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Key considerations when building a Granny Annexe.

Key considerations when building a Granny Annexe.

Building an annexe can be one of the simplest ways to create a new home to live in, due to the fact that many companies (such as Granny Annexe) offer a complete turnkey solution. This means that we take care of everything, from consultation and design to the planning stages and building, to handing you the keys. This can take a lot of the stress and hassle out of the building process, allowing you to concentrate on more important things, such as planning the move.




Of course, consideration number one is very often the family and how the move will influence family dynamics. If an older family member is moving into the garden annexe then this can be a great boost to everybody involved, but can also mark a change and could take some time for all parties to adjust to. In the beginning, it can be a good idea to give each other the space to adjust and to remember that while an annexe connects family, it also allows for each to live independently of each other. Grandchildren and younger members will also need time to get used to the change and will perhaps be very excited to have their grandparents live so close by.


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Finances can be something that causes a lot of stress in a family, especially when large sums of money are involved. It is important to be open with each other from the offset and be clear about how the annexe will be funded and maintained. Often the cost of the annexe will be funded through the sale of a house previously lived in. This process itself can be the cause of a lot of stress and it’s important to be realistic about how fast a property might sell. Once sold there can be a lot of legal work to complete, so it’s wise to consider all these factors.


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Timing the build

One of the key advantages of a building constructed by Granny Annexe is the fast turnaround and speed in which our annexes can be erected. We usually suggest that an annexe can be built between 5 – 7 weeks, depending on weather and ground conditions. This means that you could be moved in and relaxing in a couple of months. Our complete turnkey solution means that you won’t need to lift a finger, as we also take care of all internal plastering, appliance fixtures, painting and decorating. We also make sure the annexe is cleaned top to bottom before handing you the keys. Another consideration regarding the timing of the build is the planning process. We can submit an application on your behalf at an additional cost of £1954.00 inc VAT. This means that we deal with the planning department and building control and use our expertise in order to maximise the chances of the annexe being awarded permission. It is important to be aware that planning approval on average is an 8-12 week process that can be affected by a number of external influences.


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The building process

Choosing your builders wisely can be the difference between a stress-free and successful building project and a complete disaster. There are plenty of companies that offer cut-price annexe construction but do not have the know-how and experience to build the annexe to the standard required by building control. The important thing to consider when choosing a building company is if you can see examples of previous work that they have carried out. In order to offer this, we operate an ambassador scheme where it is possible to view an annexe that is actually lived in by one of our ambassadors. We feel this offers some advantages over a showroom as you can actually talk to one of our past customers, see how the annexe works for them and get a feel for how you might enjoy living in a similar building.



Building for the future

When construction something such as an annexe it is important to consider how the building might work in the future and how its use might change. How the annexe will be used varies greatly from family to family, depending on the level of care that will be needed, if external support is required, and how mobile the occupants are. From the offset, we design our buildings to meet the unique requirements of each customer, but we can also suggest ways to make the building future proof, installing ramps, extra-wide doorways, walk-in showers and other adaptations that can make life easier in the future.


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