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Some key things to consider when building a Granny Annexe.

Some key things to consider when building a Granny Annexe.

With winter finally drawing to a close and spring just around the corner, there has never been a better time to start the process of building an Annexe in the garden.

Building an annexe in the garden can be a life-changing experience for all concerned. We specialise in buildings that bring the family closer and connects generations together. An annexe is a true home in the garden that allows for the security of having family close by, while still affording a sense of independence. This set up can be a great benefit as we get older and can also bring additional benefits, such as spending more time with the grandchildren, sharing cooking, reducing the cost of bills and adding to a sense of security.

If an annexe is something you have considered for yourself or a family member then you might be inclined to start your building project early in the year and there are a number of reasons why this can be a great idea.



1.Timing and planning

As mentioned above, choosing the best time to build can certainly be a great help in the construction process. Spring is generally seen as one of the best times to build, as the weather is usually starting to get better, less rain means the builders can make faster progress. Also, the ground is suitable for digging and laying groundworks. Another advantage is that builders tend to get very busy as summer approaches, so getting in early can be a wise move. Spring can also have some advantages for families as it is between longer school holidays if you have children to consider.


2. Size and dimensions

The size and dimensions of your annexe are obviously an essential consideration when designing the type of building that will work for you. When we design your annexe we will need to take into consideration a number of important factors, such as the size of your garden, the distance the annexe is from your main property and the proximity of other properties neighbouring your property. We have a good success rate when it comes to gaining planning permission, but this will be affected by the type of building that you submit in your designs. For example, you will need to demonstrate that it takes up no more than 50% of your total garden space and that the size is in proportion with the rest of your property. If more than 2 bedrooms are required then your local planning authority will need to be informed why, this might be due to medical or family reasons.




3. Design

We offer our annexes in 7 core designs that are intended to demonstrate the type of buildings that we are able to build for customers, over the last 10 years we have build hundreds of annexes for customers all over the country, similar in style and design to our core designs. We also offer our customers a totally bespoke design service, unlike a lot of our competitors, we are able to design your annexe to your exact specifications, this means you can have any size or style as long as it is approved by your planning authority. After having a free site survey, we will be able to advise you on the best design to suit your property, taking into consideration the requirements of planning authorities. You might want a L-shaped building, such as our Islay, or a rectangular building such as our Arran that can maximise space in your garden. You can also choose from a range of external finishes such as red cedar cladding, concrete cedral cladding, painted render, or painted render with brick quoins.


4. Interior layout, and options

Of course, by far the biggest consideration should be how the interior works for you, as this is where you are going to live, relax and enjoy the space the most. All of the annexes we design are built with space in mind, and how to maximise this space in order to create a light and roomy building, even for annexes in smaller gardens. In order to achieve this, we use simple techniques such as an open plan living room, that allows you to incorporate the kitchen space into the living space, combining the two into a much larger area. We then combine this with large french or sliding floor to ceiling doors that maximise the amount of light that floods into the room. Depending on the size of the annexe it is possible to have a separate double bedroom, with en suite shower room. Also a popular optional extra is a wetroom, which allows for improved access, especially for those with a disability and is very easy to clean, while also looking stylish and contemporary.


Lowe kitchen 2


5. Interior design

How you design the interior of your annexe can also have an impact on the feeling of light and space. Painting your annexe light neutral colours will help to create a feeling of spaciousness. It can also be a good idea to think about your furniture and which items you would like to keep from your old property and which you would like to buy new. Often people are moving from a much larger house to downsize into an annexe, although you might like a lot of your furniture it is not a great idea to overfill your annexe. Be brave and take it as an opportunity to declutter, you will enjoy the space even more and it might even inspire you to try a whole new look and feel to your new home. Bright coloured accent furniture, art or soft furnishings can also help to add an element of drama against a neutral background and really liven up the interior space with a fresh modern feel.


annexe bedroom


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