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How to maximise the use of your garden space by building a Granny Annexe.

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How to maximise the use of your garden space by building a Granny Annexe.

With the costs of buying a property skyrocketing in recent years, it has begun to make more sense to start looking at alternative ways to provide accommodation for our family. Often a property with a larger garden can be ideal for those wanting to make the most of that space. A granny annexe in the garden can be a benefit in a number of ways, adding extra accommodation for family members, whilst also adding value and practicality to your property.



Often the rear of a garden is an underused space, resigned to being a general dumping zone, compost bin or the site of a dilapidated shed. One sure-fire way to brighten up your garden and give it that extra wow factor is with a practical and spacious garden annexe. These fantastic buildings are designed to complement the garden space in which they are situated and provide luxury accommodation for those who live there.


Swindon gable and kitvhen2 edt


Each garden annexe we build begins from the same starting point, a chat to one of our team about your particular situation and the type and size of annexe you are looking to build. We understand that often the reason for building an annexe can be quite complex and personal. We have been building annexes for over 12 years, and with our wealth of experience, have been able to find solutions to a great variety of family housing situations, providing our customers with a superbly crafted, warm and comfortable home.


cottage white render imagejpg


After chatting to us about your needs and receiving a free site survey we are then in the perfect position to design an annexe home that is perfectly suited to your needs. Our in-house design team carefully go through all the notes taken in the site survey and are experts in designing an annexe that will work for your own unique requirements. Some of the key requests we get asked are to make the building future proof, adding increased disability access, making the layout wheelchair friendly, whilst all the time creating a modern, light-filled annexe home that is comfortable to live in.


major 3


Making your annexe work in the garden space is something our designers are passionate about getting right. Additional extras such as decking, patio areas, ramps and landscaping can also help to allow an annexe to sit more comfortably in its surroundings. We design each annexe to complement its garden location, as well as meeting the requirements of any local planning regulations regarding how a new building may look in that area.




Bespoke Design

Although we do offer some core popular models, such as our Islay and Jura range, we also pride ourselves on the versatility of our buildings. Each annexe we construct is bespoke to each customer and designed to work around the needs of each individual.  It is possible for us to design extra features into any of the buildings we create, such as an increase in the number of windows and doors, adding extra storage space, changing the layout to have improved access and any number of other possibilities.

If you have a particular design idea you would like to use for your annexe then we are always very happy to discuss your ideas in more detail. We can offer a diverse range of looks and styles, with different cladding, render, roofing and windows options allowing you to create a building that is unique to you.




Render is a popular option for a lot of our customers and can be painted in any colour you choose. Your choice of window and door frame colour can have an impact on how the building looks and Upvc french doors and bi-folds can come in a great range of colours. Above is a great example of how a bolder look can be achieved through the use of darker windows frames when contrasted with a lighter render. Or alternatively, you might prefer a more traditional look, such as timber cladding, or white render with brick accents, for that cottage in the garden feel.


islay render and brick frontjpg

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