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How we keep you warm, safe and cosy in your brand new annexe.

How we keep you warm, safe and cosy in your brand new annexe.

With winter drawing in and the mornings getting noticeably colder, we thought it would be a great time to explore how we keep our customers cosy and warm in our super-insulated annexe buildings. The methods in which we construct our annexes brings a lot of great benefits, helping to create a building that is safe, comfortable and warm. Everything you might expect from a modern new-build, with the fantastic advantage of providing a home that is close to your family.




All our annexe buildings are constructed from SIPs, or to use the official term, Structurally Insulated Panels. This is an ultra-modern form of construction which takes advantage of the latest construction technologies and really helps to set us apart from some of our competitors when it comes to the quality of our buildings. SIPs construction is often regarded and the benchmark for modular building construction as it comes with so many advantages, and while not being the cheapest method, it is certainly the one that we recommend as it provides the highest level of thermal efficiency, while also being environmentally friendly and allowing for shorter build times over more simple timber frame construction.




This efficient form of construction means that we can offer a build time of between 8 – 10 weeks. Part of the reason for this fast turnaround is the way that SIP panels are constructed. All our panels are manufactured off-site and then brought to your garden only when they are ready to erect and have been thoroughly checked and tested. Being built off-site in a clean and organised workshop means that they are built with precision and fine attention to detail, reducing any room for error, which can lead to costly delays compared to cheaper timber frames built on-site.

Once the panels are erected we can then get to work with the internal plastering, electrical fitting, plumbing and external finishes, turning the shell into your new home.


What makes our annexe so warm and cosy?

SIP panes are not only a very efficient form of construction but also offer excellent U-values and thermal efficiency. SIP panels are constructed by bonding 100mm Expanded Polystyrene Insulation board between OSB boards, to create an insulated panel. These panels then lock in-place meaning that there is no cold bridging and is as insulated as possible. If all this sounds a bit technical, then all you need to know is that it will create a superbly insulated building that is going to be cosy and warm in winter and temperate in the summer months. With this high degree of insulation also comes reduced heating bills, because our Granny Annexes are so well insulated, heating costs stay around just £250 per year for heating and £150 per year for water heating, which can be a big saving if you are downsizing from a larger house.


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Windows and Doors

In addition to our SIP construction, we also specify double glazed units in all our windows and doors. With a choice of UPVc or aluminium windows and doors, you can be sure that while flooding your annexe with natural light, you will also benefit from very high thermal efficiency. All our doors and windows are fitted by our professional team who will ensure that every step is taken to provide a draft-free and cosy building. Our windows come in a great range of colours and styles with the possibility to specify bi-folds or French doors that bring in plenty of light, even on the gloomiest winter’s day.


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