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Recently completed – Anne S, Essex – £48,000





Building your new annexe. What to expect:

Building your granny annexe is a process that takes place with minimum disruption to your daily routine. We’re aware that any construction work causes some upheaval, so to reduce your stress levels, we hope the following will give you peace of mind.

In as little as 3-4 weeks, your annexe will be built, decorated and finished, with all the finishes touches applied and is ready to move in to. We take care of all the painting and decorating, any last minute tweaks and everything is thoroughly cleaned before we hand over the keys to you.

This is how it is done:

Week 1:

The heavy work begins. We’ll carry out all the digging and install the foundations and all drainage. We’ll also construct the building shell and the roof.

Week 2:

Time to get on with the interior. The exterior paneling goes on and then we undertake the initial electrics,plumbing and complete the plastering.

Week 3:

The things that make a house a home. Kitchens, showers, bedrooms are installed and decorated by our team of interior specialists.



See a fully built Granny Annexe @ Grand Designs Live 2013

Grand Designs Live 2013 will be taking place at the Excel, London from 4th May – 12th May. The show is packed full of design ideas and inspiration for every room in your home. We’ll be at Stand G350, so pop over and say hi if you’re planning on attending.


We’re going to be showing off our brand new cottage style granny annexe home. A purpose built annexe with extensive features that include a large living area with great entertaining space a separate kitchen with masses of surface space and that all-important sink under the window!


The annexe also includes a fully equipped bathroom and leading on from a small hallway is the bedroom that will include bi-fold doors onto the rest of the stand.


Also on display will be a home extension and we will be unveiling 2 of our newest garden lodges, designed with entertaining in mind and built within 5 days.


grand designs



Granny Annexe
Granny Annexe specialise in designing and building beautiful self-contained garden homes whilst meeting the needs of the elderly. The company have built their reputation on doing exactly what they say, when they say.

From only £33,350, including build and decoration, they’re ready to move into within 3-4 weeks.

7 of the best kitchen aids for Seniors.



It’s a well known fact that as we get older seemingly simple tasks like opening jars, peeling potatoes or even chopping veg become much more of an effort. Below are 7 of the most helpful gadgets for the kitchen that will make preparing food a doddle.


opener6 in 1 Multi Jar/Bottle Opener –

This Multi Opener has a durable and comfortable grip and opens six different types of seals and lids with ease.The unique tool removes hard-to-grasp safety seals, opens metal bottle caps, can ring pulls, and stubborn jar lids or bottle tops. The unique enclosed blade feature cleanly slices open tightly sealed bags.It weighs just 99g





 Spreadboard –


Thoughtfully designed for one handed use this Spreadboard allows you to spread condiments easier. It features an easy-to-clean plastic holder,non-slip feet and a downward curved lip which keeps the Spreadboard securely in place.


The kitchen workstation

This Kitchen Workstation is an easy to use multi functional food preparation unit, providing assistance with everyday kitchen tasks. Including a removable grater and slicer, clamp, bread holder for one handed spreading and a removable stainless steel spike for holding fruit or vegetables.



Kettlle TipperKettle Tipper

This new and innovative kettle tipper is designed to be compatible with most kettle types including standard, jug and cordless kettles. The kettle tipper has a lever at either side that can be used to tip the kettle while it is held in place, without the user having to actually lift the water. This reduces the effort required and potential strain on the wrist that can occur when holding the kettle handle.






 Ergonomic Kitchen Knives



These knives are designed for people with impaired mobility or strength in their hands and arms. The angle of the handle allows the user to keep their wrist straight; this makes efficient use of the strength in their arms and hands. These ergonomic handle of these smaller knives allows users to easily cut food while sitting down



 Peeling vegetables


This Scraper & Spike is a useful device that has a grating unit with a plate metal mesh blade for peeling or grating, also has a stainless steel spike for holding vegetables when peeling manually




 Universal Tap and Knob turner


The universal tap and knob turner makes everyday tasks such as turning taps, switching on a washing machine or operating a microwave easier for those with limited strength in their arms or hands.  The turner features a comfortable handle that enables the user to grip and turn with both hands






Making your Granny Annexe accessible

We all want to stay in our homes for as long as we can, so it’s important to look at things you can do and equipment to install to help you do to keep independent for as long as possible.

In the bathroom

1) Removable bath boards

Removable bath boards provide a seated platform area over the bath, you sit on the board and turn to sit over the bath. If you experience difficulty stepping in/out of the bath it may be safer to transfer by using the board then by trying to step over the rim.

However, you still need to raise your legs over the bath rim, or have assistance to do this from a family member/carer.

2) Commode

If you are struggling to get to the toilet in another part of your home you could consider a commode.

There are a wide range of commodes available including metal framed, plastic frame, wooden frame, cane commodes and armchair style commodes so you should find one to suit your home.

Folding commodes are also available that can be stored away when not in use.

In the kitchen

3) Food preparation boards

The design of these boards varies, they may have a clamp system to either stabilise food when you’re cutting it or to secure bottles and tins when you’re opening them. They may also have spikes to secure fruit or vegetables when you’re cutting or peeling them, most have a non-slip base.

Around the home

4) Newel rails

You may already have a banister rail, and even a matching wall mounted rail on the other side of your stairs but is there anything to hold onto at the turn in the stairs? Newel rails are designed to be installed on the newel post and turn through 90 degrees around the post giving you a continuous hand rail as your turn the

5) Remote control plugs and lighting

Plug sockets are often mounted low on the wall near the floor. If you are regularly turning a low socket on/off then you may find it easier, and safer to add a remote control socket that you can turn on/off from your armchair.

Remote control adaptors are also available for light sockets, with the receiver installed between the bulb and the fitting.

If you have low vision

6) Clocks and watches

A range of clocks and watches are available including clocks and watches with clear bold displays, talking clocks/watches and clocks and watches with a tactile face (you can feel the hands and position of dial markers).

7) Labelling systems

The devices in this section have a portable reader/scanner. When this is used to touch small labels or cards which you have attached to items the reader automatically plays back your associated pre-recorded messages. Alternatively, some will scan an item’s barcode and state what the item is.

If you have difficulty hearing

8) Home sound indicators

These are a range of products designed to let someone who is hard of hearing, or deaf, know that certain sound events are happening in their home.

This may include the phone ringing, the door bell, or smoke alarm. Some indicators flash a strobe or the house lights, others vibrate a pager, worn by the user.

Medication management

9) A range of gadgets are available to help you manage your medication

Dosett boxes help you to arrange your medication which may make it easier to keep track of what you’ve taken. Some have a clock with alarms that can be set to remind you when the medication is due.

Medication dispensers can be set up to sound an alarm when the medication is due and then offer the due medication, the next dose is not available until it’s due. If you have difficulty getting tablets out of the blister pack aids are available, as are pill splitters and pill crushers.

Obtaining help

10) Home alarms and pagers

If you don’t live on your own, and may need a method to tell your relative/carer that you need help when they’re in another part of your home you could consider a home pager.

They are available with a portable pendant worn by the user and pager worn by the carer.

If the user presses the button on the pendant the pager bleeps or vibrates to alert the carer, even if they’re in the garden. If you do live on your own consider a telecare alarm system or autodialler.


iPad Gadgets for the elderly

Technology has become a part of everyday life for all ages, especially the iPad, with its user friendly interface and touch screen keypad keeping tech savvy has never been so simple.

With the elderly in mind, below are some simple to use timesaving apps to assist with day to day life.


Help with medication, reading and hearing:


  • Enter in the name of your pill, dosage, frequency, and what time(s) of day, and Pill Reminder sends a message via PUSH alert. Reviews on the Apple app store are mixed, but one user writes they “can’t do without this”


  • This app, developed by a team from the University of Rochester, is targeted at partially-sighted users. It allows users to take a picture with their phone, speak a question and receive multiple spoken answers. Find out more about the app on the

READ2GO, £13.99,

  • This Daisy (digital talking books) book e-reader allows users to browse, search, download and read books directly from Bookshare, as well as read Daisy books and publications from other sources. The app allows users to control visual choices for font size and colour, background and highlighting colour, and text-to-speech preferences and was a recent app of the month recommendation by the RNIB


  • This voice-recognition application allows users to dictate text, or email messages and see them instantly. Users can also dictate status updates for Facebook, tweets, or send themselves notes and reminders. A user on the Enabled by Design site says: “I’ve been using Dragon Naturally Speaking for about a year now for all emails, letters etc, as my hand mobility makes typing difficult. I have no complaints at all. Dragon constantly surprises me as it ‘learns’ so quickly”

Help with shopping


  • The mobile guide to consumer rights, from dealing with faulty goods to returning unwanted Christmas gifts. It offers sample letters to send to retailers and two lengthy sections on the Consumer Credit Act and the Sale of Goods Act


  • This app from one of the original money-saving coupon websites offers on-the-go discount vouchers, allowing cash-strapped consumers to search for nearby shops, restaurants, cinemas, leisure outlets, garden centres and other high street outlets offering discounts. They then download a voucher to obtain the discount and show it to the vendor without having to print anything out. Just watch out for the terms and conditions – few restaurant deals, for example, are available at the weekend


  • An app that allows cost-conscious shoppers to scan the barcode on a product and search for the cheapest place to buy it. The app will find price information on three million products online



  • Jamie Oliver’s recipes app is at its best on iPad, with a full-screen mode ideal for propping a safe distance away from cooking mess. Ten recipes and videos are included, with additional themed packs costing £1.69 in-app


  • Better Homes and Gardens magazine has produced over 50 vegetarian recipes, with step by step guides and a shopping list feature

Social media


  • Twitter on iPad is quick and easy to use, and maybe even the best device for tweeting. Great for keeping in touch and venting forth with ideas


  • Skype on iPad retains the features that have made the internet-calling service so popular on computers, including voice calls and instant messaging. It’s the full-screen video calls that make the iPad version an essential, though

General knowledge


  • Google’s planet-mapping service is perfect for the iPad, allowing people to zoom your way around the world.


  • This rich iPad book-app blends text, 3D planets and moons, videos, images and diagrams across more than 150 digital pages, to impressive effect.


  • This identifies stars, constellations and satellites.



  • Faber pulled out all the stops for this iPad app of TS Eliot’s famous poem, with audio and video readings, copious notes and original manuscript scans


  • There are plenty of book-apps for the iPad, but this one is about making your own e-book. It’s simple to combine your own photos and text



  • iPlayer catch-up TV service really comes into its own on the iPad, with a slick tablet interface for browsing and searching for shows, plus full-screen viewing


  • This is one of the most creative digital artist apps for iPad, with more than 60 virtual brushes to work with. Its key feature is the ability to import your own photos and then paint with their pixels


  • The app lets you save online articles and blog posts to read them later, making them available offline too


  • This is a digital sculpting app: you pinch and rub the screen to mould virtual clay, buying in-app theme packs for 69p each including “Medieval” and “Transportation”. A tactile and creative delight


  • In keeping with the magazine’s brand, the Economist‘s iPad app is a model of elegant understatement, offering digitised issues for £3.99 each or as part of a subscription. The option to have articles read aloud is welcome too for older people


  • A large collection of ebooks, including regular discounts and offers. It also syncs your reading position across different devices


  • Zinio is a magazine store and reader app with a wide catalogue of publications available, from sport and politics through to music and lifestyle. You can choose to buy single issues or full subscriptions

Help with the community


  • An app to help people report problems in their local area, directly to the council, from their phone.

The key to a successful Granny Annexe

In coming years, the proportion of the population over 80 is going to increase significantly. The advantages granny annexes are set to increase too.

The number of people aged over 85 will increase by 184% over the next 30 years, this will have a massive impact on the housing market, which will have to match their needs. Houses will soon need to be suitable for the elderly, and in a generation’s time, it may be a case of having the grandparents in the main house, and the great-grandparents in the annexe.

The key to a successful Granny Annexe is to plan ahead. The intended occupant may be highly mobile now, but will this always be the case? Generally, elderly relatives like large rooms, as much-loved pieces of furniture can be accommodated. Usually it’s the number of rooms they want to reduce not the dimensions they’re downsizing to.

Sockets at floor level should normally be avoided, as well as high shelves and low cupboards. Under-counter appliances can be difficult to access and control switches and knobs should be in easily reachable locations. However, arthritic hands find lever handles easier to manoeuvre than knobs, which require twisting.

Make sure that the flat is carpeted, especially the bedroom. Carpets give far better grip, and if you’re going to have a fall, better it’s on this than on a hard floor. Rugs on wooden floors are a particular menace.

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