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The rise in popularity in annexe living.

The rise in popularity in annexe living.


Annexe living is an increasingly popular way in which to extend a property, giving more space to house additional family members, while still affording a certain degree of personal space and independent living.

Many factors are contributing to the rise in planning applications for annexe buildings with roughly 10,000 applications made to local councils across the UK each year. Factors that contribute to these high numbers are the increase in house prices across many regions, the introduction of the rise of stamp duty, and the many benefits annexe living has for families. An annexe can help provide care for elderly relatives, negating care home costs or can even give younger family members a leg up on the property ladder, thus providing the perfect solution to a number of housing issues.

Of the 10,000 applications made yearly, around 82 per cent are successful, for both new annexes and for buildings that are converted into an annexe. In fact, there has been a 5% increase in annexe applications since 2018.

Annexes have also been linked to improving the chances of homeowners selling their homes. Recent research amongst estate agents nationwide has revealed that 3 and 4 bedroom homes with a granny annexe can expect to command up to a 27% higher asking price, compared to similar properties in the local area.


Designing and building your dream annexe.

The process of designing and building an annexe is a very exciting prospect for a lot of people. Something that makes almost unique amongst in competitors is that it offers a totally bespoke design service, meaning that you can create a building designed around your own unique requirements. We are always on hand to work closely with you on the design and layout, which can also be essential for helping you to gain planning permission.

The rise in interest in self-build projects, featured on programs such as Grand Designs, means that more than ever people are thinking ‘what if I build my own ideal home’. An annexe can be a great way to achieve this dream but without the expense of buying a plot of land. As an annexe is an ancillary building to your main home there are a few factors that need to be taken into consideration. One of the most important is that is must not take up more than 50% of the total land of your existing home and land. In smaller properties, this might restrict the scale of your project, whereas in larger properties you might be able to build a larger annexe.


Planning permission and annexe building

In order to build an annexe, it is almost certain that you will need to get planning permission from your local planning authority. As an annexe is to be lived in on a full-time basis, then planning permission is required by law. are able to apply and take care of the whole planning process for an additional fee of £1954.00 including VAT. Included in this price we will create the scaled drawings, planning statement and liaise with the case officer.

It is also no problem if you would like to take care of the planning process yourself, in which case we would provide the scaled drawings and designs for you to make your own application.

When applying for planning permission it is important to consider a number of factors. These factors should be mentioned in your personal statement, a document that will need to be included in the planning application. These factors include your reasons for building the annexe, so if it’s for yourself then it is important to explain certain family or health issues. An example of this might be that you need extra family support due to mobility. Planning authorities will take all of the factors into consideration when deciding if permission for a granny annexe will be granted. If you would like to build a larger annexe with say 2 or 3 bedrooms, this might be an issue for planning, so it will be important to explain why the extra bedrooms are required. Planning authorities are in general supportive of annexe applications, as long as it is well presented why they are required and the design and scale of the building fits in with the local environment.

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Current annexe design trends

The design of your annexe is a personal choice and we are more than happy to help you create the home of your dreams. Unlike many other annexe companies, all the buildings we construct are unique. During a free site survey, we will be able to discuss with you the style and design of your new annexe. Sometimes the design is affected by the local environment and what design is likely to get planning approval. But this still gives you a lot of choices regarding the style. Some people prefer a more traditional design, like the example above, with a rendered exterior and brick quoins. Other people are looking for something more contemporary, a fantastic modern look can be achieved with Anthracite Grey doors and windows and cedar cladding, as in the example below.


We will be able to guide you on which design could suit your garden best and on the range of options we have available to make your new home unique.


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