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Amanda Lamb with one of our annexes

Amanda Lamb supports Granny Annexes

Here at Granny Annexe we know the benefit that Granny Annexes offer to support an aging population in the UK. We were delighted to read Amanda Lamb speak out in support of Granny Annexes, in a recent 2015 interview. Amanda Lamb has spoken out about the benefits of Granny Annexes as part of Age UK’s ‘No One Should Have No One’ campaign. As part of this 2015 campaign Age UK highlighted the very sad statistic that 1 in 4 older people feel they have no one.

Granny Annexes offer independent living in the heart of the family. In her interview Amanda Lamb highlights some of the housing options that can prevent the isolation of older members of the community, such as our annexes. We were one of the lucky companies who worked with Amanda during the filming of her television show “My Flat Pack Home” in 2012, during the show, some of the benefits of Granny Annexes are highlighted. This includes the benefit of having loved ones living nearby.

Another benefit of Granny Annexes, also highlighted by Amanda Lamb, is the increase in property value as a result of adding an annexe. Not only do you have the opportunity to offer support to your elders, but an annexe can offer a great return on the initial investment.

Amanda Lamb with one of our annexes

Amanda Lamb with one of our annexes

To watch Granny Annexe on My Flat Pack Home please visit: 

To read more about Amanda’s insights into the benefits of Granny Annexes, and to read her February 2015 interview with The Loughborough Echo please visit

To learn more about Age UK’s ‘No One Should Have No One’ campaign, please visit:

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