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Why now could be the perfect time to plan a Granny Annexe!

Why now could be the perfect time to plan a Granny Annexe!

The beginning of the year is a perfect time to start the process of building an annexe in the garden. By getting in touch now, you can get the ball rolling in order to start building in Spring, which is the preferred time to begin construction work.


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Starting the process

Starting to get your annexe designed and built could not be easier. Firstly we recommend that you contact us to arrange a free site survey. A site survey is a fantastic way in which to get to know us and to discuss the project in more detail. We will be able to assess your property and recommend which building design would suit the location and be likely to get planning approval. Due to our years of experience, specialising in annexe construction, we will be able to advise you on a number of things, such as design, layout, positioning and planning. The site survey usually takes around 1 hour and is a totally free service with no hidden charges.

Once we have spoken to you and gone over your requirements, your project is handed over to our team of designers. They will design a building to your specification, our core range of annexes give a good impression of the type of building that we build, but we are able to design a variety of styles or layouts, depending on your requirements and planning approval. We offer a completely bespoke service, which sets us apart from most of our competitors, our aim is to create the perfect annexe to suit your requirements.

Our design team will send you your new design plans in around one weeks time. We understand that it is highly likely that you will want to make some changes and alterations, which is all part of the design process. In fact, we give you up to 4 opportunities to amend your quote free of charge, ensuring that you get the perfect design.


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Why is spring a great time to build?

Weather is one of the most important considerations when building. Fewer things can hold up a build more than bad weather. In spring you can more or less guarantee that some of the days will be pleasant and sunny, the ground will not be too wet, plus longer days and evenings mean jobs can be continued for longer.

Most builders get very booked up after spring, with summer being especially busy, so booking in early in January ensures that you get your build slot sorted ahead of the rush of people.

Another reason spring can be a good time to start building is that it tends to be between busy holiday periods. The chaos of Christmas is well behind and the busy summer activities and plans are in the future. Your calendar might well thank you that you choose spring as a build time.


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What to expect during the building process?

A typical annexe is built within 5 – 7 weeks depending on the size of the annexe, ground conditions and weather.

Week 1 – 2

Is when the heavy work begins. During this time we complete most of the groundwork, including the foundations and drainage, that will form the base of your annexe. This is the most disruptive element of the build for your garden, obviously having better weather is a benefit for this period which is why spring can be a great time to build.

Week 3 – 4

During this week we construct the shell and roof of the building. Very quickly you will get a feeling for the size and dimensions of the building during this exciting phase. Exterior cladding or render is applied and we complete the first fix of electrics and plumbing, followed by all the plastering.

Week 5 – 6

Internal finishing touches are completed that make an annexe a home. Your new luxury kitchen and shower room are fitted, which is all included in the price of the building. Flooring is laid throughout and final elements such as skirting boards are added.

Week 7

The final interior decoration is completed, with walls and skirting painted. Your annexe will then be cleaned inside out before you are handed the keys.


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A complete turnkey service

When you buy an annexe from Granny Annexe we take care of everything from start to finish. This means that you can save time in the long run, especially when it comes to complex matters such as design and gaining planning permission.


While it’s fresh in your mind why not download a free brochure

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