of which can be very expensive.





Loft extensions and garage extensions are a great way to utilize space that is not used to its full potential. Garage extensions generally keep to the same footprint as your existing garage, and might just need insulation, plastering, windows and walls in order to make them a useful living space. This is usually possible under permitted development and can be a cheaper way to add more space in area that is not used to its full potential. Loft extensions might need a bit more work to make the ceiling and joists strong enough to walk on and will require insulation and skylights. Often a loft conversion can be a little bit compromised by the amount of headroom that is on offer, meaning that you do not always end up with the extra space that you actually need.



Annexes are big business these days and are getting more and more popular as a way of increasing space in your home. Using unused space at the bottom of a garden is a great way to expand, but maybe without the difficulties of building an extension and the limitations of space. An annexe also allows for something unique, which is a separate self-contained living space, linked via the garden to your main home. This means that for an elderly relative moving in, or young adults looking for independence, it can be a great solution for expanding your family accommodation. An annexe is a versatile building that can be adapted to a number of uses later on. An annexe can easily become a spare room, garden office or studio in future years.




Annexes are also relatively quick to construct compared to other structures, such as extensions or loft conversions. The reason that an annexe can be constructed in as little as 5 – 7 weeks is the construction technique that is used. All the garden annexes we construct are made for SIP (Structurally Insulated Panels). As these are constructed offsite, disruption to your garden is reduced and it is relatively fast to erect the building.


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